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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber 倚天屠龙记


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On 4/27/2019 at 4:56 PM, deminni said:

Yeah, even until now, I haven't seen those eps with WJ and ZZR. I can't stand her, and personally, I think they made her even more contemptible in this version because she is so brazen when lying to everyone, shoving all the blame on someone else without an ounce of guilt, and that whole fake suicide thing. Don't even get me started. She's just throwing a tantrum even though she knows his heart isn't with her. It was so awesome watching WJ not object to calling off the wedding lol.


And then when Wu Ji confronted her, she blamed it on everyone else and the circumstances rather than take responsibility. I honestly don't remember hating ZZR this much in any version (maybe the 2009 version, but only because that actress--terrible miscast--and the script/directing was RUBBISH lol) I know in most versions, I dislike ZZR, too, but maybe because I love Yukee's ZM so much that I can't even stomach watching it a first time, let alone you guys re-watching it. I commend y'all! haha

Exactly how I feel

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On 4/27/2019 at 5:01 PM, jackieusa said:

Loves reading your analyzed.  One more thing I like to add is when they were visiting Wudang, WJ didn't plan to marry ZZR anytime soon, right?  She's only his fiance, so he can still smile and laugh all he want, no pressure yet.:lol:  Remember he told XX and ZR at Snake Island that he wanted to wait 3 years before marrying her due to YL (1st wife) death.    Even thought YL ending up still alive they didn't have to rush the wedding neither.  WJ always find excuses like country/peoples/goals etc. more priorities than man and woman feelings until pathetic ZZR faked the suicide then grandfather pressured him to marry her right away to avoid gossip.

Wow so true

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On 4/27/2019 at 10:01 PM, kur4p1k4 said:

Ok this might be a bit long. I've been reading all yours distaste for eps where ZR went to Wudang and subsequent happening until ZM comes out again, I understand that feeling but after rewatching it again especially after ending I think this episodes actually make me doubt whether ZR ever actually like WJ or she only like Zhang Jiao Zhu. This episodes also strengthen my believe that WJ never like ZR as love interest, he only likes and care for her as his sister and also regard her as his childhood saviour. Also my analysis is separate from the book or other TV version since I do believe this version develop ZR and WJ differently from what I gather.


Firstly, I never have any vibe that ZR when she met WJ again she likes him, I think she was happy that the sickly boy that she met years ago is still alive, that's it. Even though ZR lost her parents I do believe she was happy in Er Mei and MJ Shi Tai even with her fault she does loves all her disciples, ZR especially, even though her kind of love comes with the caveat that you obey her. And by meeting WJ she can go to Er Mei I think she is thankful for that. The one point I think where ZR start to be interested in WJ I would actually put the blame on MJ Shi Tai, she actually praised WJ for being heroic even if he's from evil sect

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This for ZR is like an approval from the person that she respect and love the most, that WJ is acceptable

Which also her biggest flaw romance-wise, ZR cannot separate WJ from Zhang Jiao Zhu.

I'm not saying WJ is not heroic but all the responsibility later on that he has to carry as Ming sect leader, rebel leader, wulin leader, they're all the hope of other people that was pushed on him, he was always reluctant at first but after he accepts he always do the best he can as Zhang Jiao Zhu. As WJ he only wants to treat people and serve justice personally while wandering around the world freely doing whatever he likes. Which somehow ZR always fail to grasp even when WJ personally told her twice since to her Zhang Jiao Zhu is WJ so for Zhang Jiao Zhu to wants to give up his position is unthinkable to her.


For WJ why I believe he never like ZR as love interest is because his whole attitude toward ZR especially if you compared it to ZM is like night and days. When they just came back from snake island when XX accidentally hit a person look at this, WJ backs off a step and then when he realise his mistake then he grab hold of ZR to protect her.

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When in Wudang I know they holds hand when he was announcing they're engagement but I do believe it's just for show, as you can see once the show is over look at that gap. And also when WJ tried to comfort ZR why do you have to say come, she's not a dog:joy:

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When going down Wudang and meeting Ming people they walk more like a friend rather than a lover or even 2 person that tries to be in a relationship. Even when WJ hold her hand it's so weird that even WJ has to look down and kind of make sure he holds the right hand lol. And look at that gap I could put an Orang Utan and her baby inside that gap.

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Even YX is super confused

  Reveal hidden contents


Imho WJ never like ZR as love interest at all, the whole episodes I feel like WJ is trying to act like a boyfriend that he read from a manual. There's also the part where he keeps saying thank you to ZR and he feels bad that ZR has to cook for him. He's totally reserved toward ZR, but by then I believe he wants to let go of ZM that's why he keeps forcing himself to be considerate toward ZR. 

Another scenes where I think ZR never like WJ only Zhang Jiao Zhu and WJ only love ZM is the night before the wedding. Both bride and groom was thinking different woman, ZR was thinking MJ Shi Tai, WJ was thinking of ZM. What a doomed wedding:sweatingbullets:


And to contrast to our fave OTP, could only put a hamster there probably. They don't care whether they're alone or in front of other people they just like holding each other hands

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Sidenote: The only other girl that I do believe WJ is at least attracted to is the girl with the dog, since that's probably the first time a pretty girl is nice to him. You can see how hurt he was when he told about her betrayal to Zhu Er. After that I think he was really only intrigued by ZM.


Apologies for the long post. Have a Good Sunday! Cheers

Exactly!!!!  Right on!! I love this Wuji and production team...those tiny details can easily be miss but if you pay attention you will see.  So happy to know I am not the only one that notice:)  thanks for putting it so nicely. 

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On 4/27/2019 at 10:38 PM, deminni said:

Chapter 2 as promised


So initially, I thought this would be a quick and painless (well, not really for Wu Ji, but you know what I mean) story that was centered around a certain plot point I wanted, but the more I wrote, the more it grew into an introspective Wu Ji that I rather like. Maybe this is my coping mechanism to how angry I was at Wu Ji at the end of HSDS, so I hope those of you who felt the same way as me can seek a little solace through this.


Next chapter will be edited and updated tomorrow! :) She will come soon. I promise.




Title: Fortunately


Chapter 2:


Wu Ji’s smile warms. For now, maybe he can push away the veil of haunted dreams and thinks the day might not be so bad after all.


Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/18594964/chapters/44167018


  Reveal hidden contents

Wu Ji is still. He can’t move. He doesn’t remember being immobilized by any Persians. But there she is again. Eyes fixated on him as she raises the hilt of Yi Tian Jian 倚天劍 above her head. Her eyes never leave him.


Wu Ji can’t move.




He can’t speak either. He tries, to yell, to scream, to tell her to stop. This is dumbdumbdumb. She is the most intelligent person he knows. She can’t possibly—




He is trying to activate the movements of nerves and meridians spread throughout his body; they’re on fire, but Wu Ji can’t move can’t think can’t be fast enough.




In one swift moment, the metal pierces through both women, and red stains Yi Tian JIan.


Wu Ji is released from the trappings of his own body and hot blood fills his earseyesveins. He rushes to her, Tu Long Dao 屠龍刀 gripped tightly, but as soon as he reaches out for her, as soon as she falls, all he can see are hurt eyes piercing his and she is gone.




He blinks and nothing. Everything dissipates. Wu Ji looks around. Everyone is gone. It is so still.


A cold chill runs down his spine at the silence.


He blinks and a forest surrounds him. He is immobilized again.


Wu Ji sees red. Her Hanfu. She is kneeling.


He sees Ru Yang Wong, Wang Bao Bao, Xuan Ming Elders.


Wu Ji is still. He can’t move. Not again. Please.




Her father raises his sword above his head.




In one swift moment, the metal pierces through her.




Red stains her hands as she grips tightly to sharpened steel.


His eyes sting from tears and fury and hopelessness. He shuts them tight.




Wu Ji’s eyes fly open as he jolts up from the bed, awakened by a mix of cold sweat and the sound of Ping On neighing.


He takes a moment to catch his breath and wipes the perspiration from his face. He collects himself, evening out his inhalation as he tries to slow the rapid beating of his heart.


Once his hands stop shaking and he calms to a certain degree, Wu Ji pushes his tired body off the bed and walks outside. He shields his eyes. Judging from the sun’s position, he has probably only slept for a couple hours.


Ping On is restless as Wu Ji struggles with his harness and softly tries to calm him. The horse settles after a couple of tries, and suddenly Wu Ji realizes they are not alone. He swiftly turns around and spots the head of a young boy peeking out from behind an old tree about five yards away.


The boy’s eyes reflect his fears and curiosity.


Wu Ji stops for a second and after perceiving no danger, pets Ping On a couple of times on the nose and engages with the boy.


“I am Zhang Wu Ji. What is your name?”


The boy pauses, still hiding behind the tree, and softly answers, “I am Lin Shan. You can call me Ah Shan.”


“Ah Shan. That is my father’s name.” Wu Ji feels his lips curve upward slightly. “What are you doing out here by yourself, Ah Shan?”


“Playing. I wanted to play with your horse. I think I scared it.”


Wu Ji chuckles. The boy is hiding behind a tree yards away from his horse, and he thinks the horse is scared. “It’s okay, Ah Shan. It is not scared of you. It’s a really brave horse. Come.” He waves the boy over with a warm grin and continues to pet Ping On. “See? He is calm now.”


Ah Shan straightens up and fixes his Mongolian Garb, and Wu Ji can see the exact moment when the young boy musters up his courage, puffs out his chest, and slowly makes his way towards them.


“His name is Ping On. Do you want to pet him?”


Ah Shan nods. The boy first uses one hand to pat Ping On a couple of times on the nose, then both his hands are stroking Ping On’s face softly. “I really love horses. You have a really good horse. A little skinny, but I can tell it’s a good horse.”


Wu Ji feels a slight pang of guilt and jokes, “It is not easy finding food out here in the desert.”


This makes Ah Shan’s face light up. “I have food!” He adjusts the bag draped around his body and brings it to the front. Reaching in, the boy pulls out six mantous and offers them up to Wu Ji. “Here. You can have these.”


Wu Ji freezes, taken aback by the kind gesture. Wu Ji’s gratitude is probably expressed all over his face as he slowly takes the generous offering from the young boy.


“Don’t worry! I have plenty more at home. A hao jie jie made them for me.”


“If you call me hao jie jie, I will go save your Chu gu niang for you.”


Wu Ji pauses, still shaken, but he puts on a smile for the boy. “Thank you so much, Ah Shan. Wu Ji Ge Ge truly appreciates you.” He saves four of them in his Hanfu for later, not quite hungry yet.


The boy continues to pet Ping On as the horse happily eats two back to back. “You’re welcome! Now ge ge and Ping On won’t be hungry anymore.”


Wu Ji’s smile warms. For now, maybe he can push away the veil of haunted dreams and thinks the day might not be so bad after all.




After spending most of the morning listening to Ah Shan talk, Wu Ji learns that the boy is eight years old, that his parents work outdoors herding sheep and cattle, and he often gets himself into all kinds of mischief when he is not helping them.


It is nice to have some company and conversation again, to get away from the confines of his own mind.


Wu Ji listens intently as Ah Shan recounts, in detail, his visit to his dad’s friend’s house. He describes it as an adventure over the desert, past all the sand dunes, and into an oasis of lush green grasslands beside crystal clear lakes. It was the first time they had taken family trip together.


The way Ah Shan describes it makes it sound like the most beautiful place in this world. But Wu Ji knows better.


Nothing could compare to the majestic serenity of Wu Dang Mountains and the beautifully haunting snowfields of the Northern Islands, but he is happy to oblige and fancy the young boy’s tales. He would like to see what this place is all about. It would be a nice change of scenery, Wu Ji thinks as he continues to listen to Ah Shan.


As the day approaches high noon, Ah Shan is finishing up a story about his favorite cow giving birth to his now new favorite calf and how he got to name the calf.


Wu Ji chuckles and shakes his head. Ah Shan really does not tire. He looks up and realizes that if he doesn’t leave soon, he might not be able to find another shelter before it gets dark. He sadly tells Ah Shan as much and bids him farewell.


Wu Ji and Ah Shan wave goodbye to each other as Wu Ji rides off, feeling especially grateful and more fulfilled than he has in a while.




Ah Shan watches Wu Ji ge ge ride off into the distance and waves and waves until his arm starts burning. As the boy begins to walk back to his yurt, he smiles and is happy to have met Wu Ji. The man really is a nice person. No wonder that hao jie jie gave him extra mantous to give to Wu Ji ge ge.




The days are usually pretty standard for Wu Ji. After resting for a night, he and Ping On will head out and continue either north or west without any real directions to go off of. Wu Ji has learned that trying to find a person in the expanse of a region as large as Mongolia is like fishing a needle from the sea. In the Central Plains, he could essentially find anyone he needed with the network of people surrounding Ming Sect and their Jiang Hu friends.


But out here, his Ming Sect’s connections would be rendered useless.

No, not his anymore. He had given that part of his life up. The choice to leave had come rather easily once they had successfully pushed Yuan forces out of China and back to the Eurasian Steppes.

His mind had been made up long before the battle at Shao Lin even began.


"Fighting this war and winning as a goal of mine has not changed. Marrying Zhao gu niang as a goal of mine will also not change."

Wu Ji had completed his duties and fulfilled his promise. Now, Ming Sect just needed to keep theirs.


For the past couple of years, Wu Ji has gathered information from people along the way that Zhu Yuan Zhang had become the de facto leader of Ming Sect and has collected an impressive résumé of conquests and talents alike. Currently, the power struggle between Zhu Yuan Zhang and Chou You Liang is at its most heated while Wang Bao Bao presides over Northern Yuan.


Wu Ji knows it is dangerous for him to have made it into her brother’s territory, but Wu Ji’s ability to evade and hide from anyone possibly out looking for him has only improved with time.


He enjoys the anonymity.


Out here, there is no Jiao Zhu. No Ming Sect. No Wu Lin. No would-be throne.


Out here, Wu Ji is no one.


He thinks it is laughable they would want him to be Emperor. It wasn’t like he hadn’t thought about it. Her warnings continued to resonate long after she had left.


He had imagined a life of constant scheming and politics. Of struggling to trust even his most loyal friends and family just to secure a throne made of gold and dragons. These thoughts made his stomach churn. To him, an emperor’s throne was just a chair filled with burden. He had a taste as Ming Sect Jiao Zhu, leader of all of Wu Lin. Wu Ji did not care about any of that.


If they wanted it, they could have it.


All Wu Ji wants is one thing.


It is unquestionably worth more than any kingdom and chair and title combined.


He just wishes he knows where to find it.



Love love.  Please don't gave up.. 

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On 4/27/2019 at 11:13 PM, deminni said:


Welp. Your post officially wins best analysis of the episodes I never watched ever.


I don't even need to watch it! You've dissected it for me and even had photographic evidence and visual representation. I bow to you. haha


But no, seriously, what you said is so significant because for both female leads, their personal wants, needs, desires, and interpretations of who Wu Ji is are so vastly different! You are spot on in saying ZZR is infatuated with WJ's title and Jiao Zhu status, whereas ZM DETESTS the Jiao Zhu title and can even throw away her ACTUAL ROYAL LINEAGE to become a commoner and live happily and peacefully with the man she loves (or just by herself! She's so badass she don't need no man).


ZZR seeks power because she's never had it. She needs a man who can pull her status up, and when she became a skilled martial artist, power got to her head. Her vision of a man like WJ who can give her the materialistic things she needs is shattered so she becomes resentful and ruthless.


On the other hand, we have a ZM whose status is literally above many and below very few, and yet she seeks a man that can match her heart and mind and future, not her status. She loves WJ for him and nothing else. The simple man with his hair in a bun who wants to travel the world with her.


I've always loved the fact that ZM and ZZR are foils to each other, and this drama truly depicted it well. Little details that other versions didn't enhance as much because it wasn't necessary in the plotline. I felt like other versions of ZZR actually did love WJ. '86 version was so heartbroken when she saw him at the inn before their wedding night. It was a different pain in her eyes (Sheren is an amazing actress).

Bow to both of you:)

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On 4/27/2019 at 11:49 PM, deminni said:


HAHA completely agree with c-fans. I don't need nothing too steamy, just more kissing. Why couldn't they kiss when WJ barged into the inn when he found out she was still alive? SO. STINGY.



LMAO! I almost spit my water out. SO FUNNY AND SO TRUE WITH THIS FORUM :D I never thought in a million years I would ever write or make fanarts again lmaoooooo



Hahaha finally learned how to do multiple quotes lol.  Just started here and going backward to see if I can find treasure and bring it to recent for new comer like me :) currently page 116 lol so many pages and all so good read.



On 4/27/2019 at 11:59 PM, AppleBanana said:

Definitely counting the blessings now. Its been awhile since I've seen the 2003 and 2009 version...but babies discussion and kissing on cheek with ZZR :astonished:  Phew....dodged two. Thank you HSDS 19!


On 4/28/2019 at 12:08 AM, deminni said:


I know a thing or two about kissing, and that kiss was definitely clumsy and passionate and adorable because it's both their firsts <3 haha


HOLY MOLY. I so wish I found this forum sooner and didn't lurk for so long haha. So crazy that we are growing this thread THIS FAST even after it's over. Still blows my mind.


So hey, I know this drama got pretty decent success in China, and from all the fan MVs I found on Youtube, this drama has a really strong Vietnamese fanbase as well. But it's not exactly like a mega stellar hit (which I am totally sad about and have been urging my cousin to watch this), and yet all of us are gathered here and still cannot stop analyzing and re-watching and writing and reading and creating and talking about it. Is it like this for c-fans too? Would you consider this series a Cult Classic then? :D


This series lost me years ago as a fan but I rediscover it due to Yukee and fell in love with her and Joseph due to their chemistry.

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On 4/28/2019 at 1:02 AM, deminni said:


The slow motion really enhances everything. Um. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? :flushed:


Love that #2 is so intimate, #3 is HOT (my God Joseph!), and I kind of love that his eyes are opened in #7 like he's checking on her and then resumes the kissing haha. Yes to open mouth kissing, but also did you guys notice how pretty the lighting is? It's that soft touch that makes the scene so sweet and tender.


A bit of a side note, but it's so weird for me seeing Joseph like this when he was such an insolent, but adorable child in Take My Brother Away. Like complete 180. Which to me is so commendable on Joseph's part as an actor because I was kind of watching both dramas at the same time, and I was worried his role in TMBA would make me take WJ's character not as serious, but nope. Joseph made WJ exactly as WJ should be and Joseph's Shi Fen was exactly how SF should be. I never mixed the two characters at all or thought Joseph was just acting, but in a different setting. His range is actually quite broad and impressive for a newbie actor.

Amazing actor.



On 4/28/2019 at 12:22 AM, AppleBanana said:

No complaints about the kissing scene because I was definitely not expecting one, just maybe the cheek kiss, which I find super adorable. So I'm going to count our blessings on that.


This is going down as a classic for me. I wish it was more successful in China but at least it wasn't a fail. Really appreciate this series. I would really appreciate it more if they release the cuts :phew:.

I know I'm getting a bit ridiculous because I had a dream about this couple last night. I was like, wait. This is crazy. But ehhh. Ill embrace it. :joy: It's probably because I watch the mVs before going to bed.

I'm actually still waiting for Eng subs to complete so I can really watch it.


I didn't dream of them:(.  But I am the same.  Can't stop watching MV and here newly to read more about them.  Can't believe I created an account but so happy I did.  This is like an all-inclusive zone for 2019 ZWJ & ZM.  Loving it!! 


Thanks all!!:)  you guys are amazing.  Too bad I am so late:)





On 4/28/2019 at 12:46 AM, ildiz said:

Zhang Jiao Zhu's skills to protect his beloved wife. :wub::blush: I downloaded them from weibo.

(If you can't see the gifs below, click the file name or wait for a while, then they will appear. )


  Hide contents




Hahaha Notice how many times he touches her? Hahaha back then men and women aren't supposed to touch so much (he gotta be pressured by XX and force to make a promise to marry to ZZR Before he would even reluctantly touch to heal her...)  but with his Minmin.  It is like second nature to him..it seem every chance he gets..he touches her....he even sucks on her shoulder to remove poison without thoughts.. :)




On 4/28/2019 at 1:11 AM, LaurenPanna said:


I have the links as I shared before in the past


First, his eyes looking at wife



Second, his skills at protecting wife




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On 4/28/2019 at 1:43 AM, dramagirlslove said:

About to get sentimental on you guys. I think I've finally realized why I'm borderline obsessed with this version of ZM/ZWJ, as opposed to just being a passerby viewer in the previous versions. This version of ZM/ZWJ seems to have a unexplainable intimacy with each other by themselves and/or in front of other people. An example of that is when they were hiding in the cave as his Wudang uncles talked about their scandalous relationship rumors. He looked at her and she looked at him. Kudos to the actors, cause I've felt an unexplainable intimacy between them in that scene, an understanding that, yes ZWJ knows ZM likes him. Yeah thats part of the reason how he got to rescue the sects so easily. Yes, it's true she has influence on him, Wudang uncles are scared she will use that against him. He has such a longing look in that scene for her. He understands what is and what cannot come of it. And ZM staring back with the same look. This is all the while he still believed she hurt him and his cousin, by the way. Her touching his face to comfort him after finding out the real murderer. Her trying to cover his mouth to keep him from making noise. Him staring back at her. The romantic undertones of that scene. Him lending her his shoulder to sleep on. And being quite content with it as the fire continues to warm them up. Him picking her up cause she was being stubborn. They have all the tell tale signs of being in a full blown relationship.This version of ZWJ knows how to handle ZM. He is her equal. Previous versions of ZWJ just stands there, not knowing what to do or say. This version walks the walk and talks the talk. They criticize each other when circumstances warrants it. They have a silent understanding of the situtation. Both of them just touching each other whenever they feel like it. Their intimacy continues after their kiss. Her just casually treating his wounds in front of the elders with barely any clothes on. Seriously though, side note, something MUST have happened after the rain. Cause given multiple scenes in the past of emphazing men and women should keep their distance, it's odd to see that scene without assuming something happened between them. Did anyone else realize how gentle ZM becomes after they establish their relationship? He asks her to pour tea for his uncles, and she does it. It's quite romantic and endearing to see her gentleness in a way to suggest that ZWJ "tamed" the sassy ZM. He is her equal. It's a contrast from what happened on the boat. ZWJ looked shy and shocked of ZM touching him, tackling him down. Him, being leader of Ming Sect, the best martial arts artist at the time, scared of a little girl half his size. To now holding her hands and kissing her. 


Perfectly said.


On 4/28/2019 at 1:56 AM, AppleBanana said:

100% agree! This is the reason why I love this version so much too. Every time he looks at her, I get the feeling and I don't feel strongly about this in any of the other version. Crazy. The scenes at snake island when he looks at her and the cave scenes are one of my favorites. I also felt that he is also hurting when his uncles would call her "evil witch" this and that and you can totally see the sadness in his eyes. When I watch that scene, oh my heart :(. This is also why I can never validate his love for ZZR in this version (even though I hate some of their scenes together), because obviously he doesn't have any romantic feelings for her and like many of us had said, his actions between ZZR and ZM are completely different.


And yes they are super romantic to each other. I love it that they do it so publicly too. Especially for him. Since, ZM never cared what people thing about her but for WJ, he's always careful around his people like his Uncles. But after the rain scene, he doesn't care anymore. He announced he was going to marry her and the wound scene was gold. His uncles probably know that's the love of his life so nothing they say would be of any use.  Loved it.



All the quotes are right on.  


On 4/28/2019 at 2:51 AM, LaurenPanna said:


Nice findings 


You really say what were inside my heart all these while, that i can't really put to words. After reading, I feel like ahhh someone understand me!!!! 


Omg i wish i have "WJ-like" Husband. Nowadays i grumble so much about my husband ever since i know Wuji. He need to work hard at it to make me happy now. Lol


Ok joke aside, you know there is one ship scene, to snake island. Minmin handed over the sword to Wuji for him to use when he need to check out what jin hua popo is up to. The Sword is SO LONG, surface area is also BIG. But our dear Wuji, instead of grabbing the sword from any other area of the sword, he choose to partially touch minmin hands while grabbing it over. 


Really is 小淫贼 lol little lecher as ZM claimed


Hahaha in one upload, a Subber actually point this out hahaha love it




On 4/28/2019 at 2:59 AM, jackieusa said:

I also repeated those two scenes you mentioned a zIillion times plus the kissing scene.:lol:  I  love the way WJ treated ZM once he make the decision to be with her.   The tone he speak to her are super gentle and sweet. His body language and the warmth in those beautiful eyes. Melting:love:  I remembered in the earlier episodes that ZM complained to WJ that he treated her harsh whereas he treating the other girls gentle.  She requested for equal treatment.  Her wishes come true and more.


On 4/28/2019 at 3:15 AM, jackieusa said:

The porridge is probably burned and overcooked like ZM stated but is still tasty to him.  Ah..the power of love.:lol: I don't think he ever compliment ZZR's cooking even thought she have good cooking skills.


On 4/28/2019 at 3:21 AM, kur4p1k4 said:

And she's a Princess! WJ was worried when ZR cooked for him since he thought it will burden her as Er Mei leader.

But if it's ZM, nope please cook for me, even if it's bad, I love it:wub: that idiot in love, he wanted to be spoiled by ZM^_^


Hahaha congee scene is so sweet.  It show how much he loves Zhao Min.  He looks SO SO SO happy eating her burnt and water down plain congee while ZZR cook feast and wait for him but he always come late or don't show. Lol

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On 4/28/2019 at 3:25 AM, LaurenPanna said:

TA DA!! 


Where is all the crap about "men and women distance" 



Not as if this is a tiny and short sword that you have no where else to hold


And look at that smile, like he won lottery img-0d1a2a61be25bc34a30189a1fae4bb2c.jpg



Hahaha wrote comment about this before I saw this.   Actually he did the same the FIRST TIME he borrowed the sword and a subber put it in the subtitles too funny.


Where his Minmin is concern.  To quote above

..."crap about "men and women distance" " that law is crap.  It only applies when he has to touch other woman. 


With his Minmin any chance he get he is touching her. Touch, grab, carry, skin to skin (suck on her shoulder, foot.)..etc...if he has to marry anyone just for touching her.  He needs to marry her after the foot..too bad she was off limit being "enemy" of his side ;)



He has no problem with her touching him either.  And on snake island if there was no people around he wouldn't stop last minute mid-about to undress her to see her wound.:)


Lol the cave...he spend the night alone with her while she lean on him....and after the wedding event....need I say more :) so intimate makes my heart want to brust with happiness.

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On 5/17/2020 at 2:09 AM, Saver said:

2019 production team finally got Wuji right...Joseph finally MADE Wuji real.  This 2019 Wuji makes you understand his struggle and love him even for his flaws.  Great job!!!!  Thank you!!  



I read that director Jiang [director HSDS] said that he choose Joseph because his good attitude, his handsome appearance, and his age fit the role as Wuji

Also many fans of original Zhang Wu Ji likes Joseph Wuji very much than others version

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On 4/28/2019 at 5:17 AM, kur4p1k4 said:

You know now that I think about WJ should have married ZM since way back, if wulin world rules is you have to take responsibility of girls' honor. What WJ has done to ZM:

1. Touch her foot directly.

2. Implying something 'embarassing' happen in front the whole of Wudang and Ming sect

3. Touch her hand so many times

4. Side hug her so many times

5. Princess carry 3 times, well one is when she's injured but still counts!

6. Smear her reputation that even her family knows that she has feeling for him, how embarrassing is that in ancient times!

7. Being touchy-feely when eavesdropping on SQS-CYL, pretty sure the Wudang uncles all saw it when she wiped WJ tears, except SYQ maybe, he's too devastated

8. Even flirting on snake island in front of everybody, jfc!


While with ZR he just touched (not even really touching<_<) her hip in an island where if everybody just shut up nobody will know and they have to get married:expressionless:


*sigh* OTL


On 4/28/2019 at 6:48 AM, Yitian_fan said:

:wub:  Love the little touches... and I'm super curious about whether Yukee and Joseph have done as good job at acting out a romance in other dramas.


Reason is that i want to know whether I should be kowtowing to the director (who I've heard also did a spectacular job with ROCH 2017) or the actors for this level of romantic details.. 


Honestly it's what they don't do, as much as what they do that drives the romantic tension (did someone mention starving the beast?)


The twitch of his hands as he resists holding hers when she touches him hand, the almost kiss, the clench of his fist when she pulls her leg back and he misses it, the curl of her foot as she remembers his hand on it.... gah! The UST (unresolved sexual tension) is killing me (belatedly!)


You know, I've seen some of Game of Thrones and think it's very well done. So maybe what we need to do is petition HBO to sponsor a HBO version of HSDS!  I'm trying NOT to imagine what some of the scenes might be like....  :flushed::yum:


[I joke, I realize wuxia has some specific quirks that may not be ideal for HBO to tackle, including the use of UST rather than explicit scenes, but we can imagine... ;) ]


BTW, yes, Lofter has become my life the last few weeks!  There are literally dozens of ZM/ZWJ fanfic and new ones popping up every week, everyone who can read in mandarin here needs to go sign up for an account- spectacular resource!


Just wrote something similar when came across this at page 119.  It is better said then what I did so I couldn't help myself;)



On 4/28/2019 at 7:20 AM, Yitian_fan said:

Have to share this Lofter silliness:



The actors (acting as their characters) comment on the wedding (very rough translation!)


Bambi thanks @ZM for coming in the nick of time to stop the wedding otherwise she would be married to @ZWJ!

Yukee asks @ZZR isn't marrying @ZWJ pretty good?

Bambi reponds nah, @Qingshu is better!

Joseph: [Smiley faces]

Yukee: @ZWJ all your fault!


[Later on you get actors for YX, XX, JXF, BH, Yingwang and Yixiao all joining in the funniness!]


But while I'm on topic, here's a few recommendations on Lofter for reading! So many fanfics, so little time!  (I particularly recommend the ones in "*")

(AU post ZM’s ‘death’ she is betrayed by XZ elders, and captured by then, but ZM makes it back to WJ, however her Mongolian prince fiancee tries to find her, and the plot continues)

* http://estarjune.lofter.com/
(Nice series of one-shots that focus on ZM, really thoughtful!)


自始至终 唯有你
Wuji goes nearly berserk when he thinks he loses ZM


Diverges from post-Snake Island where Minmin runs away from her father, then is captured by beggar clan, ZWJ rescues her but doesn't believe her and there's angst.

When ZZR bursts into the room to see ZM/ZWJ, ZM decides she’s done waiting for WJ and leaves.  A Mongolian Crown Prince is part of the story! :)

* 郡主不好惹
Rewrite of how ZM/ZWJ meeting, mostly follows the story but has significant changes that are pretty cool!

On the way to Shaolin, ZM’s father finds them, there’s a Mongolian prince/fiancee involved

* http://zzfsiva.lofter.com/
Super tragic, ZM dies, but ZWJ pretends she is still alive to himself. I wept reading this one

After Min’s 'death' ZWJ tries to kill RYW, but RyW gives him a dressing down, Minmin lives of course but her family and a Mongolian prince are a bigger part of the barriers between them

* 忌敏之年少时
Child ZWJ and ZM meet!  Only 1 chapter so far, but cute!

* 绿柳成荫花满堂
ZWJ fails ZM and when he tries to kill himself, instead he is transported back to the moment at Liu Manor in the trap and he gets a second chance. Awesome in that ZWJ is TOTALLY into Minmin from the very get-go!

ZM ’s ‘death’ hits WJ hard but when he finds her she has given up on him and he has to go through a lot of angst to regain her trust

ZM’s father/brother use a ‘forgetfulness’ drug on ZM, so she doesn't remember him although he does her



The story from ZZR's point of view from Snake Island, slight AU, a lot of angst!


Thought I will share this.  In case someone has to go all the way back to look for info on fanfic.  Too bad I don't read Chinese.


Really wanna read this one 

ZWJ fails ZM and when he tries to kill himself, instead he is transported back to the moment at Liu Manor in the trap and he gets a second chance. Awesome in that ZWJ is TOTALLY into Minmin from the very get-go!


 Sound interesting.  Wonder how they would write it

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57 minutes ago, hwonhwon_stv said:



I read that director Jiang [director HSDS] said that he choose Joseph because his good attitude, his handsome appearance, and his age fit the role as Wuji

Also many fans of original Zhang Wu Ji likes Joseph Wuji very much than others version


That was a good choice. I am SO Happy they found Joseph:)  thanks for this info.  I did not know all that :)


32 minutes ago, hwonhwon_stv said:



Joseph is fans of Wuji too

Awwwww...so sweet...:)

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7 hours ago, Saver said:

Hahaha congee scene is so sweet.  It show how much he loves Zhao Min.  He looks SO SO SO happy eating her burnt and water down plain congee while ZZR cook feast and wait for him but he always come late or don't show. Lol



Wuji is so cute :blush:

I love this Wuji. Handsome, cute, and innocent. Especially his eyes  ......   Big eyes/innocent eyes/puppy eyes :wub:











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On 4/29/2019 at 12:08 AM, chipz03 said:

I agree that he might not want to attract attention of the guests. Although previous versions, he had mentioned or alluded that this matter related to XX? (2000 version and/or 1986? if I am not mistaken). Sometimes I wonder, ZZR did not want WJ to find XX because deep inside she really  did not understand WJ, but also perhaps she felt some fear that her bad deeds will be spilled by XX (again,  I am bit fuzzy about this part. In the previous versions, XX knew that it's ZR who did all the crimes at the Snake island right?).


I made 2nd part of my fanfic. Not that good but hope you'll like it hahaha. This is the first time (well, 2nd time after the first portion of the fanfic I made several pages back) that I ever made and shared my fanfic :sweatingbullets:


Set after he ran to hug her on the grassland, and before they rode the horses together. 

  Reveal hidden contents

A fortnight had passed ever since Zhang Wuji met his Min-min again. Fourteen ethereal days, yet he still could not believe he had finally found her again.


That fateful day, Zhao Min was tending to her little lamb who had lost its way when Wuji found her. Many words left unsaid, many questions left unasked when he ran toward her. He did not want to think of anything else, could not think of anything else. He only wanted to feel her close to him again, to let him know that she was real. That she was not just a figment of his desperate imagination, a cruel twist of reality that had tortured him in the last three years ever since he heard her farewell. Ever since he watched her back as she walked farther and farther away from him.  


“Min-min..I finally found you again”


That night, they sat on her secluded tent and they talked. They talked about all the hurts and disappointments she endured in that three years she spent by herself. They talked about her secret struggles to regain herself. They talked about her resolution to spend her lifetime a lonely maiden if she never found her Zhang Wuji again. Her temper flared when they talked about his former members’ betrayal that had caused her father’s demise. It hurt him so to see how deep he had hurt her heart. Those tearful eyes, those broken sobs had mercilessly pierced through his heart. But Wuji could not let the topic dropped. He needed to talk this out with her. He needed to clear this out with her. He knew he risked his chance to be back with her, but he knew that his Min-min needed to heal. To let all her pain, her anger, her regrets out on him. On him. He could not be her fortress three years back for he was bound by his duty toward his people, but he could now. He would. Even if he was three years too late, he could not give up. Not now. Not ever. He was willing to shoulder all her bitterness, her hatred, her anger if it could repay all the tears she had shed. All the tears caused by the betrayal of his own members. No, his former sect’s members. He could spend his eternity making it up to her. He would. Even if what she wanted was for him to give up his life. He could. He would.


Although he should thank heaven that she just kicked him out of her tent that night.


He did not give up. He could not give up. He had traveled so long, so far for her. For her forgiveness. For her heart. He could not give up. He would not give up.


Zhao Min walked out of her tent the following dawn to find Wuji sitting on the wooden bench beside her tent, nodding his head off. Sleep had lulled him away from the cold morning. This man. Wearing his rough cotton clothes with his hair up in his now-messy bun. Her old Zhang Wuji. She sighed. She had hurled hurtful words toward him last evening, she had slapped him last night, but he did not fought back. He never fought back. He did not say a word, not even a whisper of self-defense. So she sent him out of her tent. She needed time to think, needed space to bury her anger.


Yet seeing him there, his body slightly trembled from the coldness that pierced through the bones had tugged her heart. She quickly went inside and took a thick fur blanket to cover him. She noticed that he was thinner. His face was more sunken, with dark circles visible underneath his eyes. Her Wuji’s beautiful eyes.




The feel of the warm blanket had woken Wuji up. Zhao Min quickly took a step back. “I should have given you blanket last night. I am sorry. It must be very cold..” said Zhao Min as she tried to sound non-chalant. Wuji quickly stood up from the bench. He ignored the stiffness of his back, the numbness in his limbs. He did not care. All he wanted was to treasure her words, her concerns. He smiled earnestly. That smile. Zhao Min thought. Her Zhang Wuji’s smile that she had missed all the time. She quickly turned herself around. “I am going to prepare some breakfast. "You..can wait inside the tent for some warmth. It’s..too cold outside” said Zhao Min again. Her words were simple, but for Wuji, to hear her say these words were like music to his ears. He felt elated.


That cold morning, simple breakfast prepared by Zhao Min was like a feast for Wuji. He kept looking at her face as if it was his last chance. She looked thinner. Her face was pale. Suddenly his mind flew back to that time at the farmer’s hut more than three years ago. To the yesteryear when she would still fight for him, stood by him. Back when he finally realized that his strength to reject her had waned and finally evaporated. She looked so pale back then too, yet she put her brave front to trick him into believing that she had healed. She had told him that her porridge was overcooked and burnt, but he liked it. Just like he had finally admitted that he had irrevocably fallen for the lady who had prepared it so lovingly for him.


‘What have you done these past three years?’ ‘Have you always been in the grassland?’ ‘When did you finally come to your senses and abandon the leader position?’


They started to have simple talks to accompany their breakfast, and Wuji felt his heart was filled with joyful feeling. A sense of happiness that he had long forgotten amid arduous fights against the enemies and the long lonely journey back to her, a wave of emotion that he had yearned to thaw his jaded heart. He finally felt this foreign yet so familiar feeling again, a sensation that was secretly shared by Zhao Min as well.


He would fight for her heart again, even if he needed all his lifetime to bring her back again. He would. He could.



Thank you so much for the fanfic update!!!


On 4/29/2019 at 2:30 AM, kur4p1k4 said:

Damn ZM has a lot of clothing, probably only WJ can compare to her with change of clothing.


ZM in disguise: Simple and if you see ZM cloth when she went to wudang,  they keep the thematic fire pattern for WJ clothing later on for Ming sect, embroidery is a must for ZM I think to show that ZM is rich

  Hide contents



ZM dress for playing outside but not too fancy more like a young lady from wealthy family, embroidery and patterned cloth is a must

  Hide contents



ZM as a princess: Full on lots of embroidery and pattern and more color, and of course battle robe!

  Hide contents



ZM after together with WJ: Embroidery of course but the color is more uniform. Last one the best I really like it, wish they release the full body shot.

  Hide contents


So yah, I really like the costume design for ZM, from all the other girls she has the most fancy dress even in disguise. It's like the costume department always make sure her dress always has more pattern and embroidery even after she's not a princess anymore. All other girls have no pattern dress mostly, I guess it's to show ZM is a wealthy person, since embroidery is extra money I believe.


Sidenote: These two WJ's dress do you think ZM chose it for him? I mean this is when they need a new change of cloth probably since they've been away together. Since these two are so fancy but subtle and somehow fit ZM's taste, just because a girl doesn't want to be a princess, does not mean she cannot appreciate a good fabric and handcraft. On the 2nd one you can see the pattern on WJ inner clothing and some subtle pattern on his outer coat.

  Hide contents




She definitely dressed him:) there is no and if or but about it.  His new clothes are similar color and design to what she would wear/prefer.  And they ARE new lol.  He doesn't dress this fancy or Princey before they became a couple even when he become cheif of MING Cult.  Also, I doubt Wuji knows the first thing about material and fashion.  So I don't see him picking those out on his own:)



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