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Hi @omiho !

Thanks for welcoming me (again!) :D

I have my name doubled in the list already. I seldom post, that's why. This is my 2nd post actually :)

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Hi guys! Ages no posting anything but I couldn’t help but post this

Is there any chance it’s him ?

( please be!!!)

She tagged someone whose account it’s private

 I m more curious now...

Edited by latinoona
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23 minutes ago, OMiHO said:

@latinoona yeah i think it's him!


  • first she upload that photo without any captions.
  • after few minutes she tagged someone which we believe is her manager. 
  • after few seconds after tagging her manager she suddenly edited her caption " with this 


                                                                  오빠 아니구 언니예요..!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

                                                                 it's not oppa, it's unnie/eonni! images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTfKOp-2s1saHZWApdggO5


                so why does she has to explain? hahahaah :tongue: now im positive it's him! everyone else thinks so... :lol:


and what makes it more exciting she's obviously aware of her shippers! she knows we exist!!! :lol::heart:






Case: "BEING DEFENSIVE” Case No. 001-CY
Article 001 of the Revised Penal Code
Person Accused Guilty: Chae Soo Bin
Annex A of petition, pp. 1-2, Record.

-Xhiangy3, Courtroom Interpreter

(this is just a fanfic case, hahaha)

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9 hours ago, OMiHO said:

and this one please watch I edited it.! hahahahaaa :blush:


Wow! You made an MV out of it already!?! Great editing! :heart:

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Hi chingus! Our thread has been so quiet! Have all of you seen YSH's appearance in KL? He just looks so happy and even took selfies with the crowd with his phone. I am not a longtime fan of his but based on his loyal fans who have been following him since he was in his younger years, he has always been the shy, reserved and proper type which is not like what I see in pics and videos of his KL appearance.


Someone also posted on IG a shory interview of YSH when he was asked what is his fave drama and role and of course he answered KMK and INAR which is very precious to him.

And when he was asked if what is his ideal type he said that he prefers someone CUTE. is this an admission or what???

I wish i can share the IG post here but i dont know how. Hehe


Good morning from this side of the world to all! :-)

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