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[Taiwanese Drama 2018] Befriend, 人際關係事務所, Wed & Thu

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Original title: 人際關係事務所

Episodes:  24

Airs: Jun 6, 2018 - Aug 23, 2018

Network: TTV

Duration: 1 hr. 30 min.




Ever since his childhood growing up in an orphanage, there has always been something about Zhang Liang that makes almost anyone willing to open up to him. One day, he came across a nameless bookstore where he began making a living by resolving other people’s relationship conflicts. At this bookstore he falls in love, is reunited with his best friend and, in the course of resolving other people’s problems, even finds hislong-lost mother. As love, friendship, and kinship converge and begin to collide in his life, he must now figure out how to resolve the emergent relationship issues in his own life.


Tsao Yu Ning

Guo Shu Yao



source: wiki-d-addicts


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Debuts 13 Jun 

Think the story evolved around 3 main chars (2 males, 1 female) and their friends. One male is poor. initially forced to work as debt-collector, the other guy is from a rich family. After some events, they set up an agency to help people settle relationship issues. Thus the drama title in direct chinese translation is Interpersona; Relationship Agency. 

3 Min trailer, eng sub.


One released pic show this....but read one comment is that it's a scene imagined by the female char. 


Or some "brotherly friendship" moments??





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Cut from Ep 4....actually it turned out to be imagined by the female lead. Guess this drama would be those with a bit of BL hints but not real BL.


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Can someone tell me if this is a one sided love going on?  I dislike this in normal drama's let alone BL drama's they spend the whole series pining away after someone who doesnt even know how they feel or if they do walk away broken from it or even worse 5 minutes later resolved to accepting it.


Which makes no sense either considering the depth of the initial love interest.  I like one of the main characters in this, but the other guy seems to be interested in his girlfriend and ignoring his friend let alone any interest in him.  He missed his birthday and the poor guy was depressed over it.  Does he even find out how he feels in this?  I am guessing it doesnt end well for him.


I watched a small clip on youtube that showed how he wanted to spend time suprising him for his birthday yet his friends girlfriend arranged a suprise birthday party for him.  He couldnt of known surely or he would not of gone to that much effort, I am guessing he doesnt find out about the amount of time alone depressed over that as well.  pfft not happy by the look of this drama, and its rare I say that......

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if u guys need a raw video, it can be found in the below link, this link all always provide the most up to date on Taiwan Series.




also from the theme i find that the guy Zhang Liang didnt really knew about the Ting Ting loving him? 


he seems more interested in the girl himself than the guy....even from the poster and the opening & ending theme it seems like the girl n Zhang Liang suppose to be the lead.

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