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[Taiwnese Drama 2018] A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities, 雙城故事 , Saturdays

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A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities

A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities-2



  • Drama: A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Episodes: 20
  • Airdate:  sept 1, 2018 to Jan 26, 2019
  • Airtime: saturdays
  • Network: Netflix, PTS, myVideo, FTV, GTV




A Taipei doctor and a San Francisco engineer swap homes in a daring pact, embarking on journeys filled with trials, secrets and unexpected encounters.



Chen Yi Rong, 

James Wen


source: mydramalist

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Hello. Could you provide more detailed information about the drama? I want to watch it in the future. I'm still not sure whether I should spend my time on this drama. I was offered to buy an essay on this drama, but I hope that you can give me information about it for free. I would be very grateful for this. I have read quite a lot dsluersd about it. But they are all very ambiguous. I am very pleased with the pilfer of actors on the main roles. I like them very much. And I'm afraid to be disappointed with these actors.

Therefore, I will look forward to your answer!

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