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[Taiwanese Drama 2017-2018] 100% wife, 金家好媳婦, Tuesdays

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100% Wife


Resultado de imagen para 金家好媳婦



original title: 金家好媳婦

Airtime: Dec 5, 2017

episodes: 150

airdate: tuesdays 20:50

Screenwriter co-ordination: Linling / Chu
Screenwriter group: Mo Peiru



Times change, people's values are also changing with the times, but can not be changed is that between people that can never be separated from the affection and love. Every family has problems that must be faced. Under the eaves of the "Golden House," apart from different generations and various kinds of mother-and daughter-in-law issues, young people in the Golden Family Favorite love and life, with Kim family facing the size of things



Wallace Chung

Erick Huang

Han Yu

Tseng Wan Ting

source: maplestage


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Hope YouTube will allow  us to watch the drama. Love this drama but  can't find any source which permit us to watch.

Edited by Irene Khoo

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Now I realize that Zach Lu from "Crossing the line HIStory Season" plays in a supporting role....

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watching this drama now as it is airing on local tv here

its now the ep/part where the female lead is missing (from falling from the clift into the sea, supposedly) and the hero (and his family have to say) is being dumb as always and the antagonist female character is doing all she can to get what she wants


funny part since the local tv didnt put any ep number on each ep

i seriously dunno which ep i am now now, just watch each ep as it comes by


waiting patiently for zhilin to come back and for yinxhing (forgot her name) and her mom to get their overdue punishment

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