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C3HK 2018


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as most of you already know, that i had troubles and issues with this events for a long long time and since i am going there as a buyer this year, which means i am nothing more but a normal person that buys a ticket and goes into the event for a few days to enjoy the event and see some good and old buddies i haven't contacted for a while. so unlike the past where i promote their promotions and posters, there will be some small changes and that is writing this as a bloggers point of view where i will share pictures that i personally took when i am inside the event.


you are all welcome to follow me on my facebook page, to see lives and any other special live that i am in. for now i am signing out as a blogger for now. see you all soon.



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i would like to let you know that there was a anime that i loved watching during 2017 summer called "Kemono Friends" which is a very funny and yet very interesting anime which i would recommend you on watching it. might seem boring in the first few episode, but the longer you watch it the more funny it gets. and the voice actress of these wonderful anime will be holding a special live in C3HK / C3AFA 


i am also trying to get all you english speaking cosplayers a english version of their form for you all to fill in, as i know there was a some communication problem last year with their staff, so right now i am trying my best to fix them for you, even thought it is a bit late. doing my best to get it fixed for you right now after the phone call i made with them.

also i am not sure if i am able to get with a registered pass this year, no idea and no clue. but since i write this every year let's just hope i am able too... for now i'm working on it for you all!

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yep, I have to say that I was smart enough to buy tickets for all three days of this wonderful event because I can promise you the first day I might not be able to see everything clearly and fully, and at the same time I have to drop the bad news and put a good news that I am going to the I Love Anime Concert, all the VIP Tickets are sold out and I will later be posting my point of view of the concert as well as some pictures outside the concert hall and what I think, along the song list and the public released pictures that the media event holders will later send me.


I Love Anime Concert 2018


looking forward to the concert this time.

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now i would like to mention that the vocal singer for Fhana was sick with the flu so she couldn't really appear on the stage due to it, so she didn't appear at the concert which i also like to mention that i didn't appear at the concert either at the last moment due to the fact that i contacted the agency last moment and we agree on trying again next time, so they gave me press pictures of the event and allowed me to share it with you all.


not really a big problem that i didn't have my pass to go into the event, as i managed to buy tickets for all three days and when mad on buying items and clothing that i liked it was awesome. i would have to say that i spend a lot but it was worth it.

now here is the song list of the concert along some posters of the I Love Anime Concert.

now Credits goes to ACGER Hong Kong for appearing at the concert and was able to take pictures of the stage and the amount of fans that was at the event!!


Concert Information and Song List credit goes to Lollipopcom - Jennifer 



Like I mentioned before in the first opening post that Towana from Fhana was sick, and because of that she wasn't able to appear at the I Love Anime Concert 2018, only the keyboard, guitar and DJ Kevin appeared only, we're very grateful that you came!!!




Adorable  Luna Haruna


Song List - < i'll be back need to do something else!

I Love Anisong 2018 Song List





1.いつかの、いくつかのきみとのせかい (Somewhen, Some Worlds with You)

2. ユーレカ (Eureka)

3. ムーンリバー (Moonriver)

4. Rebuilt World

5. Reaching for the cities

6. 憂鬱の向こう側 (Outside of Melancholy)

7. c.a.t.

8. ケセラセラ (Que Sera Sera)

9. Lyrical sentence

10. 虹を編めたら (If We Could Weave Rainbows)

11. Innocent field

12. Critique & Curation

13. Paradise Chronicle

14. What a Wonderful World Line

15. Antivirus

16. Hello! My World‼

17. Calling

18. Tiny lamp (fu_mou “faded memories” Remix)

19. ワンダーステラ (Wonder Stella)

20. Relief

21. 星屑のインターリュード (Stardust Interlude)

22. わたしのための物語 (My Uncompleted Story)

23. Divine intervention

24. 青空のラプソディ (Rhapsody of Blue Sky)


Luna Haruna


1. ステラブリーズ (Stella Breeze)

2. アイヲウタエ (Ai wo Utae)

3. Startear

4. Ripple Effect

5. 空は高く風は歌う (Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau)

6. KIRAMEKI☆ライフライン (KIRAMEKI☆Lifeline)

7. Purple Love

8. 君色シグナル (Kimiiro Signal)

9. Overfly


Shiena Nishizawa



2. Shark

3. Love Men Holic

4. Goodbye Graffiti

5. Light and Shadow

6. 帰還 (Kikan)

7. Brand-new World

8. The Asterisk War

9. Feel this Moment




1. 命は美しい (Inochi wa Utsukushii)

2. 制服のマネキン (Seifuku no Mannequin)

3. Barrette

4. 気づいたら片想い (Kizuitara Kataomoi)

5. いつかできるから今日できる (Itsuka Dekiru Kara Kyou Dekiru)

6. 何度目の青空か? (Nandome no Aozora ka?)

7. 君の名は希望 (Kimi no Na wa Kibō)

8. 裸足で Summer (Hadashi de Summer)

9. 夏のFree & Easy (Natsu no Free & Easy)

10. おいでシャンプー (Oide Shampoo)


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