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[Drama 2018] Miss Hammurabi, 미스 함무라비


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Thanks all, for the wonderful press con vids and updates!


i think I'm loving this drama before it even began...looking at the bts and the actors' camaraderie. I think Ara is also conscious of L's popularity so could sense her being very cautious. She's such a considerate person. I don't think I ever see Ara shying away from locking eyes with a male co-star during the take before but she did with L......it's a good start for all!  This means there'll be awesome chemistry in an awesome realistic story!


Hope this team will be in touch even after their drama ends.


Hope Ara and Kim Myung Soo will win awards for this drama and it'll hit high ratings!


Good luck, Miss Hammurabi!

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Thank you for uploading the press con and all the vids! Really appreciate it!


Loving this drama! L is a fresh face and brings new vibes while Ara is great at comical acting too! Good dynamics from both of them!

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The ratings are out! So surprised with the huge pilot rating considering that JTBC's first two Monday Tuesday dramas at 11:00 rated less than that, so I am hopeful that JTBC will keep the slot for long.


Episode 1


Seoul - 4.179 (422,000 Viewers)

Nationwide - 3.762 (782,000 Viewers)


They are currently the most trending drama on Daum, and 5th on Naver



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Whaaa I have seen raw and I have to say that first episode looks very promising. I like all characters. And L's Im Ba Reum is really adorable. I already adore Park Cha O Reum. She is awesome, Her actions in subway... That was pretty amazing. I wonder  why Ba Reum and O Reum haven't been in touch for seven years. 


Ratings are really great :D 

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I'm surprised with the high ratings too @xyr enc that's really great. I have high hopes for this drama.


I agree with you @chatterbox22 Park Cha O Reum was really awesome on the subway,
"Omo, ajuhssi, ajuhssi, ajuhssi!! Ajuhssi, are you all right?" - it was great - I actually rewatched that scene a few times. I loved it. :lol:

I'm curious about their previous relationship, they seemed to have a crush on each other, what happened then?

I haven't watched the entire episode yet, just the videos on JTBC youtube channel, and I'm dying for eng subs.
This drama seems to be funny and touching and hopefully full of romance. :wub:

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Annyeong everyone :)


Its been quite some time that I post anything in Soompi threads. I guess recent dramas don't interest me that much. Most of the dramas look interesting in the beginning but by the middle, I will lost interest and don't continue. I hope Miss Hammurabi will be interesting throughout.


I'm interested in this new drama because of Go Ara. I have liked her when she was still in SME, Her acting has improved lots since the first drama I watched her in, After watching the 1st Episode, I''m interested in this drama and will continue. Go Ara's acting is great, I like her character's feisty personality. And I'm amazed with L too, his acting has improved tremendously and OMG he is very handsome in this drama. I know he's handsome, in fact one of the the most handsome idols but I was never attracted to his looks until this drama. He's really cute as Judge Im.


Looking forward to Judge Im and Jugde Park's stories and romance.


I wonder if there's any of my chingu here or not. Maybe I should invited them to this thread.....Calling my dear

@moodypie @bebebisous33 @Ahpheng @Josie @Mau_Cherry @maplekist @plappi @onnififi @Sarang21 @nonski @dimples21 @suchadiva42 

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Wow! I'm so glad that the drama kicked off to a high rating! For the actors/ actresses and staff putting in the effort, plus producers and all, I hope it will continue to pick up interest and hit an all time high!


L is adorable as the serious and stiff judge while Ara is so bubbly and adorable, fighting for justice where she goes. Together, their dynamics is so awesome and it shows real life human differences to boot! Same job, different hearts, different approach.

I think they'll have good influence on each other as a team and the people will benefit from their team dynamics, including squabbling, disagreeing and liking each other later on!


Cheers to Miss Hammurabi and let's give them support!  Fighting! :)

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Whhhaaa yesterday I misheard something. Actually they haven't seen each other for almost 13 years! So...  How old are they now? And why in the world they haven't seen each other for so long? I think that something must have happened to O Reum back then. 


I must say that I really like Im Ba Reum. People around him say that he is arrogant and looks down on others but it's not really the case. He is really shy. His life is not easy. His mother wants him to marry a rich girl because they don't even have enough money to pay the rent. I can totally understand why he behaves like that. I think that O Reum will show him that not all people are bad. 


As for O Reum. Ba Reum told her that she changed. When they were in high school she told him that she didn't like her piano lessons because the teacher kept on doing something to her. She looked very uneasy when she said that. Could it be that the teacher molested her?



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Thanks for the translation! I love both O Reum and Ba Reum. Their different personalities make them stronger as they bring their strengths to the cases and to their relationship. O Reum will make him see that the world still needs compassion while he probably will help her to be less impulsive.

I believe there is a good reason why they did not see each other for so long.  Maybe she needed to be sent away to recover from some trauma like you said, maybe molest. 

I'm looking forward to the next episodes and I hope that this drama will get high ratings all the way!

Miss Hammurabi fighting! Ara and L fighting! :) 




Thanks for uploading the episodes! Really appreciate your contribution. 

I usually watch the raw and wait for the English sub to come out..lol.


L is doing a good job as a young actor and kpop idol. His maturity comes through in his acting. Ara is a good actress and she executes the humor, the sadness and the compassion perfectly well too. 


Can't wait for next week's episodes! :)



I like Ara too. She's talented and can execute her roles very well. She's great at comedy too. I think she's under-rated as an actress. I've watched many of her dramas and she's good with all.


L is doing very well in this role too. Though he may be young at 27, his maturity comes through in his acting.


Please bring all your friends here and let's support Miss Hammurabi, Go Ara and L! :)

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in the first episode o-reum said the teacher kept doing it to me. differences of personality when she was in a high scholl and present day. The past o-reum seems to be a mystery in this drama. 

and we saw her visiting her mom.

and we see him visiting his mother at a orphange looking at a video, where the oreum figure we see as a young oreum. whether there are two oreum, whether they are twins.

well all those question makes me curious. Did she become a judge to investigating something about her or her sister????

Whaaaa this drama is deabak!!!

i love you go ara :wub:


Do you think the same cingu @chatterbox22

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@jl08 You're welcome :wink:  L is really good in that role. To be honest I have never thought that his acting is bad. I always enjoyed his perfomences in dramas.  His Ba Reum is really great. I love his inner monologues :D  And  Ara is amazing as always :D 


@nablack Whaaa that's interesting theory. In my opinion something happened to her and it changed her . We have seen some flashbacks from her perspective and that's why I think it was really her back then not a twin sister. I wonder what happened to her mother. 



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