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[Drama 2018-2019] Clean With Passion For Now, 일단 뜨겁게 청소하라


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  The cute factor that was overly dialled up was the doll part I believe but with some partial translation...I get why the doll was there now...

One needs meaning to everything...lol..

So I'll just wait til the subbed ep is out...

:blink:before I comment anymore ..

I actually liked the balloon scene best of all .....that was sweet..and I love how in love they look when they kiss...especially when she offered up her cheeks:wub:


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Looks like he is pretty injured since the pic shows him on breathing support...assume she's staying by his side until he wakes up...

My poor baby ceo:tears:...

They better make it up with extra cuddles and a wedding scene or babies....:angry:...:wub:...if they give us that..then.... thank you. Jtbc! And kiss bts pretty please...

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I just hope they don't use this accident as a way to magically cure his mysophobia. Like he wakes up and suddenly he no longer has ocd...that would be such a cop out way of dealing with his illness. I also do not want to see any amnesia bit. That trope is overused and frustrating. Let's hope the accident occurs within the first half of the episode and by the end, he's awoken and healing. If it goes the amnesia route, it will ruin the series for me a bit I'm afraid to say.

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i think i like where sunkyul's chara arc is going even though it hurts a lot. his mysophobia worsens again and he hates himself and who he is, where he's from... it looks like he doesn't even try to avoid crashing into that truck :tears: he's always been a bit childish i think, needing someone to depend on (geum ja, secretary kwon, ohsol) and feeling helpless because of things he can't control (his mom's absence, ohsol's rejection). he's not as composed or strong as he tries to be and i think we will see that in the next ep. knowing YKS as an actor, he's going to do it really well and i'll be crying my eyes out.


ohsol's rejection... and her going all that way to say it to him, felt a bit unnecessarily hurtful for me. but i can understand why. i dont think she's realized how dependent on her sunkyul has become. 


i think ohsol will realize this when she finds out how bad sunkyul's behavior has become. and she can see that none of it is sunkyul's fault. he is and was hurt by the grandfather too. like at first when she understood that sunkyul must have his reasons for being 'fussy', i think she will understand too that sunkyul is much different from the grandfather and that he can be a better businessman (like what she's seen with Cleaning Fairy, he treats the employees well and truly cares about them etc) 


i still believe in a happy ending for them! and sorry this is kinda long haha


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Looks like he recovers but they still don't get back together. Why does it have to be like this? Why can't they just be happy? I shouldn't have looked at spoilers till the finale I guess. Next week preview looks like more sadness, but hopes for a happy ending. I don't expect more than just a reunion at the end though. Not sure we will get more lovey dovey cute scenes or a wedding or anything. Looks like maybe a time jump too based on hairstyles. 

I guess I need to watch with subtitles but I don't understand why it has to be so difficult if they love each other. SK is a wonderful man. It appears he even went to the victims memorial and placed flowers there. I really dislike OD and her father if they are the ones forcing this separation. You would think her family would see how much she loves him and want her to be happy, especially knowing it's not his fault at all. 

I don't know. I'm just not happy with today at all.

And yes, he did appear to drive into oncoming traffic. It seemed like he was in a daze and numb inside and it just happened. Sigh.

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To be honest, i really hate Oh Sol from yesterday ep until now

She even don't explain anything to Sun Kyul, and make SK believes he don't have a right to be loved 

She even blaming SK for being grandchild of AG group, and let her family to hate him

He innocent to become a Ag family, how she blame his about that

Seeing SK feel desperate tonight its so hurt....

Can she see how he love her so much? How come she doesn't care....:bawling:

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Err looks like ep 14 was actually a “happy” episode from the snippets I see here....argh...looks like I have to wait for 16 to come out before I even contemplate watching 15.....:tears:

will read dramamilk’s recap...otherwise will be spending the rest of the week with a broken heart....

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