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[Drama 2018-2019] Clean With Passion For Now, 일단 뜨겁게 청소하라

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5 hours ago, thoattm said:

Maybe @stroppyse can help, though I know translation is very time-consuming but we will be very patient 'cause this BTS is truly so sweet!!!


Here you go. Translation is in the spoiler since it's kind of long.



YT Video Title: [Making] "Changing places ~" Jang Sun Kyul, you have already fallen for me!! oh Oh Sol's explosion of forcefulness oh



Video Title: Clean With Passion For Now!! Making Film

caption: With Sun Kyul’s planned confession scene to come, discussing the scene together, SolKyul. (me: This couple seems to be named SolKyul.)

caption: Confession location candidate 01: In front of the refrigerator.
Director: But if you stand like this, then we can’t see Oh Sol.
OS: Director, I think in front of the refrigerator is going to be a little funny.
caption: In front of the refrigerator, running a simulation.
SK: So, if we get to the refrigerator,  
OS: The refrigerator, actually -
SK: The light back here (in the refrigerator) will turn on as well.
OS caption: (startled)
OS: This doesn’t have the right feeling. k k k
OS: This is not it.
caption: In the face of Oh Sol’s objection, the refrigerator is rejected!

caption: Confession location candidate 02: Wall
SK: Waaaa KWANG! (me: the sound of banging against the wall)
OS: You have to grab my hand and go.
SK caption: (Like this?)
SK: Where? Here?
SK caption: (forcefully)

caption: Confession location candidate 03: Bar table
Director: You come this way.
SK: So, like this.
Director: Oh, that would be nice.
Director: How is this one, Oh Sol?
OS caption: (shaking her head)
OS: It feels as if you’re threatening me. (captioned as “It feels as if you’re threatening me(?)”)
SK: Hey you!
SK: Hey… If I love you, is that not permitted!!?
SK: It could be okay if I love you!
caption: At Oh Sol’s word, having become a very rough confession(?)

caption: After a long deliberation, the one selected is in front of the sink.
Director: Here? At the sink?
OS: Sun Kyul’s pose is…
SK: That’s right, my pose could be…
caption: Even Sun Kyuk’s pose, being considered by Oh Sol attention to nuances… (heart)
caption: At Oh Sol’s PICK! of location, having a rehearsal, the two people.
SK: I’m going to make you fall for me…
OS: Also, it said you have to “smile slyly”
caption: (Just as he was trying to do it, embarrassed)
Director…?: Oh-hu-uu-uu~~(?) (me: I think the videographer wasn’t sure of what the Director was expressing with this sound?)
caption: Very much, at the cheesy dialogue, squirming his whole body, the Director.
caption: Oh Sol is also trying it, Oh-hu-uu-uu~~
SK: How hard do you think it’s for me!!!!
SK: I have to say this with my own mouth! (captioned as: (warning to hands and feet) I have to say this with my own mouth!!!)

OS caption: (shimmy shimmy)
OS: Uh-huh-uh-uh-um
caption: Uh-huh-uh-uh-um~~, Today as well, being too cute, SolKyul (heart)
OS caption: (let’s play hand clap games)
caption: A happy time…, Blue sky is~ nice~ (me: This is a song for Korean children to sing as they play hand clap games.)
SK/OS captions: (squeak) (squeak)
SK: I don’t know this very well…
caption: I’ll show you, so watch carefully. Demonstrating with a staff member, Oh Sol.
caption: What’s this…?
SK: (explosion of teasing) Ehy~ You don’t know it either~~
OS: (feeling wronged) No~~
SK: You don’t know it either!
OS: It’s different by regions. (meaning that the same rhymes may have different sets of hand claps depending on which region of South Korea one has grown up in.)
caption: Today, the playful bickering is as always.
Staff/OS caption: (clap) (clap)
caption: (See, see. I’m actually very good…)
OS: See how fast I can do it?
SK caption: (pretending to give in politely)
SK: I don’t do things like that~
caption: Instead of playing handclaps, I’ll poke Oh Sol’s cheeks. (heart)
OS caption: (aish) (me: indicating she’s mad)
SK: Sorry. Sorry.
SK: Don’t curse (?)
OS caption: ????
OS: When did I curse? (captioned as: Oh Sol is taken aback;; When did I curse?)
SK: You’re cursing again. Oh!
caption: Oh Sol cursed…, continuing to slander, Sun Kyul
SK: Cursed. Cursed.
OS caption: (What cursing~)
OS caption: (heart) You know that’s not true, right? (heart)
SK: Wow…
SK: Now, she’s even…
OS caption: (Don’t believe what Sun Kyul says (heart))
caption: Even pranking each other, the cute SolKyul (heart)
caption: (Oh Sol: You’re going to slander me…?)
OS caption: (strong punch)
caption: (Feel the taste of my hand)
SK: Next time, how about 4 bunches of radish kimchee? (meaning being hit with 4 bunches of white radish kimchee. White radish kimchee is kimchee with the small, thin white radishes with the greens still attached to the radish)
SK: ( a quick retraction) Omo, that would probably hurt… Don’t. Don’t.
caption: <4 dishes from dramas instead> Doenjang (bean paste), Pasta
OS: Tonkatsu
caption: Then, we could do 4 hits with a tonkatsu. G G

SK caption: (getting in close)
caption: Even just meeting eyes, the smiles are slowly… (heart)

caption: Shooting starts
SK caption: Bang!
SK: Gil Oh Sol… I’ll make you fall for me…
caption: oh At Sun Kyul’s confession of his plan oh
Director: That was good.
OS caption: (sliding close)
SK caption: (pat pat)
OS caption: Ow…my waist hurts
Man: I think she’s going to need my grandmother’s cupping treatment? (me: cupping is an oriental medicine technique)

OS caption: (shaking shaking)
OS: One.. time more…
caption: (stopping because her waist hurts…) she’ll try it one more time.
SK caption: (patting in a massage…)
SK: (Are you okay?)
caption: Changing places~ , SolKyul is changing their positions!
caption: oh Forceful Oh Sol oh
OS: You will, definitely fall for me!
OS: You have already fallen for me!
SK: You have fallen in love~
OS: Cute-ing (heart) (throwing finger hearts)

SK captions; (peering peering)
OS caption: (Wha…?)
SK: Ahoo~ So cute~~ (heart)
OS: (Aish…)
caption: Because he might get hit by Oh Sol, having grabbed a pillow to use as a shield, Sun Kyul
SK caption: (slowly slowly)
OS caption: Pow!
caption: The pillow is useless…, Ultimately, getting punched once, Sun Kyul
caption: At Sun Kyul’s words, bang! an explosion of laughter.
caption: Busy exploding with laughter, Oh Sol
caption: Likely to melt even the cold winter, SolKyul Couple’s Chemistry (heart)

caption: Anyway, the shooting flows along to the end…
SK: You. I’m going to make you fall for me.
caption: Even watching it again makes the heart beat faster, Sun Kyul’s confession last declaration!
Director: Cut. Okay.
caption: Today as well, the shooting is finished well~!
caption: SolKyul Couple, the ultimate plan?, Next week <early> soon to broadcast!



It is very cute how playful they are on set with each other, with SK teasing OS quite a bit, with lots of playful bickering. There is almost at air of "pulling on pigtails" air to some of SK's teasing of OS as when he keeps poking at her cheeks, despite knowing that she doesn't really appreciate it. You'll see when you watch the BTS video.


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Credit to KYJ


Just want to highlight that that cover used is YJ’s painting:) Next I hope she will sing one of the OSTs!

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Yes...he loves teasing her... that's why it's adorable.... she's a sunbae in acting and the Koreans are very big on that ..but he puts her in maknae/dongsaeng territory with all that teasing...though he dutifully takes his punishment...



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It's starting, I miss seeing their faces :tears: Also, I'm back from hibernation too lol I'm so glad Huh Gak's ost is finally released! It's my favorite after the ost sang by Kim Greem :wub:

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OMG! It's back! My dosis of weekly fluff is back! :D





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JTBC played with us again by making the cliffhanger in the ep 11 teaser also the cliffhanger of the episode itself lmao. It's a good thing the preview was shown immediately and looks like it promises more fluff, the aquarium date scene, and a consensual kiss between the two PLUS THERE'S AN EXTRA CLIP OF JSK X CTG after the preview lmao



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And more! :D




Preview for episode 12



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can't wait to see today ep and tomorrow ep. looks mom finally foot her down on to stop whatever grandpa planning to do with her son. 

and that "daspatch" bit just :lol::lol:

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Ahhh I can't wait for translations from today! It looks like it was a good episode. Tho I'm dying for that kiss! 

Does anyone know what he drank at the end there? I'm very curious lol.

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I just watched raw... no subs available yet...

How I've missed the laughs... only less than 10 minutes in and I'm already bent over with laughter... :lol:

Will wait for subs and rewatch, but let me just share that my heart literally skipped a beat when he suddenly grabbed her hand at the end of the episode, so intense...... :wub::D

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Translation of the preview.



SK: You’ve fallen for me, haven’t you? Let’s date, Gil Oh Sol! Try trusting me. If it’s together with Gil Oh Sol, I think that we could go any where.
Grandfather: Sun Kyul is dating someone?!
Mother: With Oh Sol. Sun Kyul says that he likes her!
Sec. Kwon: Are you saying that amongst the victims, one of them was Gil Oh Sol’s mother, right now?
OS: CEO, did something happen? DEO!
OS: Everyone out! I said EVERYONE GET OUT!
SK: Don’t go anywhere. You have to stay by my side.
OS: I won’t. I won’t go anywhere.




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SK cooking for OS scene translation.



OS: CEO, is there something I could help - ?
SK: Gil Oh Sol, stop! Ah, the cooking is really going smoothly, so you stay there and read a book or watch tv, and just rest. It’ll be ready soon. Soon. (goes on chopping up a storm)
(OMG, he’s cheating on his cooking! LOL)
SK: Now!
OS: Oh, I’m going…
SK: Here you are.
OS: Yes?
SK: Come. (setting her down and fixing her napkin)
SK: Since it’s the first time in a long time that I’ve done this. What are you doing? Try it.
OS: Ah, yes. I’ll enjoy the meal. Pasta. Thank you.
OS: Mmm. It’s delicious. (start choking)
SK: Oh, eat slowly. (handing her water)
OS: Thank you.
SK: Oh, wait a moment. (reaching for his napkin, but thinking better of it and trying to wipe her mouth with his hand instead. LOL)



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OMG, this scene just had me in stitches. They must have had so much fun filming it as well! SK and CG, a couple?



SK: Huh?!
Article headline: [Exclusive] The lead in Announcer Kim Hye Won’s passionate story, J-shi, has been found to be living with a man… Was Kim Hye Won just a false lead? (The article is implying that while not knowing the true story between HW and SK, that SK may actually have a boyfriend. LOL)
SK: This - !
SK: Those crazy bastards! They call this an article?! Piece of trash reporting.
CG: What is it? What is it?
CG: Huh? This is me! Passionate…dating?
CG: We do look good together.
CG: Should we just take this chance… to try dating?
SK: Oh jeez! You startled me! Do you want to get hit?
CG: Hit me.
SK: I’ll kill - ! You’ll die!
CG: Kill me.
SK: Get lost. Get lost!



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This is what Song Jae Rim posted on his IG when this scene/epilogue aired. :lol:  They're really adorable!



Also... Kim Yoo Jung getting photographed by manager-nim (?) and Yoon Kyun Sang teasing her a bit while she sleeps. :lol:



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