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[Drama 2018-2019] Clean With Passion For Now, 일단 뜨겁게 청소하라


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 after their first kiss:tounge_wink:






 agree 100%!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:





I love how all the people at the company are nice and that their boss sticks up for them. You would think that would be a given, but it is actually pretty rare and borderline unheard off in Kdramas, so it is a welcome change!

This show continues to be a delight to watch on a Monday. I think the actors also have fun with it because I kind of catch them smiling when they should be doing something outlandish.



SG – Why am I involved with Gil Osols life and all this trouble!
Choi – What is that downstairs woman doing?
Abogi – Today is the anniversary of my kids mothers death
SG – (didn’t really heart his part)
Gwon – I don’t think you are like you were before, why don’t you meet your doctor?
SG – Jang Sun-gyeol, you are crazy.
Doctor – That is not my specialty, the Eastern medicine is called *medical term* but people call it “love sickness”
SG – You work without your mind here, that is why you make these nonsense mistakes.
SG – I don’t want to see you anymore, so just leave now.





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Annyeong everyone   I'm enjoying Cleaning With Passion For Now very much. Watch this drama mainly for Kim Yoo Jung and wow, she has turned into a gorgeous girl. I have been a fan since she was a little girl in The Gumiho's Revenge.


I have a new fave actor from this drama and he is Kim Min Kyu as Lee Young Shik / Ph Dol's Taekwondo sunbae.



I'm starting to like this actor because of his acting and cuteness :wub:. First discovered him in Gyergyong Fairy Tale/Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter as  Park Shin Sun. This means he must be very busy filming both dramas at the same time as Mama Fairy is showing now too.



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In real life, #KimYooJung loves spicy chicken feet










Yoon Kyun Sang And Kim Yoo Jung Experience A Range Of Emotions In “Clean With Passion For Now”

Dec 3, 2018
by L. Kim

Yoon Kyun Sang and Kim Yoo Jung are unpredictable in the newest stills of “Clean with Passion for Now.”

Based on a webtoon of the same name, the drama is about a cleaning company CEO who values cleaning over his life and a job-seeker who values her life over cleaning.


After the out-of-nowhere kiss in the previous episode, Yoon Kyun Sang can’t help but have Kim Yoo Jung on his mind. The two characters, who met again through “Cleaning Fairy” could hardly adjust to each other because of their differences. Kim Yoo Jung was able to adapt to her new job, thanks to her positive energy and bright personality, but Yoon Kyun Sang tolerated her begrudgingly due to her indifference about cleanliness.

After the powerful surprise kiss, Yoon Kyun Sang starts to look at Kim Yoo Jung differently. In the released photos, he is keeping a close eye on her. He watches her talk on the phone and wipe her tears away with a tissue. Worried, he approaches her but finds out to his horror that the object in her hand is not a tissue but an oil-blotting paper. She dabs the paper on her face without a care, and he looks both repulsed and shocked by her down-to-earth behavior.





The production crew stated, “The change of atmosphere between Sun Kyul [Yoon Kyun Sang] and Oh Sol [Kim Yoo Jung] after the sudden kiss will bring fresh laughter. Please pay attention to the relationship changes between the two who are starting to get a little bit more and more involved.”

The next episode of “Clean with Passion for Now” airs on December 4 at 9:30 p.m. KST.



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Really busy with RL & it does not help that my internet has been giving me problems. However I managed to squeeze in 15mins of last nights & just wanted to say how much I like our germophobe CEO standing up for his employees especially in this case it was Oh Sol. I love it when the male lead has principles- you really root for him :wub:


I also love daddy Long legs ... never judge a book by its cover eh..coz underneath that laid back persona is a man with great wisdom. He looks great here :heart:. Agency update 




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Gosh!! I m loving our  CEO:wub:.. He is soo cool!! Even though he has problems with dirtiness, he didnt leave GOS alone while she was drunk.. Even though she spread more dirtiness in his car too, he walked behind her to her car n saved her from the jerk sunbae n he even didn't let the rooftop guy near guy suspecting that he is a pervert lolz:lol:..GOS is soo cute n adorable when she is drunk.. The secretary seems to adore her n she even seems to notice that CEO seems to notice GOS!! 

The way CEO defended GOS from that ahjumma was defo soo cool:wub:.. 

Hoping to see CEO falling for GOS n vice versa.. I m looking forward to the OTP:heart:

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