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[Official Thread] Seven Tan SongYun 谭松韵


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English name: Seven Tan

Native name: 谭松韵 / Tan Song Yun
Birth Date: May 31, 1990 
Birth Location: Luzhou, Sichuan
Education: Beijing Film Academy
Occupation: Actress
Years active: 2005 - present




2008  5.12 Wen Chuan doesn't believe tears
2012 A Recording Pen's Confession
2012 Republic of China's Police
2012 Caught in the Web
2013 Switch
2013 Silent Witness

2015 The Spring of My Life

2016 Love O2O


2005 Live Your Days Peacefully
2006 I'll Wait For You at Heaven    
2007 Wild Chrysanthemum
2010 Lohas Family
2011 My Passionate Youth
2011 Empresses in the Palace
2012 Master Lin at Seoul
2012 The City of Fog
2012 We Love You Mr. Jin

2012 Happiness Attack

2013 Mother's Glorious Days

2014 The Master of the House

2014 Happiness Please Wait For Me

2015 Warm Men's Love and War

2015 The Whirlwind Girl / 旋风少女

2016 With You / 最好的我们 

2016 The Whirlwind Girl 2 / 旋风少女2

2017 The Fox's Summer / 狐狸的夏天

2017 My Mr. Mermaid / 浪花一朵朵

2017 Faceoff / 特化师

2019 Under the Power / 锦衣之下

2020 The Eight / 外八行

2020 Dear Mayang Street 亲爱的麻洋街

2020 Go Ahead 以家人之名


2016 22nd Huading Awards - Best New Actress for The Whirlwind Girl

2017 2nd Asia New Media Film Festival - Best Actress (Web series) - The Fox's Summer

2017 2nd Golden Guduo Media Awards - Best Actress (Web series) - The Fox's Summer



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Tan Songyun's mother passes away weeks after being hit by a car



Tan Songyun's mother has died after being in a coma for several weeks since getting hit by a car. Tan Songyun has been missing from the public eye ever since she wrote an update on weibo for new year's eve and many were worried about why the actress has disappeared. 
Today, her manager Fang Xiaoye reveals that Tan Songyun's mother got into a serious accident a few hours after Tan Songyun's update on new year's eve. Her mother was returning from a gathering that night with some friends and walking along the side of the road when a car hit the three of them. Tan Songyun's mother sustained the most injuries and had to undergo emergency craniotomy. She was then moved to the ICU where her family has been praying that her condition would improve. 
After over twenty days of fighting for her life, Tan Songyun's mother has regrettably passed away on January 23, 2019. According to Fang Xiaoye, "she wasn't able to open her eyes or leave her last words for her daughter, she just left..." She ends by saying that she believes the law will punish the culprit and justice will be served. Our hearts go out to Tan Songyun and her family.
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I REALLY DONT LIKE HER IN LEAD ROLE. for me she lacks aura and charm. she can play lots of itty pitty various type character but as a lead she do not possess charm or aura. its pain to watch her in the scene. its mainly because of her facial features and movement.


she is a horse , so she can do many things...but not good.

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Just finished watching mr mermaid,  fox summer and with you. Imo her best on screen chemistry is with Ou Hao, but i like her acting more in fox summer, while her best drama are under the power and the eight. :D 


I can’t wait her new drama Jin xin si yu? I hope i write the title correctly. 

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Driver That Killed Tan Songyun’s Mother Sentenced to Six Years in Prison, Actress to Donate All Compensation


The trial for the hit-and-run case that resulted in the death of Chinese actress Tan Songyun’s mother on January 23, 2019 has concluded after less than a month since the court hearing began on August 31, 2020.

On September 19, the judge sentenced the defendant, Ma Minghong, to 6 years in prison and ordered him to pay over 1.35 million RMB in damages to the three affected families. Tan Songyun’s lawyer Zhang Qihuai said that all money the actress receives from the lawsuit will be donated to charity. 

Netizens were pleased to finally see an outcome but many wonder why the perpetrator did not get a heavier sentence and were infuriated that the defendant did not seem to show any sympathy. Through the course of the trial, it was revealed that Ma Minghong was elementary school classmates with Tan Songyun and that his father is a government official. Ma Minghong has that he has been struggling to pay for the lawsuit and that he was forced to sell his apartment to raise money.

Tan Songyun studio released a statement, “In response to this judgment, our artist and family members have not yet expressed their views. Thank you for your concern and support. We always believe in the objectivity and fairness of the law! We also call on everyone to stay sensible, respect the law, and jointly maintain a healthy internet environment! We must resolutely resist drunk driving! May this tragedy never happen again!”

We wish Songyun and the affected families all the best and that they may be able to finally recover from this traumatic experience.


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