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[OFFICIAL] Yoon Shi Yoon Yoon Shiyun ♡ Jin Se Yeon Jin Seeyun Couple (♡ HwiHyun Couple ♡)

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Picture from JSY's instagram:



Pictures & videos from last night's wrap-up party:










Pictures from news segment on TV Chosun. They will appear today on TV Chosun’s 9pm news. Some behind story will be revealed:




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@Ayame hi..OMG I'm so happy they got rating 5.6% in the end of drama :D

They must be happy right now:lol:

And let's wait for free hug event in Gwanghwamun so we can see our OTP:lol:

From that wrap up party yesterday..they seemed close each other and Siyoon still tease her:lol:



Look at his head:D





Look at his hand :D

Cr.TV Chosun




If u want to download long recording video in wrap up party GP, please go to 



Copy paste this link on the blank space and save the video with 'download link' :



My HwiHyun Ship is sailing in the sea :D

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I don't want to completely spam the post with the instagram posts, so I'll just copy & paste the translations that lighthoney1610 did on instagram here. These are from his recent interviews yesterday:


Headline: YSY “JSY and dating? If we become more closer, that’s something we don’t know right”.
What do you think of ‘kind and wise’ Jin Seyeon as your love partner?

Jin Seyeon is good/nice. But after the work is over there are friends that are continue to contact and there are friends that are not. That is how human relationship works. In future, will be more close/friendly then don’t know what will happen.
Yoon Siyoon that’s more interested in working than dating.
He said he doesn’t know actresses very well. He really don’t have confidence for things like 2D1N Female Friend Special. He said he is an uncaring brother to dongsaeng Seyoung too after Hwayugi ended, he only gave her one message.
Even if he’s in love right now, rather than going to dates, while working he want to be someone that can give strength and support to others. He said “i guess i’m not ready to date yet. I want someone that can support me hard on the road that i build up and someone that appreciates my worth/value. There’ll be that kind of fate/destiny right.”



The reason why he decided to join GP was because of Joo Sangwook and Jin Seyeon. The ensemble of these actors was the biggest merit he said.



YSY “JSY is a kind actress, gifting hotpacks to the supporting casts”.
He said he still remember that cold weather to the extent he can't control his face. Jin Seyeon had to wear a thin outfit. But she went talking with the supporting casts. She’s also talking with someone and the extras of her previous drama. After the filming end, they changed their clothes in the tent. Extras changed their clothes in the box kinda place. She then just went to them and gave them her own hotpacks. He said that was his first time seeing that kind of actress. He said Seyeon possess kindness/goodness and warm hearted. 
He said at she can speak wisely. He has many smart friends but she is seems to be the wise one. It makes him proud. A friend that makes him think that he’s working with a good actress. He said Seyeon is really famous for being kind.


I would just sum up remaining interviews he did today here.



1- He kept making NG when filming ep7 because of that he sent a message to Seyeon. He said "I'm sorry. I will be ready/prepare really hard."
2- Rather than dating, he wants to work first. His ideal type is someone who can develop/improve together with him and someone that can inspire and encourage each other.
3- He said he’s a bad kisser. He said in previous work he was scolded by Seyoung. The saying he is good in kissing outside the camera is all bluff. He said he wanna say sorry to Seyeon
4- He said Joo Sangwook ranked first he want to bring him to 2D1N
5- When filming kiss scene, emotion will pull up and there was no time to feel embarrased after the director said cut because of funny situation due to beard. He said to the writer at the wrap up party that he didn’t know there will be a lot of kiss scenes.
6- He received so many messages from his friends because of Seyeon. He said guys really like her.
7- He want to do 2D1N for a long long time. 
8- He called himself a successful fan because he will go to Sabah with Shinhwa members. He also boasting to his old friends that he will go to jungle with Wanna One members. He asked about jungle’s life to Jung Joonyoung. JJY said jungle is hard, hungry and lots of bugs. It will be so hard but he’ll work hard show a good side of him.



Also soompi wrote an article about the free hugs event ^^:


“Grand Prince” Stars To Give Out Free Hugs After Finale Ratings Hit All-Time High


After the finale of “Grand Prince” achieved the drama’s highest viewership ratings yet, Yoon Shi Yoon, Jin Se Yeon, and Joo Sang Wook have announced that they will be giving out free hugs!


On May 6, the TV Chosun drama ended with a triumphant bang. The finale of “Grand Prince” scored average viewership ratings of 5.627 percent, breaking its own record for highest ratings. The three stars of the show had previously promised to give out free hugs if the drama’s ratings managed to break 5 percent.


Accordingly, on May 8, a representative for “Grand Prince” announced that Yoon Shi Yoon, Jin Se Yeon, and Joo Sang Wook would be holding a special event to fulfill their ratings promise. At 7 p.m. KST on May 9, the three actors will be giving out free hugs next to the Gwanghwamun subway station in Seoul.




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The cast & staff will be going on a reward vacation! :) Also some more information about the trip that isn't mentioned in the below article (info thanks to lighthoney1610): Grand Prince team will go to Danang, Vietnam for their vacation reward on 23rd. It’s 5D3N trip. Yoon Siyoon, Jin Seyeon and Ryu Hyoyoung will join the trip but unfortunately Joo Sangwook will not because he wanna spend time with his pregnant wife.


'Grand Prince' becomes TV Chosun's highest rated drama, cast and staff to go on reward vacation

By jennywill    4 hours ago

The cast and staff of 'Grand Prince' will be going on a reward vacation.
The drama recorded the highest ratings that broadcasting station TV Chosun has ever seen, at 5.6%. The drama started on March 3, and reached its highest ratings at its end on May 6. As a reward, the cast and staff will be heading to Vietnam's Da Nang on for 5 days, beginning on May 23. 
Here are some other article translations from lighthoney1610:
1- He said Siyoon-Seyeon acting style is very similar. It’s pure/innocence and emotional/sensibility. It’s very different from him. He said he has that innocence too but his acting style is more to realistic.
2- He didn’t feel the age difference while working with Siyoon-Seyeon.
3- He said this is his first time acting as someone that has a one sided love.
4- He feels sorry that his wife is alone while pregnant but he thanked her for endured it. He’s nervous every day since his wife is in her 8month pregnancy.
5- He doesn’t want to do a parenting variety show but he wants to appear in The Fishermen and the City
6- He thanks YSY for saying that he chose GP because of him
1- She went to the same gym with Yoon Siyoon. She said he’s like a neighbourhood oppa. She wants to work with him too in future and say he has a good character.
2- Joo Sangwook was sometimes like a father, sometimes like an oppa. He taught her gently.
3- Jin Seyeon is really kind. Every time she comes to shoot she always asked her “how’s your condition today?”, “it’s okay, do it comfortably” so that’s why she can do it comfortably.
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Here are the pictures from the free hug event earlier today. Also, the fact that they're both wearing stripes is not helping my fangirl heart lol:







More pictures from the event:






Videos from the event:






Also, one more article translation from lighthoney1610:


Yoon Siyoon and Jin Seyeon romance acting received support from many audiences. There were a lot of kisses, the fans love the unusual chemistry and wishing them to become a real couple.

YSY: “Jin Seyeon gave her hotpacks to the staff on a cold day. She has her own goodness. She’s a wise friend, i was proud working with such a good friend. In the drama, we did lovey dovey scenes.
Me dating Jin Seyeon? Seyeonie is great/nice. It’s not only me but all actors too when working said she is the best. After the work/production end, I don’t keep in touch with the actresses. But in the future if we keep getting along, we never know right. Haha” 

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More articles:


Joo Sang Wook Reveals What He Admires About “Grand Prince” Co-Stars Yoon Shi Yoon And Jin Se Yeon


Actor Joo Sang Wook recently sat down to talk about his career as an actor and his co-stars in TV Chosun’s “Grand Prince.”


Joo Sang Wook began by acknowledging that this year was his 20th debut anniversary. “Most of the actors whom I worked with on ‘Grand Prince’ were in their 20s,” he said. “Looking at them, I sort of regretted why I didn’t do what they are doing.” He added with a laugh, “But now that time has already passed, that doesn’t mean much.”


Joo Sang Wook went on to talk about his co-stars on “Grand Prince,” Yoon Shi Yoon and Jin Se Yeon. He shared, “What the two have in common regarding acting is their innocence. There are tears and acting that come from innocence.”


After commenting that their acting style was different from him, Joo Sang Wook continued, “I envy such innocence. It’s great to look at. It’s somewhat sad that I’ve been acting for so long because I feel like I’ve lost that innocence. Sometimes I worry if I’ve become too realistic. But you can’t just be endlessly innocent, so this sometimes works as a benefit when acting.”

When asked what his most memorable work was, Joo Sang Wook replied that it was SBS’s drama “Giant” that aired in 2010. “The drama was so fun and I was personally a fan,” he explained. “It was so great that I wondered if I’ll ever be able to participate in a work like that again.”


He didn’t forget to mention “Grand Prince” as well. He said, “I had such a good time filming the drama. I’ll continue to take part in different works but just like ‘Giant,’ I wonder if I’ll be able to play a character like Lee Kang again.” He added that it was going to be one of his unforgettable works as an actor.

“Grand Prince” starring Joo Sang Wook, Yoon Shi Yoon, and Jin Se Yeon came to an end on May 6. 




Yoon Shi Yoon, Jin Se Yeon, And Joo Sang Wook Fulfill Their Promise By Holding A Free Hug Event For “Grand Prince”


On May 9, the cast of TV Chosun’s “Grand Prince” held a free hug event at Gwanghwamun Square.


Yoon Shi Yoon, Jin Se Yeon, and Joo Sang Wook previously made a promise to give out free hugs if their drama surpassed 5 percent in viewership ratings.


This came true on May 9 when “Grand Prince” concluded with 5.627 percent and set a record for the highest viewership ratings for the network.

The three actors kept their promise and joyfully embraced fans at the event. Check out a video from the event below!




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Posting older articles from a few days ago that I missed since there were many articles coming out:


“Grand Prince” Cast Shares Comments As Drama Comes To An End


With the final episode of “Grand Prince” airing tonight, the main cast shared their thanks and thoughts on the end of the drama.


“Grand Prince” aired its first episode on March 3 and steadily rose in viewership ratings. The drama received 4 percent ratings with episode 16 and came in first in its time slot.

Yoon Shi Yoon said, “Now that the difficult moments have passed, I’m full of thoughts like ‘I should have done better’ and ‘I should have had more strength.’ I especially had a lot of fears about whether I could do this drama well. However, I realized once again that a drama is formed when many colleagues get together and become one. I was happy and thankful, because I wasn’t alone and was with everyone instead.”


Actress Jin Se Yeon shared, “I think we were able to film since winter until now safely and without any big accidents thanks to the director, actors, and all of the staff members who worked hard. Above all else, I thank all the viewers who loved Sung Ja Hyun and Hui-Hyun couple during these long three months. Please keep watching until the last episode of ‘Grand Prince’ tonight.”


Joo Sang Wook commented, “It doesn’t feel like it has been long since we started filming, but two seasons have already passed. I’m sad that I have to say goodbye now. Although I feel sad, I was happy to have met a cool character like Kang. Thank you for supporting me and looking favorably upon the emotions I poured out as Kang. Thank you again for all the love you sent and I will greet you again through a good project.”


Ryu Hyoyoung said, “‘Grand Prince’ was my first time taking on a traditional drama. Thank you to the director for guiding me, to the writer for creating a charming character, and to the staff members who worked hard behind the camera. I also thank the actors I worked with. It was joyful being together and I really learned a lot. Above all else, I thank the viewers who supported us. Please keep watching until the last episode.”


Lastly, Son Ji Hyun shared, “It was an honor to meet the excellent director, writer, staff members, and senior actors through my first traditional drama ‘Grand Prince.’ It was such a meaningful time. I will work hard to become an actor who shows growth and improvement.”


The production team also commented, “We sincerely thank viewers who have kept loving ‘Grand Prince.’ Thanks to all the love, we were able to film with energy. Please confirm how ‘Grand Prince’ will end and keep watching until the end.”




Yoon Shi Yoon Talks About Filming Kiss Scenes + Taking On Manlier Role For “Grand Prince”


Yoon Shi Yoon shared his thoughts on filming kiss scenes in a recent interview.


On May 8, the actor talked about his latest TV Chosun drama, “Grand Prince.”

Speaking about the numerous kiss scenes, he said, “At the wrap party, the writer said, ‘I realized I had written this many [kiss scenes] after I had finished writing it.’ The melodrama began at the beginning of the storyline and continued throughout, so I got to date a lot in the drama. But, I’m really not confident at kiss scenes.”


He continued, “The making video of [the kiss scene between] Lee Se Young and I in ‘The Best Hit‘ is still circulating. A kiss scene (which is different from real kissing) shows on camera, which I find awkward.”


He added, “I think it’s not my kiss scene skills, but the camera director’s skills that make it seem like I’m good at it. I said that I was good at kissing in real life, but it’s just a bluff.”


Yoon Shi Yoon is 33 years old by Korean reckoning this year, but he still has a youthful look. In this drama, however, he showed a manlier appearance.


The actor said, “I didn’t choose a manly role on purpose. Despite my 33 years of age, my mental age is quite young. My personality in real life also isn’t really manly, but since I’ve grown compared to Tak Goo or other characters like that, I think it appears that way in the dramas. I wasn’t trying to force myself into a manlier role.”


Yoon Shi Yoon most recently appeared on “Grand Prince” as prince Lee Hwi, who returned from war to the woman he loves. The drama explores a bloody love triangle between him, his older brother, and a woman.


The TV Chosun drama ended with 5.63 percent, the highest viewership ratings in the history of the network. The leads of the drama will meet with fans at Gwanghwamun Square for a free hug event on May 9.




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Actually I'm still shocked and feel weird with this dating rumor and denying news.:wacko:because it is too fast but he was the one too fast taking another new project:o

But i still want to ship them until the day one of them married with another person, if it's not their fate:D

But i believe that something happened is for a reason that maybe we don't know it now and later we will know it.:)

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So I just uploaded all the BTS for GP. Most of the BTS do have English subs (out of the 39 BTS videos, about 25 of them have English subs). The ones that do have English subs are titled in the playlist. The BTS come from both TV Chosun's youtube and facebook. I would've uploaded it before, but I didn't have time until now lol.


Here's a direct link to the playlist on youtube. If not, you can watch it below:

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