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[Drama 2018] About Time / 어바웃타임


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Watch: Lee Sung Kyung Tries To Sneak Peeks At Lee Sang Yoon In “About Time”


Upcoming tvN drama “About Time” has dropped another teaser video, hinting at the relationship to play out between Lee Sung Kyung and Lee Sang Yoon.


“About Time” is a fantasy romance about a woman named Choi Michaela (Lee Sung Kyung), who can see a countdown to people’s life expectancies including her own, and a man named Lee Do Ha (Lee Sang Yoon), who is the only person able to stop the countdown.

The new teaser starts with Lee Sung Kyung and Lee Sang Yoon both sitting as they read. However, Lee Sung Kyung is trying to use her book to sneakily look at Lee Sang Yoon, rather than read it. Lee Sang Yoon can’t help but notice Lee Sung Kyung’s gaze, so he stops reading and directly asks her, “Why do you keep staring at me?”

Lee Sung Kyung looks flustered for a moment before she smiles and responds, “I like you.” She cutely adds, “I’m going to watch you without hiding now.”

Lee Sang Yoon ignores her confession and goes back to reading. However, the video shows Lee Sang Yoon give a small smile behind his newspaper as he says in the voice over, “Sweet stalking has started.”

“About Time” will premiere on Monday, May 21 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

Check out the new teaser video below!




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@sin hoonsim @triplem ohhhh China and Philippines :D good to see you both, this one i’ll catch in real time.  Maybe I can get some vacation tips for me watching it. lol


Both Lee can do physical comedies, not over the the top cringe... I expect some funnies here. I like pre production dramas.  They’re kinder to the actors’ private life.... plus, Club Meds’ foods are so good.  Stayed at Tahiti one, scuba diving was a steal, actually lots of activities to do on resort.


No drama posters yet huh?

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New drama 'About Time' reveals various still cuts of Seungyeon




Seungyeon transformed into a pretty assistant musical producer Jeon Sung Hee for her new tvN drama 'About Time' (fully 'The Time You Want To Stop: About Time'). 


Seungyeon's role Jeon Sung Hee is the best friend of 'About Time's female lead Choi Mikaela, who is played by Lee Sung Kyung. She also has a tight co-worker bond with musical director Jo Jae Yoo, who is played by Lee Seo Won
In a variety of still cuts for her upcoming role, Seungyeon showcases her bright career woman side with girl-crush-worthy elements like a short haircut, a leather jacket, and more. Meanwhile, 'About Time' starring Lee Sung Kyung, Lee Sang Yoon, Seungyeon, Lee Seo Won, and more, tells the story of a woman who can see the lifespans of the people she meets and her encounter with a mysterious man. 
You can catch it premiere this May 21.
I think there will be a love line between Seungyeon and Lee Seo Won. :)
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Han Seung Yeon Gets Into Character For “About Time” As Professional Producer


Han Seung Yeon will be transforming into a professional assistant producer for musicals for her upcoming drama “About Time.”


The upcoming tvN drama is a romance about Choi Michaela (played by Lee Sung Kyung) who can see the countdown on people’s lives, including her own, and the mysterious Lee Do Ha (played by Lee Sang Yoon), who can stop that countdown.

In the drama, Han Seung Yeon plays Jun Sung Hee. The producer went through all sorts of hardships in the industry, and is known for her hardcore approach to her career. Though she is intense and hard-working, she also has a easy-going side and is extremely loyal. She is best friends with Choi Michaela, as both of them work in the same industry, and has a working relationship with the genius musical director Jo Jae Woo (played by Lee Seo Won).

In the released photos, Han Seung Yeon shows off her dedication to her work as an assistant producer. In some of the photos, she rocks her bob with a leather jacket, and perches on the edge of a stage. In other photos, she wears a flannel and cardigan, and is seen standing indignantly in a practice room.











On her character, the actress shared, “I want to show a ‘veteran in her field’ vibe with assistant producer Jun Sung Hee, so I’m thinking about the details. On the outside, she’s a cool, professional woman. But I want to show that in actuality, she is standing on the line between business and affection, and show that in a realistic way, so that women of a similar age can relate.”

A source from the production staff stated, “Han Seung Yeon shows touching emotions as Lee Sung Kyung’s best friend as they support each other in their dreams and lives. However, she also shows off the side of a skilled assistant producer for musicals. She has been impressing the production staff with her acting, which has become even deeper. Many women in their 20s and 30s will empathize with Jun Sung Hee as she pours everything into her work, love, and friendship.”

“About Time” will air its first episode on May 21 at 9:30 p.m. KST.



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