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[Drama 2018] About Time / 어바웃타임


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4 hours ago, Libera said:

Finally a picture of them together, they look good. But what are they doing, are they promoting seoul police?

180330 Seoul_police IG...- ➿ #이성경 #이상윤 Prevention of violence with the talent of the school! 
Together! Violence-free School ^^ Photo By the flat police station #서울경찰 #경찰 #경시생 #중앙경찰학교 #공무원 #소통 #학교 #폭력 #out #극한직업 #파이팅
#이성경 #李聖經 #leesungkyung #イソンギョン  guess, a free violence school campaign by seoul police


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Yay! First picture together! They look very good together as expected as they’re both beautiful people. I’m excited to watch this show. Isn’t it a trend lately to pair up older actors with young 1990+ actresses?

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Soompi: tvN’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “About Time” has released images from its script reading featuring its main cast Lee Sung KyungLee Sang YoonIm Se Mi, and Lee Seo Won.

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“About Time” is a fantasy romance drama that tells the story of Choi Michaela (Lee Sung Kyung), a woman who has the ability to see people’s life expectancies as well as her own, and Lee Do Ha (Lee Sang Yoon), a man who is able to pause the countdown to the end of her life. “About Time” marks producing director (PD) Kim Hyung Sik’s return to the small screen after two years. He previously directed “Sign,” “The Suspicious Housemaid,” “Secret Door,” “Twenty Again,” and more.


“About Time” kicked off production with its first script reading in Seoul this past February. In addition to the young lead actors Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Sung Kyung, Im Se Mi, and Lee Seo Won, the cast also features veteran actors Kim Hae SookNa Young Hee, and Jung Dong Hwan. The first script reading was said to have lasted for four hours.


Reuniting with PD Kim Hyung Sik after “Twenty Again,” Lee Sang Yoon will be taking on the role of cold guy Lee Do Ha, who is a third-generation chaebol and the only guy who can stop the countdown to Choi Michaela’s life.


Lee Sung Kyung will be making her drama comeback after a year with the role of Choi Michaela, a professional musical actress who has the unfortunate fate of being able to see a person’s lifespan.



Additionally Im Se Mi will be playing Lee Do Ha’s fiancee Bae Soo Bong, a woman who has everything except love, while Lee Seo Won will be showing off the cold, but cute charms of musical genius Jo Jae Yoo.





Kim Hae Sook will be playing Choi Michaela’s dependable asistant Oh So Nyeo, and Na Young Hee will be playing Choi Michaela’s irresponsible mother Jin Ra Hee. Finally, Jung Dong Hwan will be rounding out the cast as Lee Do Ha’s stern father Lee Sun Moon. The full cast is said to have acted out the scenes during the script reading so realistically it seemed like they had all known each other for a long time, raising expectations for the drama with their great chemistry.





The drama staff revealed, “After the script reading, we are confident that ‘About Time’ will make the bright spring of 2018 shine even brighter as a fantasy romantic comedy. The directing, acting, and script don’t need any other words, and form the perfect combination that will capture viewers hearts with its ‘heart attack sweetness’ and ‘heartwarming aspects.'”

“About Time” will air its first episode on May 21 at 9:30 p.m. KST as the follow-up to “You Who Forgot Poetry.”

Source (1)

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Hancinema : It was about time to start getting the goods on "About Time", and yes, I am horrible. The drama has held its first script reading, and we have new stills as well as character information for some of our new faces. "About Time" is the story of a woman who can see people's lifespans and a man who can stop her own.


Since the main character descriptions for the four leads have been released, links to which you can find at the end of this piece, it is time to look at some of the supporting cast, which has quite a few lovely actors in it.



The first script reading took place in February at Studio Dragon in Seoul. Along with Lee Sang-yoonLee Sung-kyungIm Se-mi and Lee Seo-won were Kim Hae-sookNa Young-heeJung Dong-hwan, and more, as well as PD Kim Hyeong-sik and writer Choo Hye-mi.

Still 1

As for the characters, Kim Hae-sookplays Oh So-nyeo, a reliable ally of Choi Michaela (Lee Sung-kyung). Na Young-hee plays Michaela's irresponsible, spoiled mother, Jin Ra-hee. In the most shocking twist in Dramaland ever, Jung Dong-hwan plays Lee Do-ha's (Lee Sang-yoon) cold-hearted father, Lee Seon-moon.

I suppose we at least get one good character out of the three, but I'm hoping for more. The protagonists have life and death matters to deal with, so annoying relatives and friends will not make anything better for the heroes or for us. The drama is touted as a magical love story, so I hope said love will not be shaken by minor snags. "About Time"will begin airing on May 21st at 21:30 KST on tvN.

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Hi :)

The only way to get "About Time" licensed on Viki is to keep requesting it by filling this form:





It will air on May 21st, so ONLY 44 days left :o


We are already The Tick-Tock Team and everyone is ready and excited for Lee Sung Kyung's comeback.

We are only waiting for Viki to license it and we will be ready more than ready to contribute :=)














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tvN New month fire drama "Moment wanted to stop: About time" The first shooting site where Lee Sang-yun and Lee Sung-kyun's Kemi explosion was impressive was released.
First coming May 21 tvN New Moon Fire drama "Moment wanted to stop: About time" (hereinafter "About Time") is a woman who has the ability to see Lifetime Watcher (Lee Sung Kyung dressed) It is a fate relief romance that included a magical moment where a man Doha (Lee Sang Yoon dressed) intertwined in a fate that does not know whether it is a fate or not, and only love can be realized.
Lee Sang-yun plays Lee Do-ha, the chairman of the Zaibatsu Cultural Foundation, who has a deadly look, which will be a cute attachment and temptation target of Choi Mika (Lee Seong-kyung). Lee Seong-kyung acts as an ensemble specialist musical actor Choi Mika with an unfortunate fate to see his own life span, but full of lovely charm.
They show the form of a relief couple that combines fatal difficulty and painful urgency, sometimes sweet, sometimes deeply moved to aim the viewer's heart.
In relation to this, the first shooting site where a contrasting attraction of Lee Sang-yun and Lee Seong-kyong is drawn is released. Lee Do-ha and Choi Mika who visited the French restaurant for each other purposes in the drama sit in different places and enjoy lunch. Lee Sang-yun wearing a high-class suit in a third-generation Zaibatsu style seems to be staring at someone glancingly, while keeping a cautious talk with wine in hand. Lee Seong-kyung wears a simple blouse tying his hair, but the beauty glows more shining in the sunshine.
Their first shooting was advanced at a restaurant located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, on February 12. This is the first shoot that two people actually breathe together for the first time since the script reading. Even in the schedule that the two will start early in the morning, they arrived at the scene earlier than the scheduled shooting time and showed a crushing appearance such as preparations.
Lee Sang-yun who performs style management, such as losing weight for work even on a busy schedule that comes and goes between variety and drama got a cheer for the staff with 100% embodying the fatal appealing male Lee · Doha . Lee Sung-kyung, famous as a fashionist from the usual way, also diverged feminine beauty that simple costumes also become adorable for the rest of my life.
The production team says, "Lee Sang-yun and Lee Seong-gyun made preparations thoroughly from the first shoot, they made the best breath," and said, "To the fate-relieving romance that is more sweet than the imagination that the two will show I want you to expect it. "
 Google translate 
source: Lee Yoon-lee Seon "About Time" at the first scene of the eye--more! Korea (Motto! KOREA) mottokorea.com/mottoKoreaW/Fu… @mottokorea from Mr. #イサンユン #イソンギョン #韓国ドラマ
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