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[Drama 2018] Life 라이프

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@staygold love your post!  Still gathering thoughts about the whole drama.


Life is structured much like an anthology to me. I think this is why we feel the episodes were written by different writers at some point. LKH mentioned at the presscon the main difference between LSY’s works is that the side stories intersect to build the main theme in Life. The drama is slightly clumsy in execution and transitions here and there but there were also some well written character expositions, social issues, medical food for thoughts.  As a person in the healthcare field, it speaks to me in ways that are rarely seen in a medical drama.  Life is not completely a true thriller, a procedural medical drama or even one about political powerplay.  It’s a little of everything so do we fault writernim for her ambitious missed opportunities  or commend her on the brave attempt of putting out a unique human drama.  I am just going to judge it based on its own merits fully awared that it will forever be judged against SF.  I really like that LSY’s second  drama is a departure from SF in tone and plotting.  It’s a sign of a good writer who has a lot of potential. If I look at the drama as 1/2 glass full, Life is fearless in not championing a traditional winner and way of life.   It asks us to be open to all possibilities and people.  The idea that somehow, we as different people with faults can somehow work together.  Like Mr Goo said, the end is what matters.

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6 hours ago, bedifferent said:


Sorry I missed on screenshot when NE asked the open ended “I have a question” question.


It’s strange to see Seung-Hyo far away seaside on the same day news broke about his transfer.  Knowing the kind of person Seung-Hyo is, he would be glued to his new desk at the new job pouring over reports the first few days. Nothing happens by accident in Goo’s world.  For him to know where NE is working (she moved after he left) hints that either through Ms Kang or as an employer.  His answer is as open ended as her question.  He just got there and not ready for questioning, her habit with him as president before.  He also looked into joint ventures before which Gangneung hospital is under.


IMHO, Seung-Hyo wanted to finish the failed app project with QL as both a parting thank you to Hwayeong and an affirmation of the skilled businessman he is. I am not sure if Hwayeong news is all smoke and mirror for its business PR. 


@triplem @bebebisous33 @40somethingahjumma what do you think of Goo’s future?



@heyho5502 yes, I agree, hard to know. This Global Plant Engineering question was probably what NoEul wanted to ask? Me too, I want to know.  Why are you here? hahaha

I do think that GSH is hired back by the chairman Cho and GSH has accepted the offer. It was his way of fighting back. He knew that from the start the position of president at S. Hospital was temporary. Cho always wanted to get rid of him but by developping something that the chairman Cho didn't expect GSH proved two things:

- he thinks ahead, even anticipates the moves of Chairman Cho

- he proves his loyalty to the company

NE is wondering why GSH hasn't left for good Hwayeong and in my opinion, GSH doesn't have the financial background to become independent. Moreover, I do think that he feels indebted towards the former CEO.

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16 hours ago, ktcjdrama said:

I believe so. He was indeed fired, but probably rehired due to his proposal with the apparel company the group has. CEO Cho sees that KSH can still be an asset to him to make more money by putting chips in their sporting apparel to monitor health of the person wearing it.

LNE's question "You haven't left yet?" I believe she meant that he hasn't left the Hwajeong Group yet.

@bebebisous33 @ktcjdrama thanks.. BTW, @ktcjdrama I remember you from the Secret Forest thread... hello<~< will see you when SF 2 starts next year?! lol


@heyho5502 you could be right about Goo’s rehiring!  Is this how your wife feel after an argument? (j.k.) :P:ph34r:  Good points all around in your post!  I am with @triplem on how Goo’s not meant to be some cloaked superhero with a great plan to topple the conglomerate.  His intricate plans are prioritized to save both himself and the hospital, never at the expense of his own survival.  Given the extent of Hwayeong’s influence, he probably was looking at permanent unemployment after he was fired so I guess staying on is actually the best possible scenario.  Reality is not pretty.  When he said he will watch Sangkook keep its true core values in the next 5-10 yrs, it was a personal pact made between him and the physicians to overcome human weakness or greed.  We can perhaps read it as his will to survive in Sangkook for this newfound purpose. Goo knows he can make a difference in his own ways. He is just not one who goes against the flow outright. 



15 hours ago, buzzzz said:

Would it be too much to hope for a director’s cut of the last episode??  


There’s daum fan request for BluRay/DVD.^^

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25 minutes ago, bedifferent said:

. BTW, @ktcjdrama I remember you from the Secret Forest thread... hello<~< will see you when SF 2 starts next year?! lol

You can count on that! I can't wait to see a smiling Hwang Shi Mok :D

And thank you btw for sharing your insights of the medical field so we have a richer understanding of this drama. Really appreciate your long posts. 


Thanks to all other posters too. I joined the party too late but nevertheless enjoyed it all the same. Can't believe the drama is over now. I was starting to have a little withdrawal already before going to bed last night...:P

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Maybe it's a sign of ageing but lately I've been on a slice-of-life dramas fix. ;) Not sure why but Kdramaland seems particularly good at making them. I've seen quite a few this year and I still think Prison Playbook tops the list for me. I don't think many K dramas comes even close to the greatness of PP this year except maybe for Life on Mars (and possibly Live). But both were absolutely groundbreaking stuff IMO in terms of effective crafting in visual storytelling and production values. 


That said, I've really enjoyed LIFE... warts and all. It is a slice-of-life workplace drama at the end of the day about people who just happen to work in hospital. Some are definitely better paid than others but the discontent is universal. The problems seem to be the same everywhere as I can attest as a professional who is currently on a self-imposed sabbatical. ;) I was struck by the nurse telling the angry former manager of the organ transplant unit that the deep-seated resentment comes from being overworked and underpaid. Oh yes... I've heard that too... and I've seen what that does to otherwise usually amicable human beings. When I started at my last place of contracted employment, I walked into an angry room of people seething with resentment at being asked to do ridiculous things just so they could check off somebody else's boxes. Negativity practically reeked through the cracks of the walls. I was sympathetic about all the grievances but weary by all the complaining.


Much as I came to like him as a human being, I don't think President Gu was a really good fit for the hospital. He undoubtedly had a good head for figures and logistics but as a people manager... not so much. I also think some of that came from spending too much time listening to his junior (the organ transplant manager) whose own biases and resentments filtered through. The doctors can be an egotistical bunch... but not all of them are equally egotistical. Some of them were even genuine idealists. GSH came into the hospital all ready to attack knowing he would be dealing with a recalcitrant lot of people. But he didn't know why they dug their heels in... at first. No one would disagree that change is inevitable on some level but change for change sake is just as bad. However, doctors aren't the only ones with their egos on the line. Chairman Cho obviously has something to prove. It isn't entirely about money for him interestingly enough.


This whole notion about running hospitals exclusively like hotels also troubles me. I don't have a problem with people who can afford to pay a premium wanting premium rooms and services (that's frills) but a hospital should first and foremost be a place to care for the sick. The doctors are right in wanting to protect that ethos and those who buy hospitals should at the very least understand that those concerns are valid. What the doctors are rightly concerned about is that the services that should be available to everyone who needs it don't become services that only the wealthy can pay for. This is something very much close to home for me. A friend has been attached to an ECMO machine now for several weeks. He was in ICU for about a  month, I think. Without any of those facilities he would not have survived, I imagine. His family is grateful as I am that this kind of tech has been available and they're not exactly wealthy people.


Of course it isn't an ideal world. Everyone wants their own way. Those who have the resources can make it happen. And those who have enough ingenuity and support can make it happen in other ways. The doctors do see themselves as advocates for future patients even while they're not perfect people.


One of the greatest tragedies of our time, I believe is seen in the way we are raising the next few generations. Instead of teaching them resilience, our society increasingly tells our youngsters to play the blame game. Instead of telling them reality can be harsh and prepare them for it, "we" convince them that they are perpetual victims. The reality is life is hard... whether one has a disability, work as an emergency doctor, or take on the role of heading up a department or organization and as the show demonstrates... life is a constant battle. There's always a fight that needs to be fought just round the corner. The workplace especially a large one can be a perpetual battleground... largely because change is inevitable.


LIFE ends with the arrival of a new hospital president (Yesh... LJH!... S2 please). What will he bring to the table? Will he do his brother's bidding? What does that mean for the hospital and its staff? He's an oncologist but also the younger brother of the chairman. Will he be a much needed bridge between Big Corporation and the hospital. Does this signal the beginning of a new era? If so, what kind? YJW catches a glimpse of the new president before he goes on leave and says quietly, "See you again." That signals a significant shift in thinking for JW... he is no longer prepared to stay quiet, stand still and let others do the heavy lifting. He has now seen the importance of being proactive if he believes the cause warrants it. The courage that now defines his MO has freed him to date and to be a better brother.


It isn't all about doing battle of course. Work is not all there is to life. One must take time to recharge before one can re-enter the fray. Relationships outside of work should be a source of refuge, places of comfort so that when we enter the battleground of work, we have something to protect and build. It is heartening to see GSH moving on to a new job and possibly pursuing a long-term relationship with LNE. I can see many moments for them at the animal shelter and the invasion of puppies around their home. Same thing with JW finding someone amazing who embraces him and all the baggage of his life. The pretty reporter seems to fit snugly into the Ye Brothers dynamic, picking up where LNE left off. The best part for me was watching the two brothers out at sea doing something together and being brothers. It certainly warms the cockles of one's heart.

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[SPOILERS!!!][Life Roundup] Episode 13-16 (finale)



1. [+578, -156] Why are people richard simmons on Lee Dong Wook? If you watch the drama enough, it shows you why he's doing the things he's doing 
2. [+458, -41] I ended up not liking Moon Sung Geun because he acts so well
3. [+194, -38] No but.. there are so many different type of people who live in this world.. there should be people like Lee Dong Wook.. To be honest, I was looking forward to a drama that would exceed 'Secret Forest' but it doesn't seem like it.. I hope they produce 'Secret Forest' season 2
4. [+266, -112] When Lee Dong Wook was talking with Cho Seung Woo and he got mad because his brother was mentioned, his acting skills plummeted. I feel like he would be embarrassed if he monitored his acting (t/n: when they say 'monitor' they mean they're watching/reviewing their own performance). With Cho Seung Woo, emotions show up with subtle changes in expression but with Lee Dong Wook, he only shouts loudly and his expression stays the same that I thought his whole face received botox. I wondered why he didn't become as popular compared to his handsome looks but after watching this drama, I'm sad because I completely understood why. Moon Sung Geun's acting is really realistic. He's a really wicked person but there's nothing incorrect about his words. Lee Dong Wook, who was annoying until the end, made Moon Sung Geun's acting shine. Cho Seung Woo is the most realistic but I'm only surprised because he does a good job at expressing a character that's the hardest to exist.
5. [+159, -46] It's fun. I feel like it would be even more fun if Cho Seung Woo joins them and fights with them. Looking forward to next week!
1. [+1153, -57] I held back and watched until the end because of actor Cho Seung Woo. This drama's cost of production is 10.6 billion? Seung Woo hyung doesn't need loyalty with the producers from his last work, if he's going to be the sub lead, let's only do it if the main lead is a better actor than hyung or need to act as well as hyung
2. [+653, -51] This drama could've been a masterpiece, they messed up the brothers, Cho Seung Woo cleaned up the richard simmons, they didn't reveal the director's death. If JTBC is going to be like this then don't make dramas
3. [+493, -22] No matter what you do, big companies do things on their own, it's hard to change.. In the end, you should just find your life's small happiness (love, brotherly love), isn't this the writer's message... I feel like that's also why the drama's title is life
4. [+444, -49] I'm mad at myself for not being able to give up on Cho Seung Woo's acting until the end and watching the drama until the end ㅜ ㅜ But meanwhile, it was nice to see the fatal Seo Dong Jae-ssi ㅎㅎ Seriously Lee Dong Wook should learn acting again!
5. [+396, -11] Only Cho Seung Woo was the best 
1. [+589, -4] CEO Goo who left like that will become a multimillionaire real estate owner that looks for excellent spots and will end up meeting Cha Joo Hyuk who comes and goes through the past...
2. [+429, -9] I only saw Cho Seung Woo, Moon Sung Geun, Moon So Ri
↪ [+55, -1] There's also Yoo Jae Myung... 
3. [+419, -14] I watched until the end because of Cho Seung Woo....there was romance, that I wonder if it was necessary, everywhere.. Until the end, I wondered if Lee No Eul needed that much emphasis.. 
↪ [+31, -0] Lee Dong Wook and the reporter was more severe ㅡㅡ
4. [+257, -16] Until the end, Ye Jin Woo didn't wake up and he was an eyesore of a male lead ㅜㅜ Why was there a love story for the Ye brothers   







Cho Seung Woo Shares How He Chooses His Projects And The Importance Of Chemistry Between The Cast


Cho Seung Woo talked about his standards when it came to choosing scripts, the difficulty of finding new stories, the type of work he wanted to do, and the importance of chemistry between cast members.


On September 13, Cho Seung Woo held an interview ahead of the premiere of his upcoming film “Feng Shui.” On how he chooses which works to appear in, the actor shared, “I still think about what to look for. The thing to avoid the most are works that pretends inevitability is a coincidence. It’s a device that everyone uses. In other words, it’s a script that already has an answer.”


He continued, “The scripts that have predictability are hard. Taking previously done formats and changing the subject, adjusting the characters, and altering what’s familiar just a little bit. I try not to do those as much as possible. I don’t want to see it.”


Cho Seung Woo added, “Because topics become exhausted and the audience’s standards have become higher, it’s hard to find works that satisfy the audience. However, if it’s not new, I think it’ll be ignored. That’s why I do my best to find something new.” Mentioning that he had recently enjoyed John Cho’s “Search,” which topped the Korean box office, he commented, “The story wasn’t cliché, but rather made a breakthrough by being novel, and succeeded. I think that’s thought provoking.” 


On the kinds of projects he wanted to work on, he shared, “Even if it’s a small project, I’m always open to making appearances on it. I’m not very picky. I starred in a one-man act on TV ‘Strange, More Than That,’ and made cameos in ‘Assassination‘ as well as ‘The Peach Tree.’ Results aside, I want to try new works where the attempt itself is fun.”


Cho Seung Woo talked about his most recent works, “Stranger,” as well as “Life,” and commented, “I try to stay logical. I try my hardest not to stand out. I’m like that on set too. Maybe it’s just the way I am, but I don’t like being in the limelight and doing things. I decided to go with a silent image so I don’t lose the weight of pressure.”


He also spoke up about the importance of the chemistry between the cast, rather than how much screen time he got. He commented, “They say things like ‘top [actor]’ and ‘best [actor],’ but it doesn’t mean anything. It just gives you a lot of pressure. Acting in and of itself is having good chemistry with your co-star and the rest of the cast. If anyone rises or sticks out, I don’t really like it. I prefer working with everyone.”


“Feng Shui” is about a genius feng shui master Park Jae Sang (played by Cho Seung Woo) who uses the Earth’s energy to change people’s fates, and the conflict and ambition of those who try to take the most prosperous land to become king. The film will premiere on September 19.



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@annagriss8 Jo Seung Woo is :heart:   LOL to his advice to a soon-to-be groom YJM. :lol:  Hope to see him again in 2019.  



About working with Yoo Jae Myung for the third time after dramas “Secret Forest” and “Life,” Cho Seung Woo said, “Because we worked together on so many projects, it feels lonely without him. I feel bored when we don’t film together. He’s the kind of existence that always needs to be by my side. He’s my emotional support system. He’s always warm, gives good reactions, and listens to all of my acting.”


He continued, “There were so many fun stories, but the one that I can think of right now is, well he’s getting married soon. I heard many of his dating stories and every day he said, “Seung Woo, I can’t do this anymore.” He’d say this after coming from an argument. But after making up, he’d say, ‘You should hurry up and date too.'”


He added, “I didn’t know where I should chime in. I hope he’ll be good to his wife.”




@ktcjdrama me too.  Came and stayed for JSW, YJM and LSY.  Happy when I left, what more can you ask of a drama? :)


They held off the last OST until Episode 16. Hearing Seung-Hyo wishing them well before his goodbye showed how much Sangkook has affected him.  Take care.  It's coming from the heart, genuine and warm.  In many ways, he took care of them the best that he could.   Even down to the last minute, tapping the microphone to let them know they have been listened in all these times. LOL


Screenshot 2018-09-13 05.24.40


Screenshot 2018-09-13 05.27.25Screenshot 2018-09-13 05.26.52Screenshot 2018-09-13 05.26.58


The team that loves each other, stays together.


Screenshot 2018-09-13 05.27.35Screenshot 2018-09-13 05.28.03


Take care.  See you again.


To Jin-woo, thank you for taking care of me.  I'm OK?! :thumbsup:


Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 5.47.12 AM


At the end of the day, we all walk out the door.  Preferably with someone toward the sea.  Tie-less.  Life is more than work.


Screenshot 2018-09-13 05.14.17



Screenshot 2018-09-13 05.14.25


Because you can never have too many smiling ShiMok, two more.


Screenshot 2018-09-13 05.14.45Screenshot 2018-09-13 05.15.53



Credit:  JTBC



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Totally bias posting for my love of Tae In Ho :D  Okey okay, I admit, his last scene is quite profound y'all.  We all breathe and live the same way, what makes us happy? 


What makes a meaningful life?  


At last we found the reason behind Sunwoo's name  Glutton - perhaps it is his wish for a life better than the current.  SW's disenchanted. He gets none of the rewards and all of the resentment.  We see him in us at some point in our careers.  What makes us happy is the validation for what we do, some respect and appreciation for our skills and opinions.   That we matter in some ways.  For Sun-woo, there's no ray of sunshine in Sangkook.   All he hears are complaints and complaints.  No one tries to understand each other so they can work together.  He refused to go to more meetings to hear them. In the end, he quits.  


Free of burden and troubles, he roams the street aimlessly.  But is he happy?  







Maybe there is happiness in a purposeful life, frustration and all.  For Sun-woo, it's this.


Screenshot 2018-09-13 08.49.53


Even when the person who supposed to care don't..


Screenshot 2018-09-13 08.51.51



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I really should do a rewatch of this drama. Maybe I was rushing through it (ep.1-14) that I didn't have enough time to ponder on important scenes and better appreciate the writing.


@bedifferent that last picture of SwC you posted reminded me that he respected Director LBH by holding a toast up to "invisible" him, just the two of them. They must have had drinks like that before LBH's death. Initially, I thought SwC was one of the "bad" guys for being so unfeeling about the death and just go about it very business-like, getting the organ donored, even pushing/insisting it to be quickly signed. He is a lonely soul in such big hospital and he hardly smiles.

And now I also note that the two people in the room with LBH's dead body first episode were Dr.Oh and Dr.Joo who both later became the leaders of the hospital. 

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LIFE.  Was good for me as it gives different perspective on how to live and be thankful of life in general.  Whether we are in a fight for our own survival, our ideals or for others, we should do it with open hearts and minds.  Perseverance, love, hope, humility, morality, tolerance are too important to give up.  For that, everyone fighting!


The death of Director Lee was never fully revealed.  I do think it was accidental. The truth was not disclosed and his death ends up an important footnote for the change Sangkook sorely needed.  There's much to applaud in Life's efforts to show the medical world, of how their own battles are no different than anyone else. The daily struggles are real.  The moral conflicts, the human needs, they share your concerns and walk in your footsteps.


Healthcare will eventually be segregated, tiered or whatever based on the economics.  It's a grim outlook for all of us so the fight will continue for it to be inclusive.  Be thankful for people like Jin-woo, No-Eul, Dr Joo-Lee-Oh who fight for your interests while figuring out their own personal baggage.  The hospital will remain a place to heal the ill of society because there are people who care enough to compromise for the greater good.   I am talking about the Goo of administrators and corporate who understand their purpose in the big scheme of things. They are admirable for staying and not quitting. It is not an ideal world so we don't expect people to be perfect the first time around or to do the right thing.  Give them a helping hand once in a while. Meet them 1/3 of the way with a handshake.  However, be vigilant and stand your ground for what matters.


Don't let work swallow us.  Life is precious for all its simple happiness.  Family, friendship, a rainbow cake, coffee date, ramyun, Hite, the sun.  Make time to do and see it.  Go outside.


Screenshot 2018-09-13 05.37.40



Screenshot 2018-09-13 05.37.07




For our characters:

  • Jin-woo: lesson 2 - the art of compromise.
  • Seon-woo:  live your life without boundaries.  Be like Jo Seung Woo, limelight is overrated.
  • Seung-Hyo: walk Nighty. How's your neck acting with tall Greek god?
  • No-Eul:  don't lose the sunshine but please roll up your sleeves more
  • Sun-woo: if tuition was expensive, think of life insurance without a job
  • Dr. Joo:  put the PhD in your resume to work in real life, you are so good at it
  • Dr. Oh:  please learn Tae Kwon Do for your own safety in parking lot
  • Dr. Kim: I smile when you said to patient surgery is not needed
  • Dr. Lee:  your shoulder was heavy, thank you!
  • Manager Kang:  may life bless you with happiness always.  And a promotion.
  • Driver what's his name: hope you'll get a good boss
  • Dr Lee of ER:  please speak up when is in front of Director Oh, you have a good heart
  • Chairman Oh:  less is best, light makeup is good too
  • Trouble has never looked finer. 




See you all later in another thread and another time.  Was fun.  Made me think a lot this one. :lol:







Credit: Netflix and JTBC


@ktcjdrama yeah, they both were in the OR for changing of the guard. Sunwoo Chang and Dr. Kim, I love their characters.

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    Thanks to all posting good thoughts about this drama. I loved it, actually I like dramas that makes you think and reflect after watching, and a plus with good acting. 

     Just an opinion: is difficult to change your place of work when you are in that position; you need to start as a newcomer wherever you go, in Hwajeong conglomerate Gu knows every little thing about people and subsidiaries, as said in the beginning he was the only president outside from family, so, why not fight for what he deserves. In another conglomerate his life will be better? 

     In how many jobs, if you are not the main boss, people are humiliated, more or less, and unfortunately those will do the same with those under them. What to say, this is "Life" , our life...

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[HanCinema's Drama Review] "Life" Episode 16 Final

By Vasia Orion on 2018/09/13 at 16:36 PST




To quote someone we all know and love, "Life" finds a way, and this is the best possible outcome we can hope for in regards to the future of Sangkook University Hospital, as well as our own world. The drama has been through a rough patch lately, but it bows out as gracefully as it can manage, leaving no magical solutions behind, but leaving us and its own characters some valuable food for thought.


I am glad that the end of this story is not an unrealistically happy one. The series would be pretentious and dishonest were it to provide a solution to the largest, most systemic problem of our society. Major corporations and the systems they wield will not stop, and governments will not stop supporting them for the benefits they provide, often to select few. "Life" was about a battle, but behind it lies a war.


The series clearly changed direction after episode eleven, but a benefit of using pre-production well is that one can explain a lot of plot points, even if they were not part of one plan. We do not know the identity of the four people at Se-hwa's (Moon So-ri) place, sure, but the custodian building, the mysterious doctor and the Hwajeong Apparel appointment were explained. Seung-hyo (Cho Seung-woo) clearly knew he was being replaced long ago.


As far as open endings go, "Life" has made the best of the concept, even if the final act resorted to easily digestible devices. "Life" leaves our world unchanged, but our characters different. The rebels have found each other, and they have given each other a voice. Some have not learned, others have regrets, some have learned to give up when their heart is no longer in it. Most have contemplated, which is the point of it all.





The drama does not ignore its subject matter either. One of my favorite moments is when Chief Jang (Choi Kwang-il) realizes how long it has been since they talked about patients. It is the perfect closing statement on how forcing doctors to struggle for corporate leverage is directly detrimental to their calling. With no independent management, doctors cannot work for fear of the company, and the company risks major dysfunction.

"Life" could have started developing some of its characters sooner, made more of some than it did, and its subplots have had their ups and downs, but their personal, moral and workplace journeys have been, for the most part, solid. It has handled most of its topics with good self-awareness, and as much as the fumbling last act disappoints me, the drama as a whole is a solid piece. Perhaps the writer's next one will smooth all issues out.


"Life" is directed by Hong Jong-chan and Lim Hyeon-wook , written by Lee Soo-yeon-I, and features Lee Dong-wook, Cho Seung-woo, Won Jin-ah and Yoo Jae-myung.


Written by: Orion from 'Orion's Ramblings'






See you all when SF2 starts in 2019 :)

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This one is dedicated to my favorite Koo Seung Hyo.


IMHO he was the most interesting character of the series. Following him was Dr Oh. Whatever decisions he took had two aspects to it - business and social. 

1. He wanted to relocate the three departments to Naksan. This popped into his head when he was having a meal with the Minister. "General hospital is a public good. And public good should be equally shared." By removing those three departments the losses would have minimised, also the people of Naksan would have benefitted.

2. He brought in the restructure team when everyone was ready for a strike. According to him it was the right time. From the start itself his main intention was to find something concrete against any department that he can use to suppress the strike. But he never imagined the doctors would kill someone and cover it. He was at crossroads whether to reveal that or not. Listening to Ms Kang, he realized that the family had the right to know the truth. And he also used this opportunity to tackle the doctors.

3. His took back his decision of relocation not only because of the reserve funds. The sight of the babies got him.

4. Initially he didn't show any interest towards Hwajeong chemical. But he went into the alliance so that he can achieve both profit and quality. By making them as SKU as exclusive supplier, he made them sponsor the RFID system.

5. His decision to visit the dog shelter was to divert the attention of public against the cancer center scandal. Also he wanted to do it because he loves dogs

6. When the informant died, he didn't know whether the reporter really killed her or not. He gave in for the autopsy to save the 4 doctors and also to fulfill the chairman's wish. As the chairman himself said he could have taken care of the family in his own way and nobody would have known.

7. He fired all 4 of them to prevent further disaster and also if they stay away, the other staffs wouldn't dare to do anything.

8. From the time the chairman told him that they will take care of it, he knew that he was going to get fired. He was genuinely concerned for Dr Oh and Dr LNE. He knew beforehand that the announcement was a trap and he was being made a scapegoat. Still he went ahead with it. He tried to talk some sense in that chairman's head and it wasn't of any use. He knew that that the doctors would use the songtan land deal as their last resort. He hinted Ms Kang to make a mistake. He desperately tried to save the hospital.

10. He himself wanted to leave SKU. He wasn't cut out to lead a hospital. That's why he sent the mail after his dismissal.


What I really didn't get was why he didn't fire Dr Joo and Dr Ye? He knew that Jin woo was the one who posted that statement and Dr Joo covered for him. What did he mean by he would fight as well. For what? For his survival or he had some bigger plans.


As for the chairman why did he assign him as the president of the hospital to begin with? He didn't have any know how of medical industry. Having a doctor in family and assigning a logistics person doesn't make sense?


4 hours ago, bedifferent said:

See you all when SF2 starts in 2019


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6 hours ago, pompyavi said:

As for the chairman why did he assign him as the president of the hospital to begin with? He didn't have any know how of medical industry. Having a doctor in family and assigning a logistics person doesn't make sense?

GSH was a brilliant and tough businessman, he needed someone to do the "dirty works" like buying the field in Songtan as a bribe, implementing the insurance sistem in the hospital, collecting data from patients and those frequenting the health/ fitness center... preparing everything for his brother.

  GSH knew from the beginning and made it all like "swallowing a bitter pill with honey" by giving something useful in medical sistem .


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@pompyavi ahhaaa, GSH is quite a character, finally a post about him. Yay.


Chairman Cho assigned GSH the Sangkook project because he wanted to find a way to secure the  Songtang land deal in exchange for dismissing the Hwayeong Steel penalty with the Minister.  Sangkook was to stand as the medical entity to buy the land, thus covering up the direct link of the bribe to Hwayeong, while bringing in profits for Hwayoeng with the new medical clinics.  Cho dislikes GSH ever since the young GSH blossomed after switching department from under him to his late father.  GSH became the dispensable knife to do his dirty deeds.  GSH is awared of Cho's plan to eliminate him so just like the physicians, fought his own battle to survive at Sangkook.  He knew all along his stay at Sangkook was temporary and it was a chess game that he has to win.  Becoming sympathetic to the physicians' plight made his situations more complicated and decisions harder for he now has to find a way to save both.  This was not a case of professional awakening to leave Hwayeong but more a survival game to beat the Chairman.  GSH continuously monitors Boston Uni's website for Cho's move and as we see, begins to put his plan into play once Dr. Cho's name is no longer there.  What is brilliant about GSH is his calculated moves are planned to inflict the least damaged for Sangkook when he leaves.  It was not an overnight impulsive attack like Jin-woo.  I think the writer purposefully wants to highlight this difference so I am not frustrated with Jin-woo's character arc.  I am not even sure if Jin-woo has fully realized the extent of GSH's actions.^^


Regarding what GSH did at Sangkook. It was definitely all business moves to minimize damages to the hospital but his intentions were not fully honorable at the start.  Relocating the medical clinics to Naksan was not based on the interest in helping the people there.  When first started, he needed to slash the department in red to improve the numbers.  Doing it from an administrator point of view would put him in a negative light and face doctors/public opposition since it was purely a financial decision.  At the meeting, he realized that he needed to use public sentiment and play on the physician's code of ethics to make the move more into his favor.  Thus, he approached the podium with the speech, calling the physicians out and appealing to them to heal the wounds of society.   He puts the ball in their court.  Thus, the ensuing infighting among the departments.  The move was called off due to the result of his diligence at book keeping, discovering the reserved capital budget filing.  I think a different man without a logistics eye to detail background like GSH may not have discovered it.  Here we see a plus in his skill sets.  I agree, maybe the babies in NICU played a part :) The medication error was a blessing with extremely good timing.  GSH has been trying to find a way to complete the trifecta so Hwayeong can keep its profits in house.  We are looking at drug distribution, providers and insurance.  There maybe a fourth component but I can't remember (someone please help us with this?).  He also knows the majority (very high >80% in RL) of reimbursements by the national health insurance is for pharmaceuticals/drugs.  Hwayeong could open a pharmaceutical company to sell drugs but it would have to pay taxes.  However, if it is a subsidiary of a non-profit hospital, the drug company would be tax-exempt.   Medication errors must be entered into a reporting system and the hospital is required to provide corrections to prevent similar errors from occurring in the future. Perhaps he was sympathetic to Manager Kang's story; more likely, as a savvy businessman, he sees an opportunity not to be missed. GSH levied the medication error to introduce his own correction, the RFID.  The device prevents errors by using barcodes but it has a set drug list that limits what the physicians can order.  It affects their practices and the patient can suffer for lack of options.  Drug profits and reimbursements are channeled back to Hwayeong tax free.  Because of this monopoly, I don't think his decision was saintly.  His last step is to divert the patients from enrolling in the national health insurance into private Hwayeong insurance.  His original go to guy was actually Dr. Kim.  Jin-woo and Seon-woo spoilt his plan so he has to settle.  I am not too clear on SW's decision on  picking Dr. Oh besides the fact that he didn't want the other person Dr. Joo who clearly will oust him if is given the chance.  So the decision was based on the less of the two evils?  Does anyone have a better reason for the handshake with Dr. Joo? @bebebisous33 ). With Oh, he negotiated the deal for the 3D biosensor.  Purely a businessman through and through.


The event that made GSH question his decision of turning a blind eye to Hwayeong's doings was indeed the second death. The first death pushed Jin-woo into action.   However, he was not ready to take on the hospital cause yet.  Dr. Oh also wrestled with her conscience here as well.  To counter public outcry and news media request, Seon woo decided to bring in an outside medical examiner instead of Sangkook, claiming the need for independent reporting.  We of course knows that the medical examiner is backed by Hwayeong.  Dr. Oh intercepted the presscon before he could give the false report.  I don't think his decision was to save the physicians but more the situation.   It is when Dr. Oh retracted her original findings that forced Seung-Hyo to take on the physicians' welfare along with his own.  He realized they have chewed more than they can swallow.  


GSH is a fascinating character. Like what @40somethingahjumma mentioned before, people do the right thing when is forced into a corner.  For GSH, his dilemma is multiple fold for his survival cannot be linked to this fight of good against evil.  That's Jin-woo's job :lol:  After all is said and done, the one guy who was forced into the position because his boss wants to eliminate him, gave Sangkook more than it realizes.  He was just passing through yet so much changed because of him.  He too was affected and changed for the better.


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@bedifferentits always nice to read your opinions. Quite an insightful analysis. Thanks and definitely we would meet in SF 2 forum.




8 hours ago, bedifferent said:

I don't think his decision was to save the physicians but more the situation

I agree it was more of to save the Hwajeong group and the deal with QL. But I do feel somewhere he desired to save them as well. The look that he gave when the chairman was blabbering how he could hurt their families said it all. 

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@pompyavi Ohh, this is just my opinions of GSH whom I love dearly as a character.  Others may disagree.  I'm just glad someone post something about him :D  I agree, he understands the depth of Chairman Cho's evil sorcery.  The autopsy was shady no matter how you look at it.  The physicians would not and they did not agree with his decision.  The nature and consequences of the decision is not right.


I hope we will have news of SF2 in 2019.  Writer LSY has agreed to pen the script; whether or not is greenlighted could be hinged on the success of this drama.  The public has been very vocal about Life's missteps (which I think are obvious but not enough to overlook the things it did right).  For me, it was hard to switch gear to see Life as a drama separately from SF or its success.  The curse of the mega hit.  Once I stopped trying to make Life into what I want to see and sit back to let it take me, I appreciate the things that LSY wanted to say.  I hope she continues to write and we get our wish.


I would love to see JSW back if SF2 is a go but do understand his need as an actor to find new, challenging, and more importantly, projects that interest him.  SF was a meaningful collaboration for him.


See you around in another thread.  @Ha Tinh Nhi @triplem you have to say something about Mr Goo. :lol:








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