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[Drama 2018] Life 라이프


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2 hours ago, titania1000 said:

Based on her declarations before starting Life, her next project should be Secret Forest 2 if everyone  which means essentially JSW and BDN are willing and available. 

Studio Dragon have made too some declaration about wanting to continue this story in 2019.


Yes, I know that she talked about  Stranger/Forest of Secrets 2 . I will love to see it but, in the same time, I wish there is a new original drama too. I want to know what it will look like, the genre of her new work.

I wish the writer will explore new things but I say yes to seeing Shi Mok and Yeo Jin all over again anytime.


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7 hours ago, titania1000 said:

through SF and Life it's crystal clear that  LSY shows a vision not only of the world in which she wants to live, but also of what could fiction and representation do to change it.

I really appreciate the dedication and ambition that she put so far in her works, though it's probably because i also share her values.


Aww, that is so sweet.  I love that you said this.  In these days and age,  it's good to hear people do still want to make a difference in the world that we live in.    Think I love Life primarily for what it represents.  I also forgot to say that the drama speaks medical terms well enough that I can overlook some of the technical errors.  I have to give LSY credit for her detailed and quite accurate grasp of the underlying tone, problem and medical issues.  She did her homework.

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My favourites in this show were Oh Se-hwa and Koo Seung-hyo, I absolutely adored their scenes B) Of course Miss Kang was a highlight herself, especially her shipping Seung-hyo and No-eul. I also enjoyed Kim Tae-sangs mean character.

In general it was a solid drama, something you can definitely watch. I was just confused how the death of the director was made so mysterious, when it really wasn't. Anyway, I look forward to another show by this author. 

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You know, I’m hurt for No-eul. I think that it was underestimated and not fully disclosed. They wrote here that it can be removed from history, but this is a lie! She is an important character for all the main characters.

LNE and GSH are a very harmonious and mature couple. Oh, I really hate this: people only see chemistry when characters swear, argue, talk sarcastically, or too sweet. But I would like to see more adequate pairs like LNE and GSH. Couples where people start with understanding, support and friendship. Thanks to the screenwriter for such a romantic line.

Sorry for my bad english.:unsure:

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