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[Japanese Drama 2018] BG: Personal Bodyguard, BG~身辺警護人~, Jan 18, Thursdays


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BG: Personal Bodyguard


Resultado de imagen para BG~身辺警護人~




  • English title: BG: Personal Bodyguard (working & literal title)
  • Romaji: BG: Shinpen Keigonin
  • Japanese: BG~身辺警護人~
  • Writer: Yumiko Inoue
  • Network: TV Asahi
  • Episodes: 8
  • Release Date: January 18 to march 15, 2018 --
  • Runtime: Thursdays 21:00


Akira Shimazaki lives with his middle school student son. He used to work as a bodyguard, but, due to an incident, he now works as a security guard at a construction site. The private security company where he works establishes a new bodyguard division. Hiding his past as a bodyguard, Akira Shimazaki begins work as a novice bodyguard.


Takuya Kimura

Takumi Saito


Shotaro Mamiya



source: asianwiki




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 Sub sub sub please!. Because I don't understand raw I'll share thoughts once there's sub. I want to make sure I understand what I'm watching.



It's hard not to....




Meanwhile.. Saito Takumi...


all twts cr: as tag

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 Even if it's raw.... I watch.


If  Todome no Kiss has  Kento and Mackenyu. Here it's Kimura Takuya and  Takumi Saito <3


Nice fanart.| cr as tag


their scenes...  I wish it's sub! | cr: as tag




Ah the ratings? So the third episode dip a little but the content of this drama is good and the action. I don't understand anything to be honest because it's all raw but I'm watching this.

Ep1 - 15.7%

Ep 2 - 15.1%

Ep 3 - 13.4 % 










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10 hours ago, jongski said:

Ah the ratings? So the third episode dip a little but the content of this drama is good and the action. I don't understand anything to be honest because it's all raw but I'm watching this.

I just watched episode 1 at one the usual places you can watch jdramas. I really liked it. I just love the  leading man in this one. There's just something about him that has me cheering for him. Love the action in this one  too

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 Woot! happy jongski! finally 4 episodes subs! I just finished ep 1 sub and now I understood. And will do so once I tap on ep 2 in a few mins. I'm doing marathon of all subs up to ep 4.  It was hard to understand fully  when I watch raw episodes but with sub, it is a  good drama  and I enjoyed ep 1.


I like the The style, the action  Kimura Takuya!!  But I don't like his character getting involve romatincally ( please dont) with the politician! So Takumi Saito's role is also a BG but he quit because he doesn't want to work with a "liar"- This he said in the towards the ending of ep 1. So Takanashi knows that  Shimazaki used to be body for famous footballer but something happened in the past which made him quit.  We'll probably get a backstory about that in later episodes.


 Resuming eps 2-4. Thoughts when I'm done.

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 Done ep 2 sub. The elevator fight scene  is good!  Shimazaki still has it in him to fight. His body always get injured but he still is a smart body guard with defense skills to thwart physical harm to clients.  He is what one calls a thinking man's Bodyguard. And we learn even more that he is a good father that he worries for his son but  told him he went back to being bodyguard that the least he could should he di is to tidy up the place. His son said he knows.  it's the typical 14 yr old who doesn't like cringy mushy stuff.


Takanashi (Takumi Saito character) with the prodding of the their boss is going back as one of the BG. Yes! I want to see more of  Shimazaki and Takansahi. I bet there's love hate relationship.  I think he want back because he wants to know Shimazaki is being mysterious and what happened with his past.  The latter brings that..aura.. somehow.


I'm annoyed at the arrogant SP whom Shimazaki keeps running to. It seem they always have same client, he's the guy who's been hired by the lady politician to be her bodyguard. But now  our political wants to hire Shimazaki. Ugh. I don't like!



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Done. So after watching the all 4 episodes. I like the drama. Different clients and story for each episode it slightly reminded me of  dorama  Caution- Hazardous Wife. Lead has a secret past just like in this drama. There's touch of humor as well. I like  that  it's done in it's place.  I like the action scenes/ fight scenes. It's nothing grand but its good. Done in the right way. 


And of course I like the acting. Kimura Takuya is good at what he does. He doesn't over act but acts his character. That's a mark of a good actor. His character is 40 something  bodyguard turned security guard turned bodyguard again. As Shimazaki, who  returned to being BG, he was willing to train, to jog ro run to fix that kinks and aching muscles to return to what he does best.  His boss even said he always comeback with pains and injuries.  Takanashi one said in ep 1 that Shimazaki is "ojisan" (old man).


Happy that 4 episodes were sub! Watching this I learned that BG doesn't get armed with  weapons( apparently) and the only defense they can provide is their  self defense body  strike but Shimazaki  has the intuitive, the smarts. He is what is called a thinking man's BG.  He's able to subdue and thwart any physical harm that  might harm the client. The lead SP is not happy that it's always  Shimazaki a BG that finishes the job. But that female politician,  I'm not sure why I don't like her.


I like  Shimazaki and Takanashi. Kimura Takuya and Takumi Saito fun to watch. The latter's character brings a kind stoic aura around him.   He wants to uncover that secret past and mystery his partner.


I like Nanao  character as well as her cynic and humor.  Her role as female BG,  she's one of the boys but still  feminine. I laugh how she describes Takanashi as "obstinate old man with huge ego".  She's spot on describing  the official '' I  can smell a woman's lie" in response to hearing that  female politician is hiring Shimazaki as her BG and not the SP.  Actually I'm surprised as I like Nanao here.   Btw, she starred with Kimura in his previous drama A Life but she was more like cold hearted legal lawyer.  Shotaro Mamiya rounds up as the 4th BG a young man who's eager to learn..


 Did I already mentioned...I don't like that female politician so much so I forgot her name! Ha ha. I'm serious. K fine, Tachihara. I'm not sure why but please no romance with  Shimazaki.


The ending scene  for ep 4 though. Looks like his former client is back. The soccer player? It's still mystery why he left being bodyguard.  I'll wait for  ep 5 and the rest of remaining episodes to be  sub then I'll marathon this.  Not sure if this is 8 or 10 episodes.





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On 3/30/2018 at 1:20 PM, jongski said:

Waiting for all remaining episodes to be sub  then I'll binge.


Be prepared to binge my friend, it has been completed


I can't  wait to read your thoughts about the drama

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