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Jung Hae In ✪ 정해인 ✪ 丁海寅

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[News] 2019.10.12 Lee Ha Na And Kim Sung Kyu Confirmed To Join Jung Hae In And Chae Soo Bin In New tvN Drama



The cast of tvN’s upcoming drama has been confirmed!


On October 11, a source from tvN told Top Star News, “Jung Hae In, Chae Soo Bin, Lee Ha Na, and Kim Sung Kyu have confirmed their appearance in ‘Half of Half’ (literal title).”


“Half of Half” tells the love story of an AI programmer and a classical music engineer.


Jung Hae In will portray Moon Ha Won, a genius planner who founded portal company M&H. He doesn’t have any anger inside of him, is firm but kind about all things, and is a rational human being.


Chae Soo Bin will play Han Seo Woo, who graduated as a computer science major but works as a classical music engineer. She seems to live an unsteady life without family, a house, or a job, but she doesn’t think this way. Her positive energy nourishes her, and she comforts herself by solving math problems.


Kim Sung Kyu will appear as a pianist who’s acknowledged by other musicians but is not widely recognized by the public. Despite appearing sociable and gentle, he suffers from anxiety that he could lose everything in a second and overthinks minor situations into worst-case scenarios.


Lee Ha Na will transform into a gardener named Moon Soon Ho, who has devoted her entire life to maintaining Moon Ha Won’s garden. Although she’s always doing physical labor taking care of the flowers and trees, she obsesses over her weight. Besides concerns about her weight gain, she’s apathetic about everything else.


“Half of Half” is a collaboration between writer Lee Sook Yeon of films “One Fine Spring Day,” “Tune In for Love,” and drama “On the Way to the Airport,” and producing director Lee Sang Yeop of “Familiar Wife.” The drama will premiere in March 2020 on tvN.

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@mademoisellesia thanks for all the info about Jung Hae In. I'm looking forward to see his new drama "half of half". I've seen several dramas of him on Netflix here in the Netherlands and became curious about that "smiling eyes actor Jung Hae In" :wub: and landed here after some google surching. Hope to see more actor work of him in the future :)

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A review of "Tune in Love"



The first time they met, they did not have a chance to fall in love. The second time they met, they had their first awkward kiss but then, fate plays a spoilsport and they are not able to move ahead. The third time is the charm as they say and that's when Mi-soo (Kim Go-eun) and Hyun-Woo (Jung Hae-in) have a shot at falling deeply, irrevocably and head over heels in love with each other in 'Tune in for Love'. This time that they have managed to spend together is initially a slide into the kind of love that makes one swoon. Then there is simple intimacy, which grows into a relationship which took 10 years to be realized -- from 1995 to 2005. 


So, 'Tune in for Love' at its heart is a beautifully portrayed tale of how love matures over years as two individuals meet, part and meet again due to their circumstances. Hyun-woo is deeply hurt by the death of a friend and his other friends seem to blame him for some reason. The death was an accident, but Hyun-woo is never able to believe the same because everyone around suspects him. This wound festers within Hyun-woo so long that when he finally gets a chance at finding happiness with Mi-soo, he almost screws it up. 


Read more at → https://meaww.com/tune-in-for-love-review-netflix-korean-movie-jung-hae-in-kim-go-eun-is-tale-of-love-and-separation


I have not seen it yet because Tune in Love will be available to Netflix on Nov 5 so I'll watch it then.


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[News] 2019.11.06 Ma Dong Seok, Jung Hae In, And More Are In For An Unexpected Adventure In Upcoming Film



New posters for the upcoming film “Ignition” (literal title) starring Ma Dong Seok, Park Jung Min, Jung Hae In, and Yum Jung Ah have been released!


“Ignition” will be about the foolish rebel Taek Il (Park Jung Min) who meets the mysterious chef of a Chinese restaurant Geo Seok (Ma Dong Seok) and the overzealous rebel Sang Pil (Jung Hae In) as they attempt to face the real world.


In the newly released posters, the lead actors captivate the audience with the unique portrayals of their diverse characters. The poster features Geo Seok largely in the back with a bright smile while holding a wok. In front of him are Taek Il, who meets people he’s never imagined of at the Chinese restaurant he runs into after leaving his home, Sang Pil, who wants to enter the workforce to earn money as soon as possible, and Taek Il’s mother (Yum Jung Ah), who was once a volleyball player and is now is a stern mother.


In bold letters, the posters contain the text, “What’s there to life? [You] just have to try living it once!” delivering bright energy to the audience.



The upcoming film is based on a popular webtoon by Jo Geum San, and crew members from “Veteran” and “E.X.I.T” have participated in the production.


“Ignition” started filming in March and is set to premiere sometime in December.


Source (1) via soompi

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[News] 2019.11.06 Jung Hae In’s New Travel Variety Show Announces Premiere Date


KBS has revealed the first stills of Jung Hae In from the upcoming variety program “Jung Hae In’s Walking Report” (literal title).


The stills were accompanied by some more info for the upcoming show, which KBS announced will air on November 26 at 10 p.m. KST, running for eight total episodes.


The show is Jung Hae In’s first solo reality show in the seven years since his debut. It’s a variety adaptation based off of the long-running KBS1 cultural program “Backpack Travels,” and Jung Hae In will be in charge of all travel details.


A source from the production said, “We would like to thank viewers for being patient waiting for ‘Jung Hae In’s Walking Report.’ With support from viewers, we were able to satisfactorily wrap filming abroad, and we’re working hard on post-production. We’ll be seeing you with great content. Please look forward to it.”



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[News] 2019.11.08 Korean actor Jung Hae-in wins award at London film festival for his role in Tune in for Love



The K-drama actor won the Popularity Award at the 2019 London East Asia Film Festival (LEAFF) for his role in Korean film Tune in for Love, which also stars Kim Go-eun.


Actor Jung Hae-in, best known for JTBC's 2018 drama, Something in the Rain, won the Popularity Award at the 2019 London East Asia Film Festival (LEAFF) on November 3. 


He was recognised for his role in the 2019 film, Tune in for Love, which also stars Kim Go-eun.


The film is the love story of Hyun-woo (Jung) and Mi-soo (Kim), set in the 1990s.


In his acceptance speech, Jung said he felt grateful, thanking his co-star Kim Go-eun, film director Jung Ji-woo and the screenwriter Lee Suk-yeon.


Jung recently taped the first episodes of his television travelogue programme Jung Hae-in's Walking Report. It will air on KBS2 television this month.


source: The Korea Times


I finally found time to watch the movie. It's a simple love story, but not bad at all. I wouldn't say I love it but not a bad watch. I was ready to flip some tables if all that fuss happened and I didn't get my happy ending.

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