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[Video] 2019.06.12 Jung Hae In & Han Ji Min Play Jenga


Last time for the first time The Swoon had Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye play Jenga and answer some questions. The second time they had Jung Hae In and Han Ji Min. Let's see if we'll get a full version later.

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[News] 2019.06.26 Jung Hae In Reviewing Casting Offer For Lead Role In New Drama




Jung Hae In is searching for his next acting project!


On June 26, Ilgan Sports reported that Jung Hae In was confirmed to star in a new drama titled “Half of Half” or “One Fourth” (working title) that is scheduled to air in the first half of 2020.


However, a source from his agency FNC Entertainment stated to Xportsnews, “Jung Hae In is positively reviewing [the offer] to star in ‘Half of Half.’ Nothing has been confirmed yet.”


According to Ilgan Sports, “Half of Half” is a story told from the perspective of a man who believes that even a small fraction of their significant person’s heart is enough for him. Jung Hae In is in talks for the role of Ha Won, an artificial intelligence (AI) programmer who is the founder and brain of a portal site called M&H. Though he’s firm about work, he’s a kind-hearted rational thinker who never gets angry. The drama starts from the moment he finds success with his research on AI that he carried out by studying his own behavior, psychology, memories, and experiences.


The female role opposite the role of Ha Won is a classical recording engineer, and the drama producers are reportedly in the process of casting an actress around Jung Hae In’s age for the role.


Produced by Studio Dragon, the drama will be written by Lee Sook Yeon, who worked on film “One Fine Spring Day” and drama “On the Way to the Airport,” and directed by producing director (PD) Lee Sang Yeop, who worked on tvN’s “Familiar Wife.”


Meanwhile, Jung Hae In is currently starring in tvN’s “One Spring Night” with Han Ji Min.


Source (1) (2) via soompi

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[Movie] 2019.07.09 First Movie Poster for Yoo Yeol's Music Album



There will be a press conference held on 15th July and the movie will premiere in cinemas in August. Official date not yet released.

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Include press con & premiere details
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[News] 2019.07.12 Jung Hae In, Han Ji Min, And More Say Goodbye After Finale Of “One Spring Night”



The cast of MBC’s “One Spring Night” said their goodbyes to the drama and thanked fans after the finale this week.

The drama follows the story of the pharmacist Yoo Ji Ho (played by Jung Hae In) and the librarian Lee Jung In (played by Han Ji Min) and the upheaval of emotions they experience as their feelings clash with reality.


Upon conclusion of the drama, Jung Hae said through his agency, “I was happy to be able to live as Yoo Ji Ho in ‘One Spring Night,’ and I want to say thank you to all of the actors that made ‘One Spring Night’ possible. Thank you to director Ahn Pan Seok and the drama staff, who created the greatest filming environment, and to writer Kim Eun, who gave the actors great gifts in the form of a great script.”


Jung Hae In added, “Thanks to the viewers, who stuck with ‘One Spring Night’ from beginning to end, I was so happy. Though it will be difficult to leave Yoo Ji Ho behind after the drama, I’m happy I have a show that I will think of whenever spring comes around.”



Han Ji Min, who starred alongside Jung Hae In, shared photos she took with Jung Hae In at the wrap party and said, “Thank you for coming to ‘One Spring Night.’ Just like one spring brought Ji Ho and Jung In together, I hope love will find you all. Let’s remember each other every spring.”



Kim Jun Han, who played Han Ji Min’s ex-boyfriend in the drama, said, “As the person who played Ki Seok, it hurts a little to think about him. Experiencing the entire process from Ki Seok’s perspective, it hurts like I actually broke up with someone. On one hand, I value having had the deep experience as an actor, but on the other, I still feel empty.”

He added, “Everyone worked hard to create a great drama. Thank you to all the viewers to supported the show. I hope I get to work with the ‘One Spring Night’ family again someday. I think I’ll miss them a lot.”




Seo Jeong Yeon, who played the pharmacist Wang Hye Jung, said, “It still doesn’t feel like it’s the end. It was a happy time, working with a great director, staff, and cast. Thank you to the viewers who related to and loved the characters with us. Because of your response, I was able to gain strength and energy while filming.”

Lee Moo Saeng, who played Nam Si Hun, said, “I’m sending off Nam Si Hun, an intolerable presence of a character. It wasn’t easy watching him. Still, there was a lot I learned and gained from the character.” He concluded, thanking viewers for their interest in “One Spring Night.”


Lee Chang Hoon, who played Park Young Jae, said, “Just like the title, most of the filming was done on spring nights. The weather was refreshing, and the atmosphere on set was refreshing as well, so there wasn’t a single moment on set when I was exhausted. I know that it’s not easy to [create that kind of atmosphere], and I know how much hard work it requires, so for that, I sincerely thank the director writer, my fellow actors, and the drama staff.”


“One Spring Night” aired its finale on July 11, achieving a personal best in ratings.


Source (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) via Soompi

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