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Jung Hae In ✪ 정해인 ✪ 丁海寅

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[Weibo] 2018.09.30 Jung Hae In's Weibo Update


Caption: 我到首尔了。在杭州度过的短暂时光,对于我真的很珍贵!也会长长久久记在心里的,直到下次再见大家都要健康快乐!everytime 想你们的.


Trans: I've arrived in Seol. The short time I've spent in Hangzhou was precious to me! I'll remember it in my heart for a very long time. Until the next time we meet again, everyone please stay healthy and happy. Everytime missing you all.





Arrival at the airport

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[News] 2018.10.12 Jung Hae In to Appear in Novemeber Issue of @Star1 Magazine



In collaboration with K2, Jung Hae In will be featured in Nov issue of @Star1 magazine. It'll be available from for sale on Oct 23.




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[News] 2018.10.15 Jung Hae In as the Duty Free Model for Hyundai Department Store



A representative of Hyundai Department Store states they believe Jung Hae In can represent the image of luxury and sophistication of Hyundai Department Store.


There will be a variety of marketing activities that includes Hae In in promotional materials, TV commercials and fan meetings etc.  


source (1)


Additional Photos




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[News] 2018.10.22 D.O., Son Ye Jin, Jung Hae In, And Seohyun To Win Popularity Awards At The Seoul Awards



The winners of the popularity awards have been determined for this year’s The Seoul Awards!


The popularity award recipients were selected 50 percent by fan votes and 50 percent by the professional judge panel and national judge panel. The national judge panel is made up of 100 film and drama lovers who were chosen ahead of time through an interview process.


In the male drama category, Jung Hae In won the fan vote with 53.72 percent of votes and also placed first with the professional judge panel and national judge panel.


source: soompi


Note: Seohyun wins the female drama category whereas D.O and Son Ye Jin win the popularity award in movie category.

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