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Jung Hae In ✪ 정해인 ✪ 丁海寅

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Exclusive Interview with Jung Hae In in Thailand





From the ordinary actor who is not known to the rising star by the role of "Seo Jun Hee" in the drama " Something in the Rain"  on Netflix just finished last month. The work has changed his life. He became more popular both in Korea and abroad, including Thailand. 


With the popularity of the series Something in the Rain , Netflix has held a special interview with Jung Hae In talking about his latest drama. Let's get to know him more.


Exclusive Interview with Jung Hae In Korseries.com

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with the hottest star "Jung Hae In" from the series "Something in the Rain"


How did you get the first lead role in Something in the Rain? 
I know that this is the first work I play as a lead. Previously, I was going to relax because I had a busy schedule. But when I read the script, I felt that this was not something I should miss out. So I decided to play this role opposite veteran actress Son Ye Jin. At first, I felt a lot of pressure because she is a good actor and has created many good works with multiple acting awards so I was afraid to ruin her work.


The director said that he chose you as a lead because your acting skills are pure. How did you prepare for this role? 
I thought to myself I have to read a lot of scripts because I want to understand the script thoroughly . So I read more than ever. And try to research more. I try to think how to act in each chapter and how to show Seo Jun Hee is changing? How do I act? I try to think a lot to show it here.


This is your first leading role to play with Son Ye Jin, the front line of the Korean entertainment industry. How do you feel about working with such a famous heroine? 
I am very honored to work with her. I learned a lot from her from acting to dedication to work.


You are the one who uses the eyes to convey emotions very well. Would you share some tips for acting? 
I do not practice or do anything special. But I tried to act sincerely with the situation. I tried to believe that things are real. I do not want to create anything that is not real. I have to be immersed in the story to do it.






Would you share which scene in Something in the Rain is the most difficult for you? 
The hardest scenes I would say every scene from the middle to the end. It was the same with my partner because there were many problems came up. My body was tired and I felt sick.


What scene is the most impressive scene? 
Actually, there were many. But if you ask me which scene that I like most, it would be the holding hands under the table scene when we confirmed each other's feelings.







How did you create perfect chemistry with actress Son Ye Jin? 

The first time I performed with my senior Son Ye Jin, I was feeling down and not acting properly. Actually, I am grateful she helped me a lot. One time she sent me a message telling me, ' Do not feel pressure. You are Seo Jun Hee. Do whatever you like. ' The message encouraged me very well. Whenever I feel discouraged I will return to this message.




What do you think of the advantages of having a Noona fan (older woman)? Is there any possibility for you to like a Noona? 
If it's a matter of age, I think it is not important as long as two people love and understand each other. But if talking about dating older women, I think it might be good that she would understand me more and think she would be generous.


Would you share some differences and similarities from "Seo Jun Hee"? 
Since childhood, my parents had to work. I had to stay by myself and take care of my younger brother. So I have grown up since childhood. Seo Jun Hee is the same. After he lost his mother and father, he was with his sister. He was mature at a young age. The difference is I am quiet and not talk much. Seo Jun Hee is more cheerful and playful.


In the future if you work with Netflix, what kind of role would you like to portray?
If there is a chance in the future, I want to try investigate or thriller genres.


Is there a girl group that you like? 





If you have the opportunity to shoot in Thailand, where would you like to go? 
I've seen a lot of beautiful pictures of floating lanterns. It feels beautiful but looks a bit sad. I think I want to go there.


What is the activity you want to do in Thailand? 
I want to travel around the city since I have not been here. I really want to see the floating lantern and eat Thai food again. I think there are also many dishes that I have not tasted yet.


What have you eaten? 
I ate Watermelon spinach Tom Yum shrimp every day. Pad Thai is delicious.


Have you ever had Thai food before? Or is this your first time? 
I had Thai and Tom Yum Kung in Korea before but there are many I want to try.





Something in the Rain is considered to be the first Korean series of Netflix, which is very successful in Thailand. This makes Thai Noona love to talk about in the social world. How do you feel? 
First of all, I would like to thank all the viewers for their attention at this series. This series is the work that brought me here. There is a fan meeting here too. I would like to thank the series with this. In the future, if it works well, I would like to come back to Thailand again.


How do you feel about Thai fans? 
At first, I was very shocked at how many people came to my fan meeting and the airport. I'm very shocked. I love the smiles of Thai girls very much. 


Many people call you The Last National Husband. How do you feel? 
I feel thankful but pressure too. I will concentrate on work more. If I show a different genre next time, I will probably have a new nickname.


source: korseries.com





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Jung Hae In and Jung Chae Yeon's couples' pictures have been revealed to public. The two people are working as brand models for Jill Stuart, showing bright smiles with warm visuals.












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Jung Hae In will have a fan meeting in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on July 7 . He will also join WINNER South Korean boy band at V-Heartbeat Live Opening Show on July 8 operated by VLine.





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Actor Jung Hae In sends his greetings to Vietnamese fan prior to attending fan meeting in Vietnam on July 7
In the video, actor Jung Hae In said:
Hello everyone, I’m actor Jung Hae In. I’ll be meeting with you shortly at a fan meeting in Ho Chi Minh City. This is a great opportunity for you and me to create good memories together so I’m very excited. I hope Vietnamese fan and I will create happy times together on July 7. Until we meet, please stay healthy and be happy. Hope to see you then. Goodbye!”
According to the organizing committee, his fan meeting will be on July 7 at Military Theater, Ho Chi Minh City. This fan meeting is different from previous ones because it will not broadcast live. Fan can meet the actor by getting free tickets from VLine. 
Source: VOV.VN

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Pictures of Jung Hae-in, a model of 'French Cafe Roastery' at Molly's Atrium fan signing event, Hanam Stadium, Gyeonggi Province on June 16.

























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