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Favorite dramas of 2017

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My top favorite 15 dramas of this year were:

15) Witch's court

14) Age of Youth Season 2

13) Queen of Mystery

12) Fight for my Way

11) Woman of Dignity

10) Goblin

09) Chicago Typewriter

08) Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

07) While You Were Sleeping

06) Because This is My First Life 

05) Avengers Social Club

04) Defendant

03) Chief Kim

02) My Father is Strange

01) Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim (I know it's technically a 2016 drama but it ended in 2017 and I really loved this drama so I couldn't help myself) 


I have expanded on my picks in my blog but these are my favorites for 2017 and I would love to know yours. Maybe you can suggest me some that you loved and I will have a drama to watch :) 

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I only watched the long dramas offered on YouTube and a couple of others that featured many of my favorites veteran stars. Of those, I really enjoyed 'Sister is Alive', with it's amazing cast of female pro and antagonists, Lee Yoon Ji's starring role in 'Person Who Gives Happiness', 'Lovers in Bloom', and 'Unknown Woman.' Each one featured the standard birth secrets, good and evil doers, unreasonable parents, etc, but all were well played particularly 'Sister is Alive' which will probably see awards won for at least two, or more, of it's cast members. Both Dasom and Oh Yoon Ah were outstanding along with the hugely underrated, but always brilliant, Yeong Jung Ah, and scene stealer, super model Pyeon Jung Su (in a cast led by the ever fetching, and legendary, Jang Seo Hee!) For those looking for a long drama that takes it's time while fleshing out characters played by an incredible cast of players, seek this gem down on one of the sites that it offers and prepare to be enthralled...:)

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On 1/1/2018 at 8:19 AM, saltedcaramel01 said:

I personally feel that My Golden life is the best drama for this year, really love the plot and the writing, although it gets draggy sometimes but it keeps me on my seat and this is the first drama in 2017 that can made me stay up until 6 AM in the morning to watch drama:D


It was not excellent, but I loved it. I watch it on megah filmes hd (apknite) when I had time. Heard that the drama was well loved with high ratings. It deserved it.

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Upcoming Japanese TV Drama (2019 Summer) 


If you are super fan for Jdramas (Jdorama), then this passage would be your fantastic party!!! A branch of dramas are approaching to all of you guys. 


1. Yasuragi no Toki (TV Asahi)
2. Legal Heart ~ Inochi no Saiken Bengoshi (TV Tokyo)
3. Heaven? Gokuraku Restaurant (TBS)
4. Gisou Furin (NTV)
5. Soaking Wet Private Detective Hagoromo Mizuno (TV Tokyo)
6. Kasouken no Onna(TV Asahi)
7. Sign(TV Asahi)
8. Keishicho Zero S4 (TV Tokyo)
9. Hotarugusa NHK
10. Nagi no Oitoma TBS
11. Afro Tanaka WOWOW
12. Sagideka NHK
13. Voice 110 Kinkyuu Shireishitsu (NTV)
14. Beshari Gurashi(TV Asahi)
15. Runway24(TV Asahi)
16. Idaten ~ Tokyo Olympic-banashi NHK
17. No Side Game TBS
18. Anata no Ban desu (NTV)
19. Eien no Nishipa~Hokkaido to Nazuketa Otoko (NHK)
20. Soshite, Ikiru (WOWOW)
21. Poison Daughter, Holy Mother (WOWOW)
22. Natsuzora (NHK)


Stay focus on these dramas of Japan on 

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