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[Drama 2018] The Great Seducer, 위대한 유혹자


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 this part is so good. acting wise. they were so good. you can feel the tension, emotion, heartbreak. I dont like Moon Ga Young character but she is a great actress. Woo Do Hwan is amazing. I have to admit, MGY and WDH has more sexual tension than he has with Joy.

MGY+WDH= sexy 




BTW, MBC is so lacking to promote Tempted. no magazine shoots, no special interview or broadcast, not posting enough episode still and bts photos. we passed half way, couple episode left but MBC already started promoting new drama. one at the time, please.

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I feel like Sejoo has liked Sooji since the beginning. In the trio, I think Shihyun and Sooji were actually closer because they did have feelings for each other at some point. But for Sejoo, I feel like he stuck to them, because he liked Sooji, and he was aware that he was, in a way, third wheeling in the friendship, which is why he acts like the clown who doesn't get hurt because that's what he assumed was needed for him to have a place. I still think that his actions towards taehee can't be excused, they were wrong and maybe he was just projecting his anger because the three of them were the ones that got taehee involved, which led to their friendship splintering.


I understand how painful it was for SH's dad and TH's mom but they were adults when things happened, if they wanted to be together dad could have left the riches behind. But they accepted what was happening and then reacted by making mistakes they obviously regret... for example TH's mom went on the rebound and married and had a child with someone else. Also, this is reflective of me and how I view romantic relationships, but I believe there are so many other things in life that should ba as important as romantic love, love for your child for example, or even just pride in the life that you are making for yourself. I wonder whether Taehee's mom could have found more happiness in her life if she had tried to have a different perspective. Their love was deep, i understand, but one shouldn't have to be forever heartbroken over it... she owed it to herself to move on from it. When things like this happen, it saddens me because I wish people loved themselves more to gather strength and actively decide to let go of the past for their own happiness.


also, was an affair really happening? Because i remember taehee's mom saying they tried to meet again or start a relationship when the dad got divorced? So i thought the dad divorced sh mom first...

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Honestly it's not because of TH, or SH fault because he hide his relationship that make the trio friendship broken, the trio relationship is not healthy since the begining. Eventhough they declare their relationship as 'friendship' but in reality its not pure friend but love like SJ to SH, Sejoo to SJ. Knowing how SJ really obsessed with SH, she think that he is hers, even if is not TH, she would destroy every woman that SH love, because she think that SH love is only for her. Again even without a bet, she probably would still furious if SH genuine loves a woman other than her. This is an obsession, there is no excuse of her behaviours.


Sejoo on other hand I might agree he is right at some point but you have to admit that he is biased. I remember in villa he know that SJ hide their bet to sejoo, but sejoo keep silent for her sake. He is always on soo ji side no matter how wrong she is and never see into SH side. From what ive seen he was mad more because of SH hurting SJ and make her cry. Then how about SJ behaviour to SH and TH? Both are wrong but sejoo only take SJ side.


Honestly im quite happy that SH finally ended his unhealthy friendship with them. Both sejoo and SJ deserve each other

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I think what I felt in these latest episodes is just how life often moves in a circle and that love no matter how strong or real doesn't always find or receive a happy ending.  When I think of SH & TH's parents I don't think of two people who were selfish but instead of two people who fell in love but because of outside forces they couldn't control and because of their youth they were not able to hold on.  It's easy to sit back and judge but when thinking about SH's grandmother and how powerful she is and was even back then.  Not to mention it was said that YW never stole SW from SH's Mother the fact is that she was in his heart first.  Nor is it possible for YW to take SW from MR.  You can't take away something or someone that was freely always yours...


It's true SW could have denied his life, riches, and family and we don't know because it was said they were engaged if he didn't try to do that?  Se Joo's life in being captured, beaten and put under house arrest proves what power and riches can not only do but can control.  I don't believe SH's Grandmother is the kind to take NO for an answer and we forget YW was rather young as well...


To be honest I don't think Grandmother would take SH & TH's relationship sitting down either for her it would be like deja vu a kind of nightmare that is haunting her once more.  And yet I am hoping SH & TH will hold on to each other with great courage much tighter than their parents could.  That they together will reveal the truth and find their way back to where they belong... Each other...


Because there is no REAL happiness if your :heart: is not where it belongs...


Even more my hope is that their parents will find their way back to each other as well.  For years they have each tried to run, cover up and deny what they have always known and felt.  SW dealing with the coming of blindness and being sick reflected and reached out  to the one person he wanted to SEE and be with once more.  When thinking about it if one was facing blindness what is it you would want to SEE most?  The face you would never want to forget of the person you love the most...


Se Joo disappointed me a little in that he loves Soo Ji so much it blinded him in understanding what SH was feeling.  Yet I guess it's just that he couldn't help himself.  He loves Soo Ji so much that for him it's hard to focus on anything or anyone other than her...


Soo Ji continues to be the character she has always been and at this point I don't want Se Joo with her. Or her with anyone!!! It's not just in how much she believes what she feels towards SH is love.  Which it isn't!!  It's that she never considers SH or Se Joo's real feelings not even as friends.  She only sees and knows whats created in her mind.  Always acting as if they are the ones with the problems when in fact it's her that cant get it or be for real... 

She can't give love or receive it if she doesn't understand it's value or what it means... 


@dramaninja  I am hoping this is the song SH & TH find...:blush:







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 Such colorful scenes between SH and TH, even the breakup scene.


SH standing at the door and waiting for TH, wearing cherry pjs and holding a pillow, then

running across the hallway to get to him. :wub:


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6 Moments That Frustrated Us During Episodes 21-24 Of “Tempted”



As we near the end of “Tempted,” our anticipations and frustrations only seem to grow, in particular with the OTP, Shi Hyun and Tae Hee (Woo Do Hwan and Red Velvet’s Joy). We want them to be happy and we want them together, but there are just some little things that continue to happen that frustrate us. Here’s just a few of those frustrating moments from this past week’s episodes that had us peeved.


1. Tae Hee running after Shi Hyun

When episode 21 started, I was immediately kind of annoyed. It was frustrating to see Tae Hee run after Shi Hyun to get confirmation on why he put the bandaid on her hand. It made me roll my eyes mainly because I couldn’t believe she was running after him after the painful public breakup he put her through. I do want them to ultimately be together, but I also dislike how much weakness Tae Hee’s character is showing.










2. Tae Hee accepting Shi Hyun’s apology


A few minutes into the following episode, and Shi Hyun and Tae Hee are back together again. Was it that easy to get back together after everything he put her through? I guess so. On top of it, he took her back without so much as a fight or thought. I get that he apologized and seemed sincere, but you would think she’d give it a tiny bit more thought. 

3. The drama with Soo Ji’s mom and the sunbae

Boring. It’s a part of the series that I have zero interest in, and I’m not sure what the significance of this part of the story is. I’m not too concerned about whether or not Soo Ji’s mom (Kim Suh Hyung) is actually going to marry Shi Hyun’s dad (Shin Sung Woo) or if she’s going to end up with the sunbae, but it’s all aspects of this plot that I just can’t be bothered with.








4. Are we really sure that Shi Hyun’s mom hit Tae Hee?




The whole do-or-die wallowing that Shi Hyun is putting himself through hasn’t even been 100 percent justified. He’s taking the word of Soo Ji’s mother and doesn’t know for a fact that his mom had anything to do with it. It’s getting frustrating that Shi Hyun is not trying to prove his mother’s innocence, but is rather assuming that she was the one who did it. Let’s get some facts and proof before we act on it, Shi Hyun!

5. Se Joo picking up Soo Ji’s pieces

Every time Soo Ji (Moon Ga Young) is in trouble or she calls him for help, Se Joo (Kim Min Jae) comes running. His character is worth so much more than being at Soo Ji’s beck and call at this point in the series. Where’s his humor and the charismatic character we all came to love early on in the series?! We want him back, please.







6. Them breaking up… again.











So here we are again back at square one. What was the point of this past week’s episodes? One thing I’m glad about is that everything is almost all coming out in the open and now everyone pretty much knows each other’s secrets. Hopefully this is the last time the OTP goes through a world-ending breakup.


Look at how happy they are! Let’s keep them together!


Source: https://www.soompi.com/2018/04/18/6-moments-frustrated-us-episodes-21-24-tempted/

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So beautiful yet heartbreaking, the first scene in the drama that actually made me teary.


It's been such a long time since I've participated in a drama thread but Joy & Dohwan's chemistry in Tempted really brought me back into engaging in a drama and its pairing again - for the first time in a long while (the last time was Nice Guy)!

Honestly speaking, the drama had so much potential with such captivating and talented casts which brought so much attention to the drama but I think the writer's flow and direction with the story and characters made a lot of the audiences turn away.

I feel the majority left are just sticking around for the casts and the ending revelation.


Reading everyone's thoughts & analysis on here really brought me comfort and made me want to join in on the discussion as everyone has such a mature view!


Contrary to the popular opinion out there in which everyone wants Taehee to play hard-to-get and be tough on Sihyun after their breakup(s), I actually like that Taehee's character was always so trusting, understanding and considerate of Sihyun.

I think that's what really made him fall for her as well and if you really think of it, Sihyun has his flaws but he also carries so much pain and sadness with him and is a character that needs great support and comforting.

That's exactly what Taehee does for him.

At this point though, I'm not sure how the writer will reveal the most fatal secret, their bet, to Taehee and I'm really wondering if she'll be as forgiving as she's always been (I'm honestly hoping she does so they could have their happy ending).

I know that the drama is suppose to revolve around the idea of karma and Sihyun is suppose to get his punishment but the concept of having people who have always suffered meet with even more suffering through a sad ending has never been understood to me :cry:


Can we also talk about how Taehee, Sooji & Sejoo all had a cherry blossom petal land on their hands except for Sihyun?

It was so heart-wrenching too when he was trying to catch one the day after when he was following behind her at school and quickly hid it when she turned around.

At least it's a positive sign that Sejoo & Sooji will most likely get their happy and redeeming ending - even though I'm not at all fond of their actions or characters in the latest episode with how Sejoo is so strongly biased with Sooji's hurtful actions to TH & SH while Sooji is at possibly her most selfish state while not realizing that everything started with her and her mom.

Honestly speaking, I was never too fond of Sooji's character from the start and am hoping she redeems herself and takes a turn for the better in realizing her own wrongdoings.

It's sad to see Sooji & Sejoo blaming Taehee for what's become of the trio's friendship when the truth is that there had always been holes in their friendship with how Sejoo & Sihyun tiptoes around Sooji in order to protect her.

It's undeniable that they all care for each other deeply but I think their upbringing made it hard for them to understand how to be genuine in such a strong friendship without all the pretenses thinking that the other didn't know when in fact they all knew.

Just like all relationships, all three plays a part in what has become of their friendship and each has a fault of their own.


There seems to be so many foreshadowing as to what the ending could be!

1. Sooji's driving incidents so far leads me to believe that she may be the one to crash into TH or SH in the end.

2. Taehee's protective instincts for SH and his head may indicate that she gets hurt in his place or he loses his memory?!

To add on, TH's birthday present of photos may serve to help him remember?! But there seems to be too little episodes and too much to happen for this possibility :blink:

3. As another has mentioned, Taehee's interest in going aboard may indicate TH & SH's separation and hopefully reunion as an ending.


SH's grandma does seem to be another concern though because if she's never acknowledged TH's mom & SH's dad, the possibility of her acknowledging TH & SH as USAFarmgirl has mentioned is probably not high either.

BUT there is the consideration that he isn't actually her grandson.

Along with the fact that SH's dad may die and his grandma may then realize the wrong in her stubborn interference with love and leave TH & SH to be.


I'm really glad that this drama is so popular internationally but I wish more justice could have been done to the drama for the sake of the casts as many seems to have dropped it due to the story's direction.

I can't help but think that it must be hard for the casts, especially Joy who will most likely bear the burden for low viewership ratings due to criticism of her acting.


Yang Da Il's With You is just :heart: though.

Regardless of the plot's direction, I still love this drama and you can probably tell by my long post that I'm DYING for the next eps to come out to just know the ending already!

But at the same time, I don't want Tempted to end ):

That inevitably means no more Joy & Dohwan together :(


Hopes for next episode:

1. Sejoo comes back to reality, and to the character that everyone loves, and knocks some sense into Sooji (because love is about helping the one you love not covering up for their mistakes).

*AHA! Moment: Their relationship mirrors the secretary's and SJ's mother :blink:

2. For Taehee not to avoid Sihyun completely because he really won't have anyone if she leaves him too :unsure:

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On 4/18/2018 at 8:39 AM, viktormani said:

Shi Hyun and Soo ji both didn't catch the things falling from the cherry blossoms but Tae Hee and Se Joo both caught one? isn't that foreshadowing something?? i'm guessing Shi Hyun and Soo ji will both die but Tae Hee and Se Joo will live.

Sooji catch the petals only shihyun didnt.

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Is this new fan taken or old?because they're wearing the clothes when their first met at the bus stop. But the sources just upload this photo. 


Hmmmm, Si Hyun , your wish come true. Why are you wish something that you will regret it later. Tae Hee leave you even she's not angry with you.


I wish the ending will be different, and i wish there is no break up again. After alot of up and down their relationship, it make them getting stronger. even thought i'm little bit worried about the real ending.  

But i'm kinda understand little bit about their breaking up so many times, since they're just 20 years old and both of them is just found their first real love in their life and they're have alot of problem just hit them. Its not their problem though, but their parents problem , since they're still so young so they're thing complicated.

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3 hours ago, Pikachu92 said:

Is this new fan taken or old?because they're wearing the clothes when their first met at the bus stop. But the sources just upload this photo. 


If my memory serves me correctly, even though Taehee is wearing the same outfit as their first meeting, Sihyun isn't!!

He was sporting a leather jacket in their first meeting that he isn't in this picture!

I wonder what this could mean! 

Hopefully a good sign; please don't let Sihyun be all alone in the next ep, writer-nim :frown:

Maybe our wish is finally being granted of Sihyun to be the one doing the chasing this time around (:


But also guys, is it just me or do they make Taehee wear the same outfits too often? :tounge_xd:

1. When she was drunk.

2. When she stayed overnight at school.

3. Picture above.

Haha, but the scenarios do make sense and is more realistic that way (:


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SH not catching any petal I don’t think is forshadowig him dying, I hope not :huh:

He said to TH so it means waiting for his love.

i guess this is what happens after all the revelations and also the bet, TH goes to Germany or another country as an exchange student. SH starts going to college as an art student.

after a year Th comes back to Korea and meats SH and they will date again :wub: please please I want the last episode to be all sweet :D

I also want their reunion happen in the nursery... these two plus love cupid halmonies:wub: 

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I'm curious. WHO DO YOU SHIP? 



LIKE - Shi Hyun & Tae Hee

HAHA - Shi Hyun & Soo Ji

SAD - Se Joo & Soo Ji

CONFUSED - Se Joo & Tae Hee

THANKS - Se Joo & Kyung Joo

QUOTE - Not characters but Real Life. 



I'm not using this for clout. I'm just just curious. I would have used a poll generator but I don't know how to input one here. 


I also don't want this to start a fight. I just want to know the number of people who ships them and see why they ship them. I'm actually trying to understand the chatacters' development with their relationships over time and how people are reacting to it. 


Anyways all love. Thank you for voting. :*


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I have this thought... 

Se Joo and Soo Ji will end up together because they both got petals... 


Tae Hee also caught a petal while Shi Hyun hasn't. What if Tae He got one because she's going to die and in her life she experienced/ met her love? TH is always saving SH's head. That has got to mean something. And SH didn't get one because he might live without TH soon. IDK. Maybe it's the other way around. 

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