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[Drama 2018] The Great Seducer, 위대한 유혹자


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The Great Seducer TV Rankings 


Ep 21 : 2.5%

Ep 22 : 2.5% 

Agb Nielsen 

Ep 21 : 1.7%

Ep 22 : 1.6% 


the drama is a mess but I can't stop watching and I find myself quite intrigued with it and I totally understand the negative comments and low ratings :mellow:

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10 hours ago, kaoriharang said:


the good thing is that SH did tell TH that it was his mother that hit her. So at least we have one thing down.

@sakura2016 @icyphoenix @triplem @Pikachu92 @USAFarmgirl 


Thank God for that!! and his "friendship" with Soo Ji is over now!! OH YEAH!! I need to thank her actually for working hard to lose him while thinking she's actually dong the opposit!! LOL :naughty:


sadly I'm busy these days and have a lot of catching up to do so I'm sorry for not being able to be around but this is from me!! :D:wub:




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I know most of us are praying for a happy ending (myself included, really happy happy) But we must remember that this drama is a meloromance so there is bound to be some tragedy somewhere along the line. As for what and who it happens too - well.


My own hope is that the redemption of what has happen comes in the form of the parents. it is the parents who having caused all this mess - it did start with TH's mom, SH's dad and SJ's mom. That they be the ones that pay not the price not the children. (though I think SJ needs to pay for her own sins as well) 




6 hours ago, leeeeeecx said:

This got me thinking... :o






I rather he like has some problem rather than dying. But even then I dont like the idea :(

I just want my happy ending - in a nice bow.


8 hours ago, stroppyse said:

@Pikachu92, my apologies, but I didn't have time today to do another complete translation, however, I put the gist of the clip underneath, plus a translation of SH's voiceover.



The clip is about the present that TH had given SH previously. In the preface to the album, TH had written that should would like to become a great joy to him, and signed it "your girlfriend Tae Hee", but with her name written in Hanja. Her name Tae Hee means "Great Joy" which is why she wrote it that way. Unfortunately, SH doesn't read Hanja, but that's okay, because TH explained it to him.


Later on, as SH is looking at the present from TH, he starts a new sketchbook. In the preface, he writes:

"To my secret joy, Tae Hee (heart)"


Then in the voiceover, he says:

"I thought that was the last time, that I would be able to leave you. Should I even be able to receive these smiles of yours? If I were to even be able to gain any chance of having the right to love you, I finally decided that I had to reveal everything to you. Please don’t let Tae Hee forgive me. Please give me a very severe punishment."


So, it seems like a conversation with God where SH hates himself and is feeling unworthy of forgiveness or love, though he plans to spend the rest of his life trying to get forgiveness from TH, and perhaps becoming a person who has the right to love TH, independent of whether TH might ever love him back agian. So, having the right to love someone is an interesting concept in that it's an indication if someone feels unworthy, they feel ashamed of loving someone since they shouldn't aspire to so much. Hope that makes sense.


LOL. It might have been faster to write up the translation without my extra verbiage after all. Oh well. Sorry.


it's okay chingu, thank you for translating.


I dont know whether to feel angry or sad by SH.

I get the whole 'I dont deserve love, because I am a horrible person' but i like SH to believe that he can change, and in fact he has changed because of TH.


He is no longer that person anymore, if anything he has been trying to distant himself from that person that he once was.

He stood up to the trio, told them that it is enough, no more. He chose to go back to TH and together they worked through (at least the accident part)


He chose to act out revenge unto TH's mom because she is TH's mom. He has made signs and effort that he is no longer that SH.

True, the approach SH made towards TH was made on a lie, made on something horrible. But I feel that the pain and suffering he has gone through has made up for it.


If he came clean now, I dont think TH would have held it against him - because TH knows how much he has suffered.


58 minutes ago, sakura2016 said:


Thank God for that!! and his "friendship" with Soo Ji is over now!! OH YEAH!! I need to thank her actually for working hard to lose him while thinking she's actually dong the opposit!! LOL :naughty:


sadly I'm busy these days and have a lot of catching up to do so I'm sorry for not being able to be around but this is from me!! :D:wub:


no worries chingu, I will tag you on the important post for sure :D

Yeah, i am rather glad that SH stepped up against SJ and told her enough is enough.


Of course we know that won't deter her but at least SH made a stand.


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After watching the episode, i realize something, so the time since Si Hyun meet Tae Hee until yesterday episode it has been 4 month? since they're met when winter and then its already spring. Si Hyun said his birthday on april right that's why his aries?

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"The Great Seducer" Joy Remembers Her Accident




Eun Tae-hee (Joy) recalled her memories from the hit-and-run 2 years ago on MBC drama "The Great Seducer".


She was surprised to hear from Kwon Si-hyeon (Woo Do-hwan) that it was his mother who caused the accident two years ago. However, it was likely she wasn't the culprit.


Myeong Mi-ri (Kim Seo-hyung) who knew about the accident had accidentally said, "If they find out she wasn't the real culprit..." while talking to Yoon. Yoon asked Myung Mi-ri what she did with the car.


Kwon Si-hyeon mentioned the accident to Seol Young-won (Jun Mi-sun) and Kwon Seok-woo (Shin Sang-woo) and got very mad at them. However, listening to them, he started to think


Eun Tae-hee started remembering things. She seemed to recognize the car Choi Soo-ji (Moon Ga-young) was driving. It looked like that car she had when she got into the accident.


Eun Tae-hee recalled knocking on Kwon Si-hyeon's mother's car when she saw Kwon Si-hyeon riding in with his car.


Source : www.xportsnews.com/?a...



question: base on what happen last night, it is highly possible that rather than SH's father covering up SH's mom accident.

It could have been the secretary instead, hence making everyone believe that SH's mom was the one that did the hit and run?

@triplem @USAFarmgirl @icyphoenix @sakura2016 @Pikachu92 @leeeeeecx @biancapot @MinLyn @herina_90 @enzek



another thing is that I dont believe we will get another break up. I feel that SH has committed to staying with TH, even if TH finds out about the bet (which she will eventually) I feel SH is determine rather than to break off, to ask and keep on asking for forgiveness. So, I dont think we will be getting a breakup anyone (at least that is my wish)

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Still cut today episode. Hmm why i feel like something fishy right now? leaving again noo, :(, in the fan pics filming Tae Hee use the same coat shen filming with Do Hwan in the road, kissing scene and when she's gonna meet See Joo and So Ji. But Do Hwan use different coat when on the road and kissing scene. what's that mean? huhuhuhu :bawling:  at least don't make them separate again in this episode. just tomorrow episode. please .. 


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Red Velvet’s Joy And Woo Do Hwan Share Romantic Kiss On “Tempted”



MBC’s “Tempted” has given viewers a sneak peek at Red Velvet’s Joy and Woo Do Hwan’s romantic kiss scene from its upcoming episode!


In newly released stills from the drama’s next episode, Eun Tae Hee (played by Joy) and Kwon Shi Hyun (played by Woo Do Hwan) gaze at each other in a tense moment before ultimately sharing a sweet kiss amidst falling cherry blossom petals. Interestingly, Kwon Shi Hyun appears a little stiff and slightly surprised, as though he has been caught off guard by Eun Tae Hee’s sudden kiss.



During the latest episode of “Tempted,” Kwon Shi Hyun finally confessed the truth to Eun Tae Hee about her hit-and-run accident. The two lovers reunited after Eun Tae Hee responded sympathetically, acknowledging that he must have been suffering on his own and offering him comfort.

However, Kwon Shi Hyun wasn’t able to bring himself to tell her the truth about the game of seduction that brought them together. Between his dark secret about their romance and their parents’ complicated history, there may be a storm brewing on the horizon for the newly reconciled couple.


Source: https://www.soompi.com/2018/04/16/red-velvets-joy-woo-hwan-share-romantic-kiss-tempted/


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The same way I defended TH character before that feeling hurt because of break up is not sign of weakness, I am also defending their relationship dynamic. Both on youtube comment section and somehow here people are worried and concerned why they keep breaking up and making up so fast. 

Actually I don't feel it that way and I like how the writer wrote their love story plot as much as I hate the melo drama part. 

both TH and SH had never experienced love before so this new feelings were totally new to them. Sh approached TH because of the bet so it was understandable his vague signals towards TH as he was not really serious, at the beginning it was a game to him, while slowly starting to feel different and in other words falling in love with TH without really realizing it. At this point they has a SOME relationship. I LOVED how TH noticed both her own feelings that she started to like SH as well as SH being vague and doing the push, pull game. So she right away told SH to stop the SOME relationship. This means actually she is really mature emotionally and has a strong character. This caused SH to notice and acknowledge his feeling towards TH. He promised TH that he would never be vague again and he confessed also that he like her. Let's give him credit, after the hospital scene he never did push, pull game anymore. So they started a REAL relationship with SH being all lovey dovey and treat TH with love, compassion and affection.

SH finds out about the accident and because of his flawed assessment but with good intention, he thinks now he can't love TH and to avoid further hurt to TH (he also has a already guilty feeling because of the bet) he decides to  break up with TH. He is not a mature person so his actions and behaviors again is understandable even though he is doing a mistake to break up with TH in such a cruel way hurting both himself and TH.

The reason TH as she said is always easy on him and seek to forgive him rather than not, is two things. first she also loves SH so she has a soft spot for him and most importantly second is that SH is a really good hearted person even though it seems opposite on the outside and TH has found about this. TH knows that SH is acting a bad guy , that is like his defensive mechanism considering his background and his relationship to his father, but in fact he is a really sweet and caring person. SH and SJ should are different. SH is not really devil inside. Also SH is not really mature. Just look at how he cried in TH embrace in todays episode. SH then realizes that he should have not done the mistake of breaking up and look how he is apologizing and asking for forgiveness. TH tells him to never say words that he doesn't mean like not liking TH when in fact he does love her and he promised to never repeat his mistake. and I am sure he would never do that again. This is character development to me and I love it. 

You see this is not an abusive relationship where the guy keep repeating the same mistake and just saying I love you to make up and the girl keep forgiving the guy. SH and TH relationship has totally different dynamic.

They keep learning how to love and how to be loved since is the first time for both and they keep improving. Also TH keep nurturing SH 

This is why I don't have any complain about them making up so fast and in opposite I love how their love story is unfolding.  :wub:


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16 minutes ago, Badriyah said:


Whoaaa My feeling about Si Hyun will dying is stronger, because in the last episode Tae Hee said if you open your hand and your hand catch some flower petal that mean you can get your love. But since Si Hyun doing that yesterday and none of them on his hand. andd he's trying again and catct anything. Whats that mean?:bawling:

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8 minutes ago, Pikachu92 said:

Whoaaa My feeling about Si Hyun will dying is stronger, because in the last episode Tae Hee said if you open your hand and your hand catch some flower petal that mean you can get your love. But since Si Hyun doing that yesterday and none of them on his hand. andd he's trying again and catct anything. Whats that mean?:bawling:

I think it means he has to wait more so that his love come to him. Does it foreshadow a separation after TH finds out the bet, she said before she needs time to forgive. Because SH said before that the petal analogy means to wait for your love. 


I loved the making video by the way... 





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This drama's writer is really good when it comes to play our heart. She/he destroy all our predictions and suggestions in just 5 minutes.:D So, i don't dare to predict what will come next. This drama is just unpredictable with its plot.


Everyone are shocked with the quick reconciliation. I am shock too but i want to applaud the writer for this kind of plot. For the first time ever in 10 years with kdrama, i saw a female lead runs to the male lead to demand his explanation. And she will not let him go after she heard the truth. For the 1st time ever, i saw a female lead that can see through a lie. I am happy with this. And i am more happy that they solve their breakups by communication. Times after times, we feel frustrated when we see the leads being tormented and suffered just because they keep everything on their hearts, we vent our anger towards them for they only need to communicate to solve their problems. So, yeah, what th and sh did was great. They talk their hearts out and resolve it as quickly as possible. Lessons learned: Communication is important.


There is an important point hidden in yesterday's episode. It is how TH asking SH to not speak out things that he doesn't mean at all. She ask him to say of what he feels only and what is in his hearts. And sh really takes it into his hearts and turns it into actions. Rather than hurting TH's mom with harsh words that he doesn't mean at all, he sincerely pours out what he feels on his heart about his mother, his father and TH's mom. He spoke the truth of their relationships and the outcomes of it. The past SH won't do these kind of things as he prefers harsh words that can destroy one's dignity and heart. He did the same towards his father. Speaking to him what he really feels towards his father and mother. And lastly, Sooji. He always hide his emotions with her. He never truly says what he has in his minds and hearts. But, yesterday, we saw him give out every details about his relationship with tae hee. Mentioning that how precious TH is to him that he would beg for her forgiveness even after he die. SH has changed or it is better to say that he finally found his trueself. I love how the writer put meanings in SH's and TH's name. Someone that will keep on changing until he found his trueself. And someone that become the greatest joy. Their name paint their story.


So, for me, the repeated breakup and reconciliation are not for nothing. They have purposes and those purposes are far greater than our pain and confusions. Rather than only looking at weaknesses, let's look on its strength too. This drama has a lot of beautiful messages to be discovered by those who seek it.

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starts off with a heavy downpour, SJ sees TH and SH together.  - (danger, danger)

SJ sees TH going to SH's apartment. - come on SJ is is over, like hello?




TH is over at SH's apartment, they are having a sleep over.  :tongue:




SJ leaves, as she is driving away - something happens to the car she is driving (btw that car she is driving is the one that is involved in the accident and hit-and-run)




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We get the morning after the sleeping


this time round TH wakes SH up to go and exercise together. A complete reversal of the previous time; SH is the one that is too tired to exercise. - TH rides the bicycle while SH runs, haha she is torturing him.



Moving on, we get to the scene of the pre-released clip.

SH sends TH to school and walks with her to her building.


He stops in the middle of the road full of sakura blossom, hoping to catch a petal.


The annoying classmate of TH appears, and puts his hand on her shoulder again like the last time. SH was shock but TH took care of it herself. - haha, this girl knows how to protect herself :tongue:



SJ and Se Joo are also in the university. SJ gets dropped right where TH and SH are crossing the road. TH intially lets go of SH's hand when SJ showed up. But SH reached out for her hand again and held her hand in front of SJ. They don't say anything and walk pass each other.  - you go SH!



Next we have a meeting between SH and SJ's family - SH's grandmother is also present as well as SH and SJ.

During the meeting SH is constantly texting with TH, SJ can see that because SH would smile from time to time. - she is going to really get really really crazy.


SH and SJ are talking to each other - concurrently KG and TH are talking to each other as well.

SH says something along the lines that he doesnt care of everything is broken - family, relationship or friendship.

SJ's mom gets scolded by SH's grandmother and both SH and SJ witnessed the scolding.



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Se Joo drove SJ's car to the university.

He talks to TH and KG.


Se Joo was being mean towards TH, telling her that their surprise birthday party for SH got ruined because they fought about her.

Se Joo being a real jerk towards TH because of SJ, clearly he is wayyyyyy too loyal to her. - frustrating!



SH's father meets TH's mother, - blah blah, can't be bother.

but his eyes go back and gets into an accident.


SH is at TH's work place, he gets a call from his father and has to go. They hug good bye - this is before SJ comes and tells TH about her mother and SH's dad.




SH goes to find his father, he meets TH's mother and she apologise for what happen

SH finally realises that she is TH's mother.






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SJ goes to find TH and finally spills the beans about TH's mother and SH's father.  At the same time she texts SH telling her she is going to meet TH - how low can she go?! this girl doesnt know when to quit!!




So now TH knows everything - at least with regards to the parents.







EP 23 ends. Moving onto EP 24.


TH is walking and crying. She thinks back to the conversations she had with her mother and SH.

She feels guilty about what happen, she feels guilty towards SH.


She walks past the cafe and saw the mural that SH painted.






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