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[Drama 2018] The Great Seducer, 위대한 유혹자

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We’ve finally reached the finale!!! And it’s a happy ending!!! I’m actually expecting it because even though a lot of troubles have happened between Kwon Si-hyun and Eun Tae-hee, I know in my heart that they’re meant to be together. I must say that this finale episode is such an intense one, and I actually liked how most of the loopholes are addressed. Not perfect, but acceptable.


So first off, let’s take a look at how Tae-hee managed to forgive Si-hyun despite her hurtful discovery of the love game that was started by Choi Soo-ji. It wasn’t an easy road to forgiveness because Si-hyun’s life was even put on the line just to prove that his love for Tae-hee has unexpectedly grown pure.


Lee Ki-young almost killed Si-hyun in a violent fight after the former learned that Tae-hee reported them to the police. Goodness, my heart felt like dribbling inside my ribcage due to anxiety. Thank dramagods that Si-hyun survived, but I’d still like Ki-young to pay for what he did! And I think getting his future ruined due to the incident is a satisfying payment.


FULL: https://ahjummamshies.com/2018/05/08/k-drama-reaction-the-great-seducer-finale/

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