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[Drama 2018] The Great Seducer, 위대한 유혹자


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I am back! Needed to rest after last night's episode. or more like this week's episodes.


I have read several thoughts about last night's episodes. And I have to say I agree with all of you about Se Joo, SJ and really the pain they have caused. 


With regards to @RPM comment about why didnt TH try to help with SH and the trios' friendship. I think there are several answers as to why she didnt.

1. (the most simplest of answers) it does not concern her.

I feel that the trio's friendship was all about JUST the three of them. They never let anyone else into that circle and IF they did, they were pretending half the time. Take for example the scene where the trio and TH were at the vacation house. Subtly SJ was telling TH that she didnt belong with their group. They never did anything to really include her and if they did, it was all on the basis of pretence.


2. SH never talked about the trio's friendship and what it means to him.

true, SH did say how they have know each other for so long and how they have been friends. But SH never expressed in any other way the importance of his friendships towards them with TH. Rather it was SH only choice to put TH over his friends. TH never forced him to choose. Like how when Se Joo opened his restaurant, SH went without TH. I am sure he told her about it, she didnt say "you can't go"

When Se Joo was taunting TH about how SH puts her over them, it was not TH's doing, rather SH's doing. He chose to put TH first.


3. like @enzek said, TH had other things on her mind.

She never knew anything much about the trio. Apart from the fact that she knew they had known each other for really long. Other than that? What else?


I feel the blame can't be put unto TH for the trio's friendships becoming this way.

At the end of the day, the trio was bound to break not because they didnt care for each other. But because their whole foundation of their friendship was because 3 lonely souls gathered and found comfort in each other.


And with every friendship or relationship. It comes in seasons. Yes sometimes we get luckily and a friendship/relationship last forever. But there are moments where you have to say goodbye to it. SH and SJ are saying their own goodbyes to it, for different reasons but they are moving ahead and on with their lives.

Se Joo is the one that has clung to this friendship as though his life depends on it. Why? Simply because he never did share much of himself with the other two? Those the other two know much about his family drama? No, because he never did tell, also with the fact that SJ and SH's family are intertwined more than ever now.


11 hours ago, icyphoenix said:

I don't want harm against Tae Hee n Shi Hyun.. Rest he can destroy anyone even himself.. Call me selfish!! But I really want a happy ending for at least Shi Hyun n Tae Hee , if they give redemption for all characters it will be good.. But I don't expect much!! Let's see what happens in finale week!! 


I agree, i don't want harm being brought to either of them chingu :(

I feel that there needs to be redemption for SH, and happiness given to TH.

As for the rest, well I don't care much :tongue:


3 hours ago, sakura2016 said:


can use see me fuming with anger?!! because that's how I feel seeing what Se Joo did!! I kep helding my hope in his despite my fear always being there but I wanted to trust his friendship with Shi Hyun and he won't stab him in the back for Soo Ji's sakeand he'd be better than that but he proved me wrong and now he can suffer with Soo Ji endless for all I care about!! I don't care about his reasons nor would it change any of my anger toward him!! Shi Hyun is no angel yes, he had his share of what they did wrong by Tae Hee yes but making him the big bad guy is too much and making Soo Ji the innocent one makes me angrier!! and they stabed him in the back taking his chance to tell her everything and beg for her forgiveness only for him wanting to start a better life away from them!! can they go to hell?!! I'm really sorry but they really got on my nerves big time!! :rage:


oh yes chingu, I can see you boiling with anger.




I know right? Though I did suspect it would be Se Joo that does it. But to actually see him do it is rather sad and just plain tragic.


he is inflicting a lot of pain and hurt onto someone who truly does not deserve such hurt.

If TH was really vindictive, she would have sought revenge on all of them. But rather TH choose to walk away, that takes a lot of strength. Clearly something that SJ and Se Joo don't know how to do.



2 hours ago, USAFarmgirl said:



A bet...  Yet no matter what Se Joo is sharing with TH and saying to her and  allowing her to watch...


If TH would just trust herself and think back on the many times SH could have sealed the deal but instead...

Walked out of the pool...  Sent her home when she was cozy and showed her to the door... Laid next to her all night in a private hospital room... An overnight trip where he spent the night watching her and holding her even after being told she wanted him too...  Not to mention taking her home drunk and taking care of her hand and tucking her in and leaving like a gentleman...


How many opportunities??? 

These are just a few.  If it had only been about the bet using TH having her fall in love and sleeping with her and than making her feel used and broken.  A bet,  yes that did start out with a plan but quickly was changed because this time and because of this girl TH was different and the plan wasn't the only thing that changed SH's heart, his way of thinking and his life changed because TH's ability to make him see that he had value, purpose and could be loved for himself...


By keeping TH at arms length when it counted he proved that he loved and cared for her more than himself more than his friends and wanted to protect her in spite of what he felt he had to say or do in front of them.   His old self never allowed him to really be himself in fear of losing them because of what they would think. Fear isn't friendship...


Please allow me a moment to let out a little steam and deal with just how disappointed I truly am at Se Joo!!! :angry:

I don't care how much he loves Soo Ji or in his messed up mind thinks this will somehow keep their threesome together. Or how his selfish idea of telling TH about what not only SH did to her.  But in fact what they all did to her.  Granted being betrayed by the person your in love with would indeed be the WORST.  But not a one of them is innocent or has ever been...


Se Joo's idea of claiming he wants everything to stay the same makes no sense because he just sold out his so called friend in the worst way possible.  If I was SH no matter what Se Joo is saying even if it is the truth as he knows it.  Still  it's the way in which he is doing it that makes me really wish I hadn't had so much faith in him.  Dang I feel betrayed by him and he is only a fictional character!!!  What the HECK!!!


Not to mention if he was so set on keeping SH & TH apart why did he call SH when TH was drunk that night!!!  Where is that nice guy who had a one sided love but seemed to be caring of others even TH...


Se Joo Get a grip on yourself!!!


SH doesn't love Soo Ji and he never will!!! 


Se Joo doesn't have the right and neither did Soo Ji to force anyone into loving someone buy hurting someone else like TH.  Actually you know what He and Soo Ji should hook up they sure do deserve each other!!!!  But I have news for him what he just did to TH was horrible but what he did to SH is unforgivable... When he of all people knew that SH was crazy in love with TH so much so that he was willing to give up everything and beg for her forever. He said it out loud so that they knew where is heart was and whom it belonged too!!!!

There wasn't even a doubt...


Will Se Joo mention that???


Wow With friends like that you really don't need enemies because hurting, using and abusing each other isn't friendship...:crazy:








You are right, if TH looks back and sees that SH never did follow through on the bet and that he actually went against it early on. She would be able to see SH. But I am afraid that this video would just cloud her vision of SH.


I agree, Se Joo nor SJ has the right to hurt someone just to get back at someone else. That isnt friendship, if anything it is just toxic. Beyond toxic.




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Eun Taehee: Always protecting Sihyun's head (:

Haha, I saw this picture and it reminded me of the whole discussion around this - thought I'd throw it in for some lightheartedness amidst this heavy atmosphere from today's episode.


I'm glad Taehee & Sihyun had some sweet and happy moments during their one-day date today!

It was so beautiful & I love that the writer threw in the flower crown and flowers since it looked like their very own little wedding, just in case we don't get a happy ending :(


Thank you, writer-nim!

Honestly speaking, I know the writer didn't give the drama and casts as much potential and spotlight as they should have gained but she did give us audience a lot of what we want (Shyuntae moments)!

& I think the vast majority just really wanted Taehee to play hard-to-get but that was not the character the writer had in mind.

I actually like that Taehee is so kind & understanding with a tough edge to stand up for herself and what she believes in though.

Adding onto that, the fact that a lot of people rooted for Moon Gayoung and thus rooted for Sooji, resulted in Joy's character Taehee becoming hugely overshadowed and even disliked - quite sad.


However, it really makes me want to hit my head against the wall with people who are defending Sooji & Sejoo's character.

I honestly get that they probably support the actress and actor and thus they can't help but support their characters but to put down other characters and actress/actor in return in their support?

Or even to raise the other characters up because they don't like the main actress/actor?

Either way, deciding to support the malicious character's actions that are so ill intended, claiming the nicer character is worse?

That's just completely beyond me.

I've been seeing a lot of these comments on drama streaming websites and it drives me crazy! 

Makes me want to pull out my hair :crazy:


Like in episode 28, I would actually understand if people started relating more to and supporting Sooji since she's starting to redeem herself as she feels remorseful and knows she's wrong.

She's no longer interfering with Taehee and Sihyun anymore.

But what do you know? Those comments seem to all have disappeared and are supporting Sejoo's actions now!

Sejoo's character really disappointed me & I was never really on the Sejoo bandwagon either.

I did think that he was a likeable character at first, since he seemed to be the one who seemed most righteous and aware of the harm the trio was imposing upon innocent people but he became a great disappointment starting from when he intentionally tried to make TH feel bad about SH's birthday and their friendship while pretending to be nice.

He isn't bothering to understand what's actually happening or any sides of the story.

All he's doing is wallowing in his own self-pity and deciding to harm the innocent (Taehee) and betray his friend (Sihyun) in his attempt to revive his twisted illusion of their friendship and his love for Sooji.

I'm actually glad Sihyun cut Sooji and Sejoo out so clearly and had no hesitance because clearly, they're not being very good friends.

It's true that their friendship was very toxic but it's also true that they did deeply cared for each other:

  • Sihyun caring about the truth affecting Sooji and beating up the guy at the bar for Sejoo because SJ doesn't like violence
  • Sooji worrying about Sihyun's loneliness & how Sejoo's family treats him
  • Sejoo always being there for Sooji and being happy that Taehee was pulling Sihyun out of his depressed shell

But for everything to come down to this is quite sad for all three of them and can only be pinpointed by the toxicity in their friendship.

It's like the saying goes, if their friendship was really that strong with no cracks, nothing would be able to break it.

But it did break because as much as they cared for each other, they also deceived each other just as much:

  • Sihyun not letting Sooji know that he draws and Sejoo helping to cover it up
  • Sejoo having to put up the facade of a jokester who was never really serious
  • Sooji pretending to not know about things she did

That's why anyone blaming Taehee for their broken friendship - especially Sejoo at this point, is very mistaken.

As true friends, they should have been cheering Sihyun on for finding his happiness and even if they can't cheer him on, they should not at least destroy it. 

For Sejoo to do that is for him to contribute a hand in breaking the friendship that he tried so hard to salvage.

Sejoo is honestly being as hypocritical as Sooji was being, he is only able to see his and Sooji's pain at the moment and fails to acknowledge Taehee's or Sihyun's - even going as far as telling Sihyun to just love Sooji... no thank you.

BUT, because we should be understanding of all sides (unlike Sooji & her mom or Sejoo // excuse my bitterness), in all fairness Sejoo is unaware of the sins that Sooji's mom has committed against SH & TH as well as why Sooji is finally stepping back.

That & the fact that he is KIND OF being selfless by telling SH & SJ to just love each other irregardless of his own pain that it would cause.

Such a regression of his character though from being considerate of Taehee on their trip & showing subtle support for Sihyun in his relationship with her to this.


On a side note, Taehee does take much consideration to Sihyun's friendship with Sooji & Sejoo because if she didn't:

  1. She wouldn't have withdrawn her hand when she saw Sooji
  2. Stick around to hear Sejoo's harsh words.

It's just more in her character that she doesn't force Sihyun to reveal anything he doesn't want to and he never revealed to her the fact that their friendship was falling apart that's why she was taken aback when SJ said they didn't celebrate SH's birthday together.


I can't help but feel though that we will most probably get the happy ending that we want :lol:

It feels like it will probably be the ending that most of us are envisioning in which a car accident probably happens and one of them goes aboard then reunites after time heals.

I'm almost 90% sure that this is probably what would happen BUT I'm worried this may seem too predictable for the writer and she'll go with something else.

I actually don't think Sihyun will be the one going aboard since it seems to be revealed too blatantly whereas Taehee's is more hinting.

I think he'll be the one to most likely get in an accident and TH will go aboard.

The accident will also probably be the punishment that SH wished for & the incident for him to be completely forgiven by TH after reading his journal.

Whether SH will die or not though, we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed.

BUT SH did catch a petal so it wouldn't make sense for them to purposely put that in then kill him.

In fact, all four of them caught a petal which actually makes the whole theory of their love coming true not so believable anymore LOL.

Because Sooji technically likes Sihyun so thats like ._. I don't even want to think about it.

The context of the petal is a bit vague.

Also, unless Sejoo redeems himself and is remorseful about his actions, I can't really accept a happy ending for him especially if Sihyun doesn't get his.

But who knows, maybe all will get their happy ending because truthfully speaking, they don't deserve to suffer because of their parents' mistakes.



Back to reality!

I think the "Which one is the flower?" comment from Sihyun really is an adlib on Dohwan's part (:

So cute! :heart:

The BTS also makes up for a lot of today's heaviness BUT why no Joyhwan BTS? :bawling:

I'm actually curious as to why they seem to withhold so many of Joyhwan's BTS since we didn't get much of the really sweet and lovey dovey scenes :o

It could relate to the same reason that Dohwan doesn't post much pics of Joy on his instagram and they seem to be so cautious when filming outside with fan taken shots - probably due to Joy's image as an idol.



I'm so sorry for my long rant, I just had to let it out. Please feel free to skip over it & I do respect that not everyone may agree with my opinions & are entitled to their own (:





@nubianlegalmind @kaoriharang @USAFarmgirl Can I just give you guys a round of applause and say that I completely agree with everything you said? I love your insights (:

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thank you @joyhwan for your kind words.


I love your thoughts as well.

You made a good point about how we do need to consider all sides of the character.

There is no questioning that the trio do care for each other. Which is why it makes the betrayal I guess worst for each of them.


For SH to find out SJ hurt TH and that her mother was the one that was involve in his mother's accident and TH's as well.

SJ as well is suffering because of what her mother has done towards TH and SH's mother as well.


I hope your optimism is correct and we do get a happy ending.








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I wish Tae Hee being positive again, since Si Hyun already said he want to tell her something. She should let Si Hyun explain everything first, even thought not come back together soon or forgive him soon, please let Tae Hee hear Si Hyun explanation.

Let Si Hyun win over Tae Hee heart again with profer way and sincere heart. They're still 20 years old and they're still have so many years realize about love right, when they're meet again, they can dating again in profer way. hehe 


Ahhhh i can't wait next episode, but i don't want to end it at least for Si Hyun and Tae Hee romance. They had just 2 intimate kiss and 2 peck kiss. Please give us more their first kiss and the proper one, don't play with angle. 


And i'm okay if Si Hyun or Tae Hee going abroad for separate, is not like you can't do anything if you miss each other. She can Video call with him, or Si Hyun can back to Korea anytime. Hehehe :D

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Se Joo...


I feel like Se Joo betrayed SH because when he went to see Soo Ji and she was sitting in their hideout in the dark and it was clear that she was defeated and had been crying, he knew, he finally realized that he would NEVER have her. To me, that was his moment of defeat. Even when he went to SH and asked him to just be with Soo Ji, he still hadn't quite given up hope, but seeing her in that state, he finally realized that she would never feel the same way about him as she did about SH.


His betrayal is two-fold. First, it was because he saw Soo Ji back off and it felt like he had to step in and be cruel to TH, because if Soo Ji was like she normally is, that is what she would've done. Truthfully, that is probably what would've happened. Soo Ji would not have hesitated to reveal the bet to TH, were it not for her mother's sins.


Second, he was jealous. How dare a jerk like SH run off into the sunset and be happy with the girl he truly cares about and here he was having to finally accept that Soo Ji would never have him. Yes, it was a punk move, but in Se Joo's mind, similar to Soo Ji, if I'm not happy, then no one deserves to be happy.


*Taps microphone - is this thing on* 



SIDENOTE: When we hear the voice-over for Se Joo and he keeps harping about how he wants to make sure that nothing changed. He wants things to go back to the way it used to be. Well there was no clearer evidence of how shallow his friendship was. Neither SH or Soo Ji wanted things to go back to the way it was. They were both miserable, which is why Soo Ji tried to throw marriage in the mix to solve the issue with their parents. She desperately wanted out of the friend zone with SH and he desperately wanted to find love and happiness. What a mess! :confounded:

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Hi chingus 

I am on a trip and didn’t have much time to write here.

my very brief thoughts

SH told almost everyone except Th that he is going to America... why he decided to go to America and leave Th potentially? Did he really plan to explain about the bet to Th before going abroad? Was he thinking that once he reveals the bet to Th either in person or through the diary, Th wouldn’t forgive him or worse even if she forgives him, he don’t think he deserves TH, his voice over before was that you are this great joy and happiness with this beautiful smile and I was the guy to made you sad and cry all the time. 

With him asking for the last date and making it like a little wedding, it was obvious he don’t have any plan to keep chasing Th and he wanted to fill the album with Th smiles for the last time. 


Regarding the revealtion of the bet in that hurting way :( and how Th would react. 

Girl I trust you! You are smart and kind hearted. Have confidence in yourself and more portably believe in love. Like your father said: Two people loving each other at the same time is indeed a miracle.  Believe in the miracle you two had together.  You knew SH image before meeting him, he was famous for being seductive, you knew he was being a bad boy you knew he kissed your friends mom, SH was that kind of guy before meeting you and yet you girl you with your light and kindness and smile changed him. You were the one who saw through his Cinderella eyes, you found the deep pain he was hiding behind his bad boy image.you helped him find joy and happiness. 

Meeting you because of the bet and not being interested in you is disappointing I get it but he kept seeing you because of who you were! Because you were the great happiness in his life which he never had before. There is nothing he can do about it,  but one thing you Th have absolute right to be angry at him is the fact that he hid it from you! He had multiple opportunities to tell you about the bet. When he started dating you for real he should have told you the truth. 

I really hope next episode Th seek SH and ask for an explanation from him and also hear his side of the story. This is so Th character to do so. It’s ok to need time to digest it and forgive it as time passes but don’t totally distrust him Please :bawling:


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Eun Tae-hee finally remembered who the real culprit is in her hit-and-run accident, and it’s none other than President Myung Mi-ri. Tae-hee would’ve forgiven her if only she admitted her fault and showed remorse, but she didn’t. Gosh, I feel so angry right now! Is it too hard for her to admit her fault and say sorry? I think, Kwon Si-hyun is right. Tae-hee must report President Myung to the police because people like her need to be punished!


What makes me even madder right now is President Myung’s excuses to conceal the crime that she committed. She said that she forgot about Tae-hee because she got too consumed by the death of Si-hyun’s mom. Woah. How could a human being forget about the fact that she endangered someone’s life? I cannot also accept President Myung’s excuse for putting the blame on the hit-and-run accident on Si-hyun’s mother. Not only that, President Myung even has the face to also blame Tae-hee’s mom for everything that has happened. Did she forget that it was her who lured Si-hyun’s mom to go to that place?


FULL: https://ahjummamshies.com/2018/04/26/k-drama-reaction-the-great-seducer-episodes-25-26/

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9 hours ago, ParvinStar said:

Girl I trust you! You are smart and kind hearted. Have confidence in yourself and more portably believe in love. Like your father said: Two people loving each other at the same time is indeed a miracle.  Believe in the miracle you two had together.  You knew SH image before meeting him, he was famous for being seductive, you knew he was being a bad boy you knew he kissed your friends mom, SH was that kind of guy before meeting you and yet you girl you with your light and kindness and smile changed him. You were the one who saw through his Cinderella eyes, you found the deep pain he was hiding behind his bad boy image.you helped him find joy and happiness. 

Yeah you're right. I wish in the next episode instead of believing what Se Jo show it to her. She turn back Se Jo by saying even thought it started with a game, she's believe Si Hyun feeling now. Make Se Jo thinks that he's failed to destroy Si Hyun and Tae Hee. Make him pay for his mistake too, Se Joo was the part of the game too, so Tae Hee should angry with him. I don't like Se Jo since He's telling Tae Hee about the birthday party. Is not even his bussiness, Si Hyun start to stay away from So Ji is not because he doesnt like her but because of she's behavior toward Tae Hee. 

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I have just finished the episodes. A bit late this week. Oh, the revelation. It was done in a cruelest way ever. I can totally understand if TH will be hurting a lot, be mad and feel humiliated because that were what i feel when i watch the video. Moreover, th have feel guilty all this time for meeting sh. She must have feel so dumb for trusting him. I can understand that. But, TH-yaa, after some times or when you calm, please return to the time when you were with sh. He surely had started it with lies, but the lies were lesser than his sincerity as time passes. Be confident with what you feels in all of those times.

(Lesson: Sometimes, what we see will not be entirely true. When that time comes, trust your heart because it knows best.)


To Se joo, this is what i want to say to you: Don't use friendship as your weapon! Because what you did to th and sh is not for your friendship at all.


We are going to finale week. Looks like everything have been tied down and there is only one or two loose strings. With 4 more episodes, i believe the writer can ends it neatly if he/she doesn't complicate things more or drag the issue.


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Wait a minute wait a minute!!


In episode 18 when sejoo and sihyun were having a conversation about sihyun seeing taehee behind their backs and sihyun saying he'll end it, the camera actually focused on the cam recorder in Sejoo's hands. There's me thinking nothing of it, as if he was just playing around with it, but he pressed record. Cam recorders don't automatically record on their own. It was deliberate. Sejoo added that recording to the one he showed taehee in the latest episode. If he recorded it in the first place does that mean he never really believed sihyun was going to break up with taehee, even though he ended it in front of their faces? Sejoo most definitely knew how sihyun felt about taehee, he may have not believed him and recorded it incase he went back on his word. So he definitely had plans for that particular recording. The cam recorder wasn't in his and sihyun faces like it was in the beginning when they were planning out their game to seduce taehee, so it was clearly discrete and I'm 100% sihyun had no idea about it. 


And I am not surprised. 


Sejoo has shown us three faces in this drama. 1. His vulnerable side, 2. His joker side (which is a mask for how serious and clued on he actually is-a wild card), and 3. His deadly side when it comes to his love for Sooji.


We see Sejoo’s vulnerability, as he’s being 1.physically abused at home, 2. Spends time with his mother in the hospital and 3. When he’s continuously rejected and put down by Sooji who treats him like trash (his words not mine). This side is what makes you forget that he's not innocent.


We see his joker side as a coping mechanism to deal with all that he has going on at home (e.g. when he sadly laughs it off or smirks in those situations) but he also has that mask on with his friends and I had to ask myself why is that? Why should it be that way? Shouldn’t he be himself? It’s because they don’t take each other seriously past protecting each other from others or being mean to others, because that’s the summary of their friendship. Every time Sejoo becomes serious in front Sooji how did she react? She tells him to stop, it’s too weird or don’t pretend you can’t be like sihyun. How about when sihyun was changing for the better they kept telling him to come to his senses. Sejoo in fact said he’s happy to see him back to his mean self (the day sihyun said he'll end it with taehee), does no one recall that? Sejoo has a crap life but he sure isn’t innocent. When sihyun refused to go along with sooji’s revenge plan that involved hye jeong and taehee in the first few episodes, was Sejoo not into it? Was he not part of planning when sihyun agreed to partake in the bet? 


Lastly his deadly side when it comes to his blinding love for/defence of Sooji has been shown throughout so I expected him to reveal the bet.I mean 1. He punched the guy in the club for sooji when he is against being violent, 2.Every time sooji appears hurt by someone Sejoo changes. His joker mask is out of the window and you can see it in his face (Minjae plays this so well!). He even threatened sihyun saying he doesn't know what he'll do if he upsets sooji again. 3. In his joker mask he told taehee she was the cause of them not being able to celebrate his birthday together like they usually do, but I’m sure he was in the room when sihyun said sooji went behind his back to ask his father to agree to their marriage (even though he’s made it clear that he’s not marrying her). If that hadn't have happened I'm sure he would've celebrated with them, but sooji is never in the wrong when it comes to him so there's no surprises there.


To be honest from the character teasers and what minjae said himself about his character I thought in the end it will be a sihyun and sejoo fight and one of them would die, but I hope that's not the case.



Oh and people blaming taehee for the destruction of a ‘friendship’ is so comical, really it is. It’s even more comical that people are asking her to do something about it when she doesn’t owe them a damn thing. Less we forget the reason why she only knows them in the first place. Plus when Sejoo called her to come out, he said to her to remember that they had a fight on his birthday (guilt trip), and that she was was the only one that could help them make up, which was enough for taehee to go downstairs, because she knew how important their friendship was to sihyun. So she actually wanted to help but it was a trap.


They came into her life and caused chaos not the other way round.


This glorified friendship that people are desperately hanging on to is really blinding them.


Sure they have gone through and still are going through a hell of a lot because of their families so they’ve formed this bond (which is not as tight as people like to believe), and I think it was good that they had each other when they would have otherwise been all alone. But its strange how people, because of their circumstances, overlook the fact that ALL three equally participate and find (well found for sihyun) pleasure in other people’s misery. I think because the writer didn’t show how many people they’ve targeted throughout the years, people find it hard to comprehend that they are THAT bad. But isn't one innocent person enough, or do we need more?




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Almost 3 days and I still can't believe he backstabbed shihyun so bad. I soo loved his character I personally feel betrayed :wink::lol:

Things are not going great in my dramaland world, two out of the trio are definitely going to die next week. Dr ye rejected dr woo , park donghoon about to get divorced :bawling:

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@maraaa77 you have made a very good point. You took the words right out of my mouth chingu.

And nice observation about Se Joo. Agree with what you said about him. Maybe he did have a plan while recording their convo...who knows ? I' ve always felt he was the most dangerous one out of the trio because of his brain. I mean he seems to be the thinker who plays dumb while SJ is the leader and SH the follower. At least that was my impression of them at the start.


And you are right. He is far from being innocent. They are all twisted in their own way. That is why I can' t understand people rooting for their toxic friendship. They bring out the worse out of each other.

I have read some comments saying they were happy together and that SH was happier with them than with TH. Sometimes I wonder if we watch the same show... if being happy means making other people's life miserable then be it. But how can you be happy when you are fed with negative thoughts and feelings like hatred, anger, sadness, bitterness when growing up ? I still think they just pretend to be happy all these years. 


And why should TH try to fix things between them ? It s not as if SH told her anything about them. Se Joo going after her saying they couldn' t celebrate SH's birthday because of her was so inappropriate. He never questioned SJ behaviour. His obsessive love for her turned him into a complete fool...

And to defend TH more she did say she was envious of their friendship before but will never come between them as friends because she knew how much SJ and SJoo mean to SH.

Rolling my eyes when people say TH is selfish and ruined their friendship... I am more mad at some comments than the show itself lol


I agree with you. They were equally bad together.

At least SH is changing and becoming the best version of himself thanks to TH and we get a glimpse of a nicer version of SJ in the latest episode too. She seems to really care for HJ. But I' m still waiting for her to apologize to TH for all the things she had done wrong. And to actually mean it. 

As for Sejoo...I only hope he will open his eyes before it' s too late (no death please writer nim !). He brought up the bet to TH so I' m waiting for him to bring up the truth about SH 's feelings to her as well (ie sketchbook/diary). And then SH and TH can ride off into the sunset and be happy forever somewhere and make lots of babies along the way too lol 

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Thanks everyone for sharing your analysis in your comment & @maraaa77  your comment about Se Joo character is absolutely deep & so true. I'm completely agree with you. Reading comment from some of Soo Ji & Se Joo fan & some of Soo Ji Shi Hyun/Se Joo shipper that support Soo Ji & Se Joo action in hurting Tae Hee & blaming Tae Hee for what happen to trio friendship really making my blood boil and losing my brain cells. So sick & ridiculous. If any main character who deserve happy ending here it Tae Hee! 


And watching the latest episode with sub just make me feel so heartbroken for Tae Hee. God, Shi Hyun in the video is so cruel. Especially their " the passcode is your phone number" plan line. Shi Hyun said that to Tae Hee the day they having their first kiss ughh. I wonder if Se Joo gonna tell Tae Hee about the reason of the bet (marriage) & Tae Hee having her dorm cancelled is also one of their plan? Poor girl. And Shi Hyun is her first love too:bawling:

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