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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019-20] Sword Dynasty 剑王朝

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@UnniSarah Nope, the Empress does not love the Emperor in the novel. She's with him because she's power hungry and Liang Jing Meng had made it clear that he's not interested in harboring power for him

Yeah, he's completely different from his parents.    Also, how can the Emperor and Empress trust each other? One betrayed their lover and the other betrayed their best friend and closest ally

The Emperor and Empress betrayed him in ep 1 or 2, when they drugged him at that party in the flashback. The girl in charge of the brigade, Ye Ce Leng, was his disciple and is completely loyal and dev

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Everything was great except so many unnecessary deaths and the last episode. Too bad. Without counting the ending, this is the best wuxia drama I watched in years.


It seems that the drama adapted from a happy ending novel tends to reverse the ending. I just need to accept this as a common fact to set my expectation. But still, that's too bad.

On 12/23/2019 at 11:28 PM, crackaddict said:

I was thinking about this and I'm not sure if Ye Celeng had true romantic feelings for her master. Not sure about the novel, but in the drama she wasn't shown to have any specific interactions to LJM that would imply she clearly did. She might have a very strong attachment and seems unable to let go of the guilt she felt towards not being present to save LJM (who also seemed to have loved cherished her as a disciple). Also, the dude that loves her hasn't implied she has romantic feelings towards LJM either. There just seems to be an understanding that disciples are/should be loyal to their master/comrade. Look at Jiang Li who is taking on the Queen's lady, the gentleman that's been locked in the water dungeon for 10 years, and Baili whose been harboring petty feelings lololol.


I think if Ye Celeng were a dude, the interpretation of the character's feelings towards LJM might be different. The pain, tenderness and adoration that Ye Celeng exudes in memories of her master does throw ppl off, but I wouldn't say it's necessarily romantic love. Not like... actually for me, there has been no clear demonstration of sweet romantic love throughout this whole series lololol... that's prob partly why I'm not inclined to believe that about Ye Celeng's feelings. 


I also think so. She's sad for the whole series because of the burden from the past. But her scenes with LMJ look just as a normal relationship between master and dear disciple. At least, I did not see any hint of clear romantic feeling. 


But her relationship with director Chen is not clear either, and even tend to one side from his.

On 2/18/2020 at 1:33 PM, a_tumiwa said:

Sword Dynasty: Fantasy Masterwork movie version, Spin-off from the tv series, about Ye Celeng after the event of her teacher killed. Today released



Oh that's nice YC got a spin-off. She deserves it as she is an important figure in the series. I even think she stole my attention a lot although not being the main cast.

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I finally decided to read the translated novel. So far (ch. 18) everything looks ok. Zhangsun Qianxue was portrayed as a rare beauty so many times already. I guess Li Yitong could be considered fitting this one. Not many actresses are more beautiful than her nowadays according to my limited eyes. 

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Soompi Awards: Best and Worst of the Rest (Dramas 2020)


Chingus, welcome to our final poll of 2020. :kiss_wink:  You can vote for:


1) The best C-drama of 2020

2) The most disappointing K-drama or K-drama ending of 2020

3) The best abs in a K-drama in 2020



Your Event Organizers,

lmangla and @partyon

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