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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019-20] Sword Dynasty 剑王朝

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@UnniSarah Nope, the Empress does not love the Emperor in the novel. She's with him because she's power hungry and Liang Jing Meng had made it clear that he's not interested in harboring power for him

Yeah, he's completely different from his parents.    Also, how can the Emperor and Empress trust each other? One betrayed their lover and the other betrayed their best friend and closest ally

The Emperor and Empress betrayed him in ep 1 or 2, when they drugged him at that party in the flashback. The girl in charge of the brigade, Ye Ce Leng, was his disciple and is completely loyal and dev

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People on this forum are less interested in such Wuxia or something?


Hardly anyone commenting here, and this is gonna air SOON. Fight looks really GOOD too.


Me personally, I am so much more interested in Wuxia than anything else airing in China right now...so BORING that you guys actually prefer!


This is my thing MORE!!!


Really hyped, but I am the only person in this forum seems like...?!?

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