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[Drama 2018] Something In The Rain / Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food, 밥 잘 사주는 예쁜 누나

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@jeijei thanks for taking on organising everyone. Good luck. I am sorry I can't help. Working almost full time and 2 kids under 5 leaves me no time to help these days. 


You're only going to give fans the srt? Because otherwise they are pretty strict on taking down accounts. Says moi who had 2 YT accounts down. Plus have some TW videos online still for back in the days when they needed video links for viki dramas.


All the best. I was almost going to ask my friend to segment the episodes for me just so I could input the translations then watch it privately on my computer. But even that takes time to do which I don't have.


I am just watching it raw. Sigh. Reminds me of the desperate days several years ago during the Sungkyunkwan scandal drama times. 

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4 hours ago, stroppyse said:


@Bissu The only thing that gets sacrificed is the order of the clips, but the benefit is that the translations are being posted faster. :) If it's of benefit to anyone for me to translate the clips in order, I can definitely continue to do so. Or were you saying that you think I should continue to translate the clips in order?


Yeah, re-reading my post I can see why it's unclear. 


Basically, I like the idea of keeping the order too, so instead of having to continuously refresh the thread while translating, I'm suggesting that maybe you can take the first 6 clips posted on youtube and I can take the last 6 (or vice versa) so that way we both have our "designated" ones without any overlap and the order is saved. 


And this really only applies for Saturday episodes because I'm usually working on Friday and most likely won't be able to translate then. 

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What did I just do?!? For the first time in my drama watching history, I watched all 4 raw episodes of this drama, understanding very little of what was said, and loved every minute. And I loved it even more after reading the Eng subs written by all the wonderful, kind-hearted translators in this forum. Thank you so much!  I will be frequently lurking here for your updates, analyses, and translations. 

It’s Spring season where I am - and what better way to usher in the season than the heart fluttering scenes between JA and JH. :heart:

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10 hours ago, dito said:

OK these two are too sweet its giving me tooth ache. I knew they will have good chemistry but this is on a completely different level. And the acting is without a doubt faultless. 


Totally agree. It was something curious to me when I started to watch K-dramas: news about 'X actor in talks...' Don't they do a chemistry test before they are confirmed?

In PNWBMF, chemistry between the main couple is one of the most important in the drama. Only 4 episodes and I can't imagine another actors as this characters.


9 hours ago, jus-ash said:

I totally dislike the white coat with the fussy frills below - that jacket style is NON flattering to anyone, makes butts look bigger than they are. And here it just makes her look unnecc frumpy.


Really? I love that coat. I noticed that they've repeted outfit. I like that. They are supposed to be 'normal people' (not rich, not poor). In some dramas, there're characters who haven't got a lot of money but they wear a different model in each scene <_<.


9 hours ago, PororoQueen said:

Somehow the kiss is too early at episode 4? - I'm afraid it will follow by episodes of sadness and broken heart. I hope not. 


It's the story about a mature relationship, in some dramas we would have seen a hand-hand contact in episode 16/16. I'm glad to watch a different story here.

On the other hand, episodes are 80 minutes, so episode 4 would be as the 6th of a typical 60 min drama.

I think writer will surprise us. Some pages ago, we talked about a possible time gap since they was texting in 2015. It could be an option...


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So some scene translations from episode 4 that don't have any clips for them. But, they are so cute or significant that I wanted to write them up. This drama is by turns playful, flirty, and serious, and uses language fluidly to indicate each turn of emotion and situation. Much like life, perhaps, it's a bit of comedy, a bit of tragedy, a bit of everything. Because it's such a long post, the actual translations are under spoilers so that I don't take up an entire page with a single post. :)


The opening scene. It takes up from where episode 3 left off, and finishes it.


Colleague: Does that woman know that you’re stressing out like this?
JH: Stress…? What me?
Other colleague: You must really like her. He’s totally dying. He’s dying.
JH: Whatever… Here! Let’s talk about something else. Something else!
SY: Anyway, you’re saying that your not in a certain relationship yet. Right?
JH: Well, as yet…that could be… (hic hic)
(JA grabs the top of JH’s hand, causing him to hiccup. LOL)
SC: Huh? Why the hiccups? Are you drunk already?
JH: No. It’s strange.
Colleague: Here, let’s drink!
Everyone: Yes. Yes. Let’s drink.
(JH interlocks fingers, causing JA to hiccup. ROFL)
SC: Are hiccups contagious, too? (me: he means like yawning is contagious, not as in disease)


(Everyone leaves the bar. And, there is a video clip and translation already posted of the interactions after everyone leaves to go home.)



JA and JH decide to go to JH's office and play the game that they had been playing before albeit in separate rooms. They're holding hands while waiting for the lift when a security guard passes them.


(They spring apart, and immediately start stammering excuses.)


JH: I was going to work some overtime.
JA: I had some thing to do at the office.
Guard: Work hard.
JA, JH: Yes.
(JH holds JA’s hands again.)


What makes this little bit so funny for me is that the security guard clearly doesn't care. He's just doing his rounds and doing his job. It's just JH and JA who are going a bit overboard with trying to look natural and casual. LOL



SC's drunken ruining of JH and JA's plans to play at the office, plus So Jung in JH's past revealed.


(JH is expecting JA to step out of the lift, but instead, it's SC.)


SC: I’ve come, friend.
JH: Yah, you…why? Yah, I asked why you came.
SC: To get my bag as well.
JH: Why did you leave your bag here?
SC: And, more importantly, because you might be lonely.
JH: Get up. Get up and leave quickly.
SC: Why? Are you going to do something? Fine. Just wake me up when you go.
(JA comes into the office, and is waved back by JH, so she quickly crouches.)
SC: Didn’t you hear some noise?
JH: No, there was no noise. No noise. No. No.
SC: Yah, who was that woman you mentioned at the bar?
JH: Huh?
SC: Why can’t you understand me? What’s her name? So Jung? Was it So Jung?
JH: What? What nonsense are you spouting now?
SC: Bastard. What do you mean nonsense? While you were in the army, because of So Jung, you were making such a scene saying that you would die without her. But, So Jung really was as pretty as a work of art.
JH: Shut up already.
SC: Do you smell coffee somewhere?
JH: You’re really drunk, aren’t you?

(JH drags SC out and puts him in a cab.)



JA and JH's entire conversation inside the car after he picks her up in the morning.


JH: How could you be so cute like this?
JA: That’s enough.
JH: If I continue to pick you up like this every day, then I’ll probably be able to see it again, won’t I?
JA: I said that’s enough.
JH: What’s wrong? You just looked cute to me.
JA: Really?
JH: You believed that?
JA: Let go.
JH: I absolutely can’t let go. I worked so hard to hold it.
JA: Chee!
JA: But, will it be okay.
JH: It has to be okay.
JA: Aren’t you afraid?
JH: Did we commit a crime? And don’t worry ahead of time. We’ll figure it out as we run into it.
JA: That feels so trustworthy.
JH: You’ve completely fallen for me.
JA: Oh!


LOL. JH is feeling some confidence in JA's attraction to him.


A serious scene. KS and JH find JA after she's been attacked by GM. They come into the store where JA has been working to find it in a mess.


KS: Jin Ah! Jin Ah! Why does this place look like this? What happened? I asked what happened!  Who did this?!
JA: It’s nothing.
KS: I asked who did this! Oh! (seeing JA’s hands)
JA: I’m fine.
(JH leaves to buy some first aid things for JA’s hands. Then he starts to clean up.)
KS: What do you mean leave it alone?! After what you just went through, how are you even able to say those words?! A crazy, moronic idiot, how can you leave him alone?!
JA: If I report him, then I’m the only one who will become tired.
JH: And not that you wanted him to do this?
KS: Say something that makes sense.
JH: Then step on him. At least once as hard as you can. You think that bastard is going to stop now after doing this, don’t you? Not in a thousand, ten thousand years…
KS: Go and stay outside. Just go outside for a minute. (shoves him outside)
KS: What did you do with your phone? Whether it’s the police or me, or even him. You should have called. Why did you just take it?
JA: I thought he would go if I just mollify him.
KS: Is that human being a bastard who understands words? And, you are just number one at taking everything from everyone and never make a peep. You think being nice is something to be proud of? It’s a disease. A disease, you idiot.
JA: If you’re like this as well, then I’ll really get upset.  
KS: What did you do right that you’re crying? (then goes to hug her)


(JH waits outside where JA joins him. Their conversation outside is a video clip with translation.)


Btw, I loved JH in this scene. He conveys so much with his face and posture. So much contained, helpless rage. It's as he tells JA later in their conversation. He can't do as he wants which is probably to go find and kill GM, and he shouldn't be doing anything either, so he's helpless and thus feeling okay wouldn't be normal. He can't even publicly comfort JA, though he does hold her in their moment together. And, later, he holds his phone up to the radio/stereo so that JA can fall asleep better and to the music that he wants her to hear. Aww.



In the car as JH is driving JA to her business trip, a quick bit of cuteness.


JH: Then, shall we get going?
JA: Giddy-yap!
JH: You’re definitely of the Joseon Era. That’s for certain! (commenting on JA’s ability to order him about. LOL)
JA: (in sageuk speak) You knave!
JH: Yes, your majesty-nim.


So, one of the things that no one has commented yet in this drama is that JA and KS frequently fall into sageuk speech with each other when they're playing. It's clearly their thing. Of course, JH knows about this, and when JA slips in a reference, JH is quick to tease her about it. Which doesn't phase JA at all, just commanding her knave to drive. LOL Even funnier is that JH accedes with not just a "Yes, your majesty", but a "Yes, your majesty-nim" so covering all the honorific bases. ROFL.


Another somewhat serious scene between JA and the superior that she has gone on the business trip with, Senior Manager Gong who is known for being a pervert, especially at company functions.


(JA is working when Gong comes up to her after previously having left JA to do all the work while he gladhands around.)


Gong: The president and general manager want to have dinner, so hurry up and wrap it up.
JA: I don’t feel that good, so I’m going to go ahead to the inn…
Gong: What are you saying?
GM: If you’re finished, then shall we go? We’ve made a reservation at the best restaurant.
Gong: Yes. Just a bowl of noodles would have been fine. You didn’t have to go to all that trouble.
JA: I’m sorry, General Manager, but something I ate this morning didn’t agree with me, so… However, I’ll be in extra early in the morning to finish. Have a nice meal. (leaves)
GM: Oh, she doesn’t feel good?
Gong: I’ll just be a moment. Just a moment. (chases after JA)
Gong: Manager Yoon! Manager Yoon!
Gong: What are you doing? How can you come here and then slip out now?
JA: What do you mean slip out?
Gong: It’s because you’re doing things that you haven’t done before. When did Manager Yoon not go along on things like this?
JA: What kinds of thing are you talking about?
Gong: Are you asking because you don’t know? Eating a meal together, and then having a drink, and…
JA: Then go to a karaoke room and shake a tambourine and put up with all the skinship. That kind of thing? I don’t intend to do those kinds of things anymore. They make me feel sick, so I don’t think I can do it anymore. I’ll get going now. (leaves)
Gong: Why is she being like that?

(JA sneaks around trying to escape her superior. She bumps into JH instead, and this scene has a video clip and a translation already posted.)


So, go JA! I guess it took the near rape by GM as well as having JH on her side to make her decide she wasn't going to allow herself to be used every which way that people wanted and to stand up for herself.



Another bit of cuteness. JA falls asleep that night on the business trip without even eating the dinner that JH had made. She wakes up early next morning and leaves without waking JH.


(JH wakes up, looking for JA who isn't there. However, she's left him a note.)


Note: Good morning. I’ll call after I’m done. - The woman in the drawing.


Then, JA kissed the drawing that JH had made of her while she had been sleeping. JH is so busted that JA knows he's drawing her. :D


And, just a final bit of cuteness on the phone call that JA is having with JH after the trip.


We only hear JA's part of the call, but this is what she says on the phone to JH.


JA: I’m fine. It’s the person who drove who is tired. That’s why I said we should take turns driving. I am totally the best driver. Next time? You want to go away on vacation again? (her mother knocks on the door) I have to go.



It's some of these little scenes that I've translated in this post that give the drama so many feels for me, making it seem like a realistic relationship, albeit between two impossibly beautiful people. I hope official subs are available soon, or at least good subs. Then again, sometimes, the official subs don't really do a drama justice either. I think I must really like this drama to put this much effort into explaining some of the scenes and little bits that I like. :)

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Somehow Jin Ah said Joon Hee that if you love someone you should date with them passionately and with all your heart. And this is what they're doing right now. They're like a couple which just has met each other, they're giggling with each other and teasing other person. And I looooove that. 
And I know that maybe it's all happening so fast but it makes sense. Actually this is how it goes. 
They awkwardly hold hands.
They want to impress each other.
They take selfies and laugh at themselves.
They want to be with each other the whole time.
They hug each other just like that.
And to comfort other person.
They kiss.
And want to sleep with each other.
This is how it's happening in the real life. Exactly like that. When you have feelings for someone for a long time (or the feelings that just suddenly show up in Jin Ah's case) you don't think about turning back you just want to move forward. As quickly as possible. And I'm here for that kind of relationship. For healthy relationships when you understand and respect each other, when you can behave yourself like teasing siblings and a cute couple at the same time, when you can talk all night with your partner just because you don't want to hang up first, when you smile and laugh and feel the most comfortable with someone and know that this person will always be on your side. This is why I'm watching this drama even without any subs. 

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18 minutes ago, mufalo said:

Somehow Jin Ah said Joon Hee that if you love someone you should date with them passionately and with all your heart. And this is what they're doing right now. They're like a couple which just has met each other, they're giggling with each other and teasing other person. And I looooove that. 
And I know that maybe it's all happening so fast but it makes sense. Actually this is how it goes...


Adding to this, it also makes sense that it goes so fast. In real life, maybe it wouldn’t go this fast but that’s because couples have to get to know each other and build a trust first. Since our couple have known each other for a loooooong time, they can skip that step and get straight to the loving (which we all want)

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10 minutes ago, jeijei said:

Team Yeppeuda is up and running. We still need additional translators, timers and QCs. PM me if interested. 


I can help with timers

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Got the credits for ep 1.  Muiiya and s4niya.


Are they from soompi or anyone you guys know?Is that what everyone is watching from? Have no clue if they are translating from Korean or Chinese or Indonesian. I watched only 5 min of subs and decided I was better off watching it raw. But since there are names don't know if it's anyone you guys know on soompi.

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The level of cuteness of this K-drama is off the charts! I don’t know if it’s just my shameless bias for Jung Hae-in or Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food just screams adorable in every way.


Full: https://ahjummamshies.com/2018/04/08/k-drama-reaction-pretty-noona-who-buys-me-food-episode-1/

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Does anyone know the song that was playing the background when JH was showing JA how to draw with his drawing pad (in ep 4)? There were in his office. I tried to look it up online but could not find it :( 

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We have only one translator, so if you'd like to join, PM me. 


Ep1 is ready for QC but I'm still in the hospital dancing to I Am the Best while hooked on fluids. So wanna QC instead? PM me. 


The squad is now known as Subbing in the Rain. 

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I know that patience is a virtue but with these beautiful photos and gifs and videos that are going around, my apology but dammit, netflix, how-much-longer-are-you-going-to-torture-us? 


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Guys, Does anyone know the background song of the kissing scene? I have searched with all the words i can hear ;however; no results were found. What a beautiful song. Everything related to this films is so amazingggggg!!!

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Hello all friends, I'm checking in after completing ep 4. I'm shook by the high quality of the drama. Who would have thought the singers were Carla Bruni (Stand By Your Man) and Bruce Willis (Save The Last Dance For Me) ?! I'm playing the songs on repeat right now. It's indeed true that Jung Hae-in looks like a golden retriever puppy. He just looks so happy with Son Ye Jin in every episode. 

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