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[UPCOMING Mainland Chinese Drama 2018 ] The Monkey King 3: The Land of the Many Perfumes 西游记女儿国


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                                The Monkey King 3 



TITLE : The Monkey King: The Land of the Many Perfumes 西游记女儿国  [The Monkey King 3: Kingdom of Women Drama Version]


GENRE : Action, adventure ,fantasy , drama 

Episodes : 36


RELEASE: * 2018 *


CAST :Neo Hou Minghao

            Owodog Ao Quan 

             Bai lu

DIRECTED :Huang Zu Quan and Written by Wang Zhuo Ting.


Synopsis : 

The gang will be heading to the Kingdom of Women just like in the movie . Neo Hou Minghao as the Monk .

The same goes for the rest of the cast starring Owodog Ao Quan, Peng Yu, Liu Ming Kai and finally, Bai Lu as the leading lady. 

(the drama has secured exclusive rights from the movie)


Booting ceremony :: 20 June , 2017









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  • Guest changed the title to [UPCOMING Mainland Chinese Drama 25 Feb, 2018 ] The Monkey King 3: The Land of the Many Perfumes 西游记女儿国
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Owodog is 35yo (b1982) while Neo Hou is 20yo (b1997) but not easy to see the 15yr age difference. Owodog 敖犬 is former Lollipop F member, from Taiwan.


Both drama and movie with same theme on Land of the Women...come out so close to each other.

I know they are related or share some rights...but still, surely will be compared.


Weibo :



Can't find any trailer. Debut on 25 Feb.


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