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[Drama 2018] Shall We Live Together/ Marry Me Now? 같이 살래요

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KBS2 Drama 2018

Marry Me Now? /Shall We Live Together?




Drama: Shall We Live Together/ Marry Me Now? 

Hangul: 같이 살래요

Genre: drama, family, romance

Network: KBS2

Episodes: 50

Director: Yoon Chang-Beom (First Love Again, The King of Legend)

Writer: Park Pil-Joo ( First Love Again, Bluebird’s House)

Release Date: 2018- March- 17 to 2018- September- 09

Runtime: Saturday & Sunday, 19:55 (following drama My Golden Life)

Production Company:

OST:part 1 Kim Jung Min (김정민) - Dream (꿈)

        part 2 Taeha-Couple (커플)

            part 3 Shin Yeon Ah- I'll be together

        part 4 Monday Kiz-The Person Within Me

        part 5 Beige (베이지) – It's Still Love

        part 6 Ock Joo Hyun- Saying I love you

        part 7 동우 (DongWoo)- The Thing Called Love

Official site:https://kbsworld.kbs.co.kr/program/program_view.php?pg_seq=1193


Other sites: http://asianwiki.com/Shall_We_Live_Together


Watch Online in Viki.com




The drama is a frank story about a multi-generational family, with the parents facing their mid-life crises, and their children who have been unable to become independent, shielded from the realities of the world like kangaroo babies by their parents. (Dramabeans)


Park Yoo-Ha (Han Ji-Hye) studied hard in medical school and finished her intern course. She works hard to become a doctor due to her father. Her father raised 4 children by himself and her oldest sister also sacrificed for the family. Park Yoo-Ha is not interested in other people. Suddenly, her father marries a woman rich enough to own a building.

Meanwhile, Jung Eun-Tae (Lee Sang-Woo) works as a doctor. He volunteered for performing medical service abroad, but he comes back to Korea. Jung Eun-Tae is not interested in marriage, because his father placed priority on his medical work over family and Jung Eun-Tae believes he is like his father. (Asianwiki)





Han Ji-Hye- Park Yoo-ha

Lee Sang-Woo- Jung Eun Tae

Jang Mi-Hee - Lee Mi Yeon

Yoo Dong-Geun - Park Hyo-Seob

Park Sun-Young - Park Sun-Ha

Park Jun-Keum - Woo A-Mi

Yeo Hoi-Hyeon- Park Jae Hyung

Keum Sae-rok- Park Hyun-Ha

Kim Yoon-Kyung - Chae Hee-Kyung

Hwang Dong-Joo - Chae Sung-Woon

Kim Kwon - Choi Moon Sik

Jung Chae-Yeon -Lee Mi Yeon (young)

Yoo In-Hyuk - Park Hyo-Seob (young)

Kim Woo-Hyuk -

Park Se-Wan -


Character descriptions
























Park Yoo-ha (Han Ji Hye) is a cold doctor who was accepted into a prestigious medical school. She’s uncaring about others to the point of oddity, and she’s a fiercely independent individual, (with a strong tendency toward individualism), who isn’t interested in rumors or gossip.

Jung Eun Tae (Lee sang Woo) is a doctor who performed medical service aboard but he comes to Korea. He is not interested in marriage. His father put his profession as a doctor over his family and he thinks he is just like him.


1520992896_mmn_1.jpgPark Yuha (cast. Han Ji Hye)

She is Hyoseop's second daughter. She is a rational woman with a passionate heart. Whereas the eldest daughter Seonha looked after the siblings like a mother, Yuha was the type who would give her younger siblings a lesson. The fact that she got into medical school made her the pride and joy of the family. When she got married to Seongun, a millionaire's son, she was called a Cinderella and became the envy of many women. Although Seongun made her forgo her dream of becoming a doctor, she still loved him. As time went by, she found herself gradually becoming a woman befitting a member of Seongun's family. As she did for Seongun, she starts to endure everything for her lovely daughter Eunsu.

Jeong Euntae (Lee Sang Woo)

He's an internist at Jahan Hospital. He is a cranky doctor who takes the lead in going on voluntary medical service abroad. He may be a rogue, but he's the finest doctor. People call him an arrogant, rude and unruly "mad dog," but he doesn't mind it at all because thank to this nickname, no other doctor would try to get on his nerves. Surprisingly, he is the most caring brother and uncle to his older sister and his niece, and he's as generous as a saint to his patients. His late father was in the forefront of overseas medical services. Back then, he resented his father for being neglectful of his family while he was busy taking care of his patients. But when he followed his father's footsteps and served in Africa, at last he came to understand his father. But as a side effect, he decided not to get married. Dating is fine, but forget marriage. He doesn't want to hurt his family like his father did. He would commit to practicing medicine for his entire life. After serving in Africa for several years, he returns to Korea when his brother-in-law, who is the director of Jahan Hospital, calls for help.

Park Hyoseop (cast. Yoo Dong Kun)

He is a master shoemaker and owner of a handmade shoe store. At the same time, he is a compassionate father of four children. This man of perseverance has been making handmade shoes for several decades at the same spot. Ever since his wife passed away, he has been sacrificing his life for his children, who mean the world to him along with shoes. However, wind suddenly starts blowing in his peaceful life. He had wished that his eldest daughter would marry a reliable man, but she brings a younger boyfriend as a potential spouse. His town, where he's been living all his life, becomes target of redevelopment. On top of all, his first love, Miyeon, shows up after 36 years, just like a storm. And she's no ordinary woman. She's a proud building owner.

Lee Miyeon (cast. Jang Mihui)

She is a woman of overbearing haughtiness. But she's also a majestic and elegant landlord. She is arrogant, but she behaves with common decency. She is rude, but she keeps it within bounds. She makes poignant remarks, but she only says the right things. That's why even her audacity and evil tongue seem to make her more charming. Every single investment she makes hits the jackpot, and everything prospers with her. Nevertheless, her life was not without a few bumps on the road. After her husband ran off overseas when his company went bankrupt, she started from the bottom and kept on rolling until she came to own a building. Although she is enjoying a glamorous single life, she feels empty inside somehow. To recollect the happiest time of her life, she decides to restore the house in which she lived with her father in her twenties. Then she comes across Hyoseop, her first love and object of her hatred.

Character description https://kbsworld.kbs.co.kr/program/program_view.php?pg_seq=1193











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Han Ji-hye, Lee Sang-woo consider Shall We Live Together

by tineybeanie

Han Ji-hye, Lee Sang-woo

It’s a quick turnaround after 20th Century Boy and Girl, but there’s already news that Lee Sang-woo is considering his next drama, an upcoming KBS weekender called Shall We Live Together. The last KBS family drama he was in, All About My Mom, was a huge ratings hit, and they’re also courting Han Ji-hye (Legendary Witch) to return to dramaland after a three-year hiatus to co-star, whose last project, Legendary Witch, was also a ratings hit.

The drama is a frank story about a multi-generational family, with the parents facing their mid-life crises, and their children who have been unable to become independent, shielded from the realities of the world like kangaroo babies by their parents. While specifics on Lee Sang-woo’s character have not been revealed, Han Ji-hye has been offered the part of a cold doctor who was accepted into a prestigious medical school. She’s uncaring about others to the point of oddity, and she’s a fiercely independent individual who isn’t interested in rumors or gossip.


more http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/12/han-ji-hye-lee-sang-woo-consider-shall-we-live-together/


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I knew they will confirm. Good luck for them! 

Han ji Hye plays a doctor and Lee Sang Woo will play another doctor after his role in Happy Home. I don`t know if I will watch this 50 episode drama but I keep my eyes on it.

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Dec 15 2017

Han Ji-Hye and Lee Sang-Woo cast in KBS2 weekend drama series “Shall We Live Together”


Han Ji-Hye and Lee Sang-Woo are cast in upcoming KBS2 weekend drama series “Shall We Live Together” (literal and working title). The drama series will air on Saturdays and Sundays at 8PM beginning February, 2018 (taking over the time slot currently held by “My Golden Life“). In the drama series, Han Ji-Hye and Lee Sang-Woo will play doctors who fall in love. They come from very different backgrounds.


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Han Ji Hye And Lee Sang Woo Confirmed For New Weekend Family Drama



Han Ji Hye and Lee Sang Woo have been confirmed as leads for the upcoming KBS 2TV drama “Do You Want to Live Together?” (working title).

This new Saturday-Sunday drama will air following the end of “My Golden Life,” and will tell a fun story that aims to make viewers laugh and move their hearts with its storyline about parents in their 60s and children in their 20s-30s.

“Do You Want to Live Together?” will be centered around the family of a single dad and master shoemaker named Hyosub. After the death of his wife, he raised his four children alone and recently remarried a woman who is the owner of a building.

This will be actress Han Ji Hye first time appearing on the small screen in three years. She will play the role of second-oldest daughter Park Yoo Ha, who studied hard to go to medical school and recently completed her residency. She felt the only way to repay her father and older sister for raising her was by studying hard and becoming a doctor.

Due to her goal-focused personality, she has no interest in other people’s lives. Some may think of her as chic, while others may describe her personality as cold.

Actor Lee Sang Woo will play the role of Jung Eun Tae, an intellectual and handsome surgeon who is the person residents avoid the most due to his nickname “crazy dog,” but is the most popular doctor amongst patients.

After volunteering in foreign countries, he returned to Korea to work on expanding hospitals’ contribution to social welfare. He is also a bachelor due to his family history. His father chose medical volunteering over his dying mother and when Jung Eun Tae realized he was becoming similar to his father, he chose to not get married and be alone for the rest of his life to avoid another victim like him.

A source from the drama said, “Something to watch out for in the drama will be how Park Yoo Ha, who lost her mom at an early age, and Jung Eun Tae, who chooses to be alone due to not wanting to become like his dad, mature through their encounters with each other. Han Ji Hye, who is returning to television for the first time in a while, and handsome actor Lee Sang Woo are working hard. Please look forward to these two actors who will lead the upcoming weekend drama after ‘My Golden Life.'”


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Casting news

Actor Yoo Dong-geun and actress Jang Mi-Hee  was cast in the weekend drama Shall We Live Together. He plays the father of Park Yoo Ha (Han Ji Hye) and Jang Mi Hee, the owner of many buildings, a business woman with Midas' s hands calling for money in each business.



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The 4 siblings cast compleated



Park Sun-young will play the role of Park Sun ha, the older sister, who was a talented career woman at the company, and who has been a "mother" at home. Han Ji Hye plays Park Yoo Ha, the second daughter, is a doctor.  Actor Yeo Hoi-Hyeon and actress Keum Sae-rok will play twin brother and sister.



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DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon In Talks To Join New KBS Weekend Drama



DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon is in talks to potentially join a new drama!

On December 22, it was reported that Jung Chaeyeon would be returning as an actress through KBS 2TV’s upcoming weekend drama “Do You Want to Live Together?” (literal title), which will begin airing in February 2018. When asked about the reports, Jung Chaeyeon’s agency replied, “Although it is true that Jung Chaeyeon is in talks to appear in the new KBs 2TV weekend drama, nothing has been decided yet.”

If she does take on the role, Jung Chaeyeon will play the younger version of the character Lee Mi Yeon when she’s in her twenties. The current-day version of the character will be played by actress Jang Mi Hee.

In the drama, Lee Mi Yeon is the owner of a building and is also a successful businesswoman. Though she can seem arrogant at times, she is very sensible and her words may seem sharp, but they hold nothing but the truth. She was forced to take on a company that her husband had run into the ground and run away from, but she used her wit and determination to build it back up, and has enjoyed a comfortable single life since.




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12 hours ago, larus said:

Actress Park Joon Geum has joined the drama Shall We Live Together. She will play the mother in law of the first daughter of Yoo Dong-geun`s character .




This mama again!:lol: 

She always have a way to make u love her character even as a villain.  Let me look forward to this one. I don't like the present one though it's a national hit.

Edited by Berou
please don't quote pics , thanks :)
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The script for episode 1.


A child actor with the script for episode 3.




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Actors Yoo In-hyeog and Jung Chae-yeon have confirmed their appearances on KBS2's new weekend drama "Shall We Live Together".

Yoo In-hyeok and Chae Chae-yeon are opposite to each other but they plan to show Hyo-sup and Mi Yeon of young days who loved each other passionately.






Yoo In Hyuk And DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon Confirmed For New KBS Drama



Previously, DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon was in talks to join a new drama, and it was recently confirmed that she will take part in it alongside actor Yoo In Hyuk.

n KBS’s new weekend drama “Do You Want to Live Together?” (literal title), Jung Chaeyeon and Yoo In Hyuk will be playing the younger versions of the lead characters.

The story revolves around a family’s struggles between elderly, conservative parents and their children, who are in their twenties and thirties. Romance starts to blossom between a man named Hyo Seop (played by Yoo Dong Geun), who raised his four children by himself after his wife died, and Mi Yeon (played by Jang Mi Hee), his first love who reappears in his life as a building owner.

Yoo In Hyuk will play the younger version of Hyo Seop in his twenties, who liked Mi Yeon enough to run away with her but had no choice but to separate from her. Jung Chaeyeon will play the confident and bold Mi Yeon in her twenties.


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Lee Sang Woo and Han Ji Hye are presenting Excellence in Acting Long Drama










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