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1 hour ago, Friendly kitty said:

Neighbor main character from Terius Behind Me



Ohh, I agree! He was so hilarious! :D 

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My first side character I would like to be in the poll ,it’s a  SS from Fiery Priest & I think This guy deserves a place on it  :mrgreen:

For the people , Who didn’t know SS , he is phenomenal character that make people go crazy for him , you would want an * I love Oppa *  T-shirt  If u watch him for a second  :joy: Of course not for his abs but his personality :mrgreen:


He can dance A11FFB46-081C-49FE-B945-D859AB3B04EE.gif




He can fight A11FFB46-081C-49FE-B945-D859AB3B04EE.gif





He support woman *ROTC * & can ride A11FFB46-081C-49FE-B945-D859AB3B04EE.gif








He is a best tongue twister ever   ]A11FFB46-081C-49FE-B945-D859AB3B04EE.gif





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Dear @Lmangla & @sushilicious






I heard there is a nomination is going to be open for the best side character from my best friend / stalker *Ameera* . So I decided to put up my name forward, I am a character on TYH , and although I say it myself, I am the best lawyer on the Kdrama by far . I wouldn’t lie at first I was worried to come forward to nominate myself because my similarity to Bradley Cooper :joy:





Some fans call me Mama’s boy * cough @triplem * which I find fascinating , to be clear I am lawyer , an amazing lawyer , at the age of 3 years old I won my first case against my mom with my cuteness * so sue me* , at age a of 17 I won my second case against my teacher with my sweet personality so no wonder I am a divorce lawyer , I have my way around women , if I was successful my name end at poll my mum & I know that my loyal soompi fans won’t let me down & I gonna win the best side character prize even if I have to rip it out of the winner hands  - shout to @Sejabin for her kind nomination :mrgreen:





A while a go I discovered that I was quite musical , I could play music nicely, which lead a lot of fans coming to me asking for lessons like my favourite client @Lawyerh that I found out she didn’t nominated me , that made me heart broken & ask my self WHAT MORE AM I TO DO ? When I am marvellous from start to finish :yum:





best side character 


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