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[Drama 2018] Eulachacha Waikiki 으라차차 와이키키

Go Seung Ji

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So many crazy LOL moments in eps 5. I pity our motley crew of 5 here..they can't seem to catch break career wise or even in the love department. But what I am really excited for is eps 6 though...like why would they need to get married??? :D  And of course third parties needed as catalyst to bring out the budding feelings that baby mama & grumpy Dong Gu have for each other. I wonder if there will be a love line btwn chewbacca and wolverine.  I know they behave like siblings but they seem to have a lot of screen time together....

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We all have that one friend who knows how to hit hard when we like someone out of our league.


Waikiki 5 (1)


K-Drama Reaction: Laughter in Waikiki | Episode 5

Date: February 20, 2018 Author: grumpyahjumma

This show has the perfect balance of humor and heart. I didn’t expect it to go on full comedy as the story progresses, but at least it still managed to infuse laughter in the most serious scenes.


Full: https://ahjummamshies.wordpress.com/2018/02/20/k-drama-reaction-laughter-in-waikiki-episode-5/

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The stripping scene by the 3 guys is pure gold! The 3 actors must have prepared themselves by going to the gym to look decent. I know LYK has a nice body as he is a swimmer but this is the 1st time I'm watching SSW. However I'm positive KJH is more muscular since I last saw him in School 2017.:D

As Korean guys train bare chested in the snow during their military training, I'm sure they can tolerate the cold! Heeee!:tongue:


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OMG tonight's episode :wub:

DG is in LOVE!!!! His face when she came out with the wedding dress! He was IN AWE! We were as well she's gorgeous!

Then when he saved her from the famous K-drama motorcyclist! 

Next week is her turn! Can't wait for their cute jealousy scenes :rolleyes:

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