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[Drama 2018] Eulachacha Waikiki 으라차차 와이키키

Go Seung Ji

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There's something that bugs me in Seungwon's IG acct (and even change his username) He deletes most of Waikiki related pics. There are still some pics left but it feels different. Is this a sign that he may not join S2 (if there is?) :(




There's more but it hurts me if I post it more the pics he deleted. :(




Meanwhile, the Waikiki ladies got reunited with Go PD. ^^





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 wow they finally released the background music for this drama :w00t: I love the acoustic guitar music, waited forever for those! But there are still some bgm missing though...

I still prefer season 1 imo, it was more funny/memorable while the second season was meh for me 

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