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[Drama 2018] Should We Kiss First?, 키스 먼저 할까요

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16 minutes ago, uma14 said:

Kam Woo Sung n Kim Sun Ah  will be win daesang SBS Drama Awards 2018? 

 I wish that. I think it is a high chance.


Daesang (Grand Prize) SBS Drama Awards 2018


Congratulations Kim Sun Ah AND Kam Woo Sung on receiving the Grand Prize (Daesang) for their outstanding performance in "Should We Kiss First" at the 2018 SBS Drama Awards!







Kim Sun Ah says that this was a New Year's surprise! She said just like how she received the gift of drama "Should We Kiss First," this Daesang was also a gift. She thanked the staff, writer, and her on-screen partner Kam Woo Sung.

Kam Woo Sung began his speech by saying that this hasn't hit him yet and it'll probably feel real when he wakes up tomorrow morning. He also hoped that him and Kim Sun Ah would both receive the Daesang together, and it came true, so he's happy. The actor wished the best for all of the actors in the room, thanked the director, and said he's proud of "Should We Kiss First."





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4 hours ago, larus said:

 I wish that. I think it is a high chance.

Actually ai can't move on wacthing this drama...i'm so love this drama...


Yeayyy i'm so happy kam woo sung n kim sun ah win daesang...:heart:

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On 4/25/2018 at 10:39 PM, mjfan said:

I think this drama is a piece of fine art that not anyone can appreciate and value 

I love it to pieces

I love all the characters it's weird I didn't hate anyone except that Apollo chairman but as I saw him being hilarious in other dramas I couldn't take him seriously 

Mi Rae is very charming and I want a bestfriend like her

I never knew KWS before but God now I adore him

I praaaaaaaay they end up together in real life if he is single they are match made in heaven


This drama is really a PIECE OF FINE ART indeed. It's just too bad that many Soompiers missed it and this page is as quiet as a mouse. :tongue:


@USAFarmgirl where are you? Love your super expressive and appropriate writing about this gem of a drama.:wub:


It's my DRAMA OF 2018 and should have been SBS's Best Drama of 2018 too. And KSA & KWS both thoroughly deserve their DAESANGs (rare for 2 actors of opposite sex getting daesangs from the same drama)for their STELLAR acting & off the chart chemistry (the very fact that they are THE ONLY BEST COUPLE says it all)!:love:


By the way, KWS also won 2 Best actors award for SWKF from the Korean Culture Award & Korean Drama Award if I'm not mistaken.:heart:


Paul Kim's OST , "Every Day Every Moment" should have won BEST OST Award too. It did win the BEST OST Award at one of the Music Awards which I cant remember its name. :lol:


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@gladys57 Thank you... And please forgive my late reply as I have been away but thanks for the shout out and sweet words of kindness.  I loved this drama and still do.  It is one of my favorites and like you said it's just a shame that it didn't get the attention it so deserved and yet I hope people find it still and get to enjoy not only the story but also the beautiful emotions that were so well played out through these actors.  Love is ageless and I think this OTP proved that love is timeless as well...


There was this sense of beauty and focus in realizing the importance of just having another humans touch and the warmth they give.  The understanding and need to be loved and the gift in being able to give love.  That like one of the OST songs that I fell in love with Every day, Every Moment. it was a haunting reminder to take nothing for granted, focus on what's really important in life that we so freely overlook day after day....


It's about understanding and the willingness to forgive for it's easy to judge others when you're the one filling in the blanks.  You may not know that persons heart or how sorry they are because all you can see and feel is your own pain..  But I loved most of all how he read to her at night and it moved my heart to listen to his words it was so calming and peaceful seeing them wrapped up in each others arms and so romantic the loving way they said good-night...


Who said you have to be young to be romantic when I think they proved it's even better when you're older somehow you appreciate it even more.  Because you know how much it's worth...


It's not everything going on around us keeping us busy always having somewhere to be or something that has to be done.  It's as simple and what's going on inside of us and when fate strikes and we are faced with sickness or death it doesn't take long to realize all those things we thought were so important. Aren't as important as love...  Just your shout out makes me want to watch it again....:heart:




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Omg!! It is so timely to rewatch this drama again! I need to savour the scenes again!! And KSA was so surprised she won the Grand Daesang Award!! Why?? Wasn’t she Marvelous in the drama!! But they both kinda awkward on stage!! So unlike Moo-Jin couple! But well done to both my fav couple!

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Hello, everyone, I am new to the forum.  I am late, but love this drama very much.  I was checking background information.   WOW! This drama has been doing pretty well in various awards.  I thought I would share with you (Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Should_We_Kiss_First%3F)


Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Recipient Result Ref.
2018 54th Baeksang Arts Awards Best Supporting Actress Ye Ji-won Won [8]
11th Korea Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, Actor Kam Woo-sung Won [9]
6th APAN Star Awards Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries Kim Sun-a Nominated [10]
2nd The Seoul Awards Best Drama Should We Kiss First Nominated [11]
Best Actor Kam Woo-sung Nominated
Best Actress Kim Sun-a Nominated
1st MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards Best OST Paul Kim (Every Day, Every Moment) Won [12]
10th Melon Music Awards Won  
31st Grimae Awards Best Actress Kim Sun-a Won  
20th Mnet Asian Music Awards Best OST Paul Kim (Every Day, Every Moment) Nominated  
1st Korea Popular Music Awards Nominated  
26th SBS Drama Awards Grand Prize (Daesang) Kam Woo-sung Won [13]
Kim Sun-a Won
Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Monday–Tuesday Drama Kam Woo-sung Nominated
Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Monday–Tuesday Drama Kim Sun-a Nominated
Excellence Award, Actor in a Monday–Tuesday Drama Oh Ji-ho Nominated
Kim Sung-soo Nominated
Excellence Award, Actress in a Monday–Tuesday Drama Park Si-yeon Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Ye Ji-won Won
Best Couple Kam Woo-sungand Kim Sun-ah Won
2019 33rd Golden Disc Awards Best OST Paul Kim (Every Day, Every Moment) Won  

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Welcome to Soompi forum and this drama page! It's never too late to contribute to this awesome drama!:D


WOW! SWKF really deserves the many awards indeed! 

THANKS A LOT for sharing the list of fantastic awards which this drama fully deserve to win! DAEBAK!:wub:


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Hye guys!! Can someone tell me, what song at teaser no 2. I'm so curious to know that song.I've been looking at youtube but did not find it. Thank you so much for helping me. :')

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