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[Drama 2018] Good Witch, 착한마녀전


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More detailed translated news ^^






The main cast for SBS’ upcoming drama “Good Witch” has been determined, and drama filming preparations have officially begun.


“Good Witch” will air in March, after the drama “Bravo My Life”. Stars such as Lee Da-hae, Ryu Soo-young, Ahn Woo-yeon, Bae Soo-bin and Yoon Se-ah will be appearing as the main cast.


“Good Witch” tells the story of an overly kind housewife, Cha Sun-hee, who leads a double life with her cold-hearted and “witchlike” twin sister, Cha Do-nyeo. Lee Da-hae will be playing the two different sisters and acting out their opposite personalities. The drama is her first SBS drama in ten years after “Robber” (2008).


Actor Ryu Soo-young will also be appearing in the drama alongside Lee Da-hae as the passionate and energetic co-pilot Song Woo-jin. Single and well-informed, Song’s life gets shaken up when Cha Sun-hee enters his life.


Ahn Woo-yeon will play the youngest son of an airline company’s CEO, Oh Tae-yang, who brings nothing but trouble with his spontaneous disappearances. Yoon Se-ah will be playing the role of his spoiled, hot-tempered older sister, Oh Tae-ri.


In addition, Bae Soo-bin will be playing Chan Sun-hee’s husband, Bong Cheon-dae, a jobless man who is more considered about managing his social media accounts than finding a job.


The drama will be led by Producer Oh Se-kang from “Temptation of Wife” and “My Heart Twinkle Twinkle” and Writer Yoon Young-mi from “Birth of a Beauty” and “One Well-Raised Daughter”.

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@Annya That view with snow on trees on mountain is so beautiful !! I wonder if that actually from filming set.


Although it is reported that they begun filming but I thought they might not be fully immersed with scenes filming till next month since it is holiday season and there is no hurry since the drama still have quite some time till it airs.


But it better if they do start as early as possible since it is always good to have a head start before going into live shooting mood and also hoping that may be SBS do show a first look or make interview with the cast to air on SBS Drama Awards on new year's eve.

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Another translation of the news from Dramabeans 




Tale of a Good Witch to be told by Lee Da-hae, Ryu Soo-young


The casting lineup for upcoming weekend drama Tale of a Good Witch is now complete: Lee Da-hae (Hotel King) and Ryu Soo-young (Father Is Strange) will play the main couple, and Ahn Woo-yeon (Age of Youth 2), Bae Soo-bin (My Heart Twinkle Twinkle), and Yoon Se-ah (Just Between Lovers, My Sassy Girl) have signed on as the supporting cast.


Tale of a Good Witch begins with a kind housewife who starts living a double life due to unavoidable circumstances. Her second identity is her twin sister, a stewardess who is known as “Cutting Witch” for her cold, nasty personality. Ryu Soo-young plays an intelligent and well-traveled pilot who lives a YOLO lifestyle, avoiding the possibility of a sad marriage. His life is upended when he meets Lee Da-hae’s character, and he begins to question his stance on marriage.


Despite his growing affection for Lee Da-hae, of course this love line will be complicated by the existence of her husband, played by Bae Soo-bin. He’s an unemployed bum with the gift of gab, who is excessively emotional and more invested in updating his social media than seeking employment.


The airline that Ryu Soo-young works for is Hangong, a family-run conglomerate. The director of Hangong will be played by Yoon Se-ah, the hotheaded eldest daughter of the CEO. Her brother (Hangong’s CEO’s youngest son) is a mischievous troublemaker, who will be played by Ahn Woo-yeon.


Double identities, chaebols, and no-good husbands—sounds like an awesome makjang already! Now that casting is finished, filming will begin soon for SBS weekender Tale of a Good Witch. It will premiere at the beginning of next March, following the end of currently airing Bravo My Life.

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The storyline sounds quite promising actually. There is makjang element of course but not to the extent of memory loss, revenge, birth secret, terminal illness, etc. If executed well, it should be an interesting watch. It's the kind of plot that ahjummas love and hate at the same time - the husband who is a bum vs. the hard working wife. So far, the synopsis does not say anything about whether the good witch and the husband love each other. Did they marry for love or for some other reason. Can't wait for more details to be released!

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Hello chingus!! I see many of my old chingus from DH's thread are here. :)

So happy that DH finally got a new drama and I booked it to translate the subs in Italian when it comes out ^^ but, how many episodes will be? Because some people say it's 40 but theorically 20 because they think it will be 30 minutes episodes. Do you know something about this?

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@purplebass Hi Chingu, long time no see!! :wink: 


Yes the drama will air in the new format with 35 mins per episode and airing 4 episodes (140 mins) on Saturdays. They are doing that now to air Ads in between and so increase the broadcast profit.


About the number of episodes, it is not confirmed yet but as per the latest state on the Korean wiki page it is set as 40 Eps but they do toggle between 40 and 60 Eps so I think at least we know it is not less or more than that :D 

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@purplebass I think it will be more of the wife switching between herself and her sister since she is the main character but there must be scenes for the sister as well at least in the beginning and the end. We still don't know if she will disappear and have no role due to the circumstances or she will still be there somewhere else. Need to wait to see in the drama ^^ 

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Here this actress is going to play mother to Ryu Soo-young character.






[Sports Seoul Kim Hyo Won reporter] Actor Moon Hee-kyung was cast on SBS 'Good Witch I' (directed by Yoon Young-Mi, directed by Oh Se-gang).

Moon Hee-kyung takes on the role of mother Kim Gwang-joo of Song Woo-jin (Ryu Soo-young) in the play and becomes a cute and charming housewife.

'Good Witch I' deals with the story of a woman who was so good that her dual life as a twin sister of a naughty person.

Oh Se-gang PD, who directed 'Temptation of wife' and 'My heart is glittering', grabs megaphone and writes by Yoon Young-mi, a writer, such as 'Daughter of a Beautiful Woman'


Also the picture from BTS of drama looks like actor seo dong won.



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