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[Drama 2018] My Husband Oh Jak-doo 데릴남편 오작두


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Oh my @slatgaya I am touched and somewhat flustered that you call me out. I should have been signed in so I could respond sooner. Should have known there are still visitors here. When I checked just now, the dcinside OJD thread is still going very strong:




Lots of pretty pics and gifs there, and the lovely sentiments run strong still - if only it was all translated for all to see.:unsure: I suppose there was some real connection there for many who strongly identified with Jak-Doo and what he represents for Koreans at the moment. Go click on some links there for your visual pleasure at least.


For me, this drama was in an unexpected way what Koreans like to call a 'healing', which I wasn't aware that I was in need of at the time, drama-watching wise. Having stepped away for a good month from dramas in general I don't feel engrossed in it as one would expect from a story that's over, but I do wish I could muster up some energy to do a few more gifs -  ep 24 was full of them.:sweatingbullets:


As I watched this quaint little story unfold, I couldn't help but identify with HSJ character for personal reasons, and I kept comparing her to another 'dirt-spoon' character who was such a disappointment to me in spite of the fact that that character was played by my favorite actress. I wanted to do a 'tale of 2 dirt-spoons' compare and contrast essay, almost, LoL, to point out where the failings of the first character (not the actress) and all the angst it brought me was compensated by the story of HSJ, yet another flawed but more sympathetic dirt-spoon character for me in the end. HSJ got much more out of her development from a weak and seemingly flimsy 'back-story' than this other dirt-spoon character who seemed so pregnant with possibilities at first and yet never materialized over the 54 painful episodes. So OJD has been a real 'blessing' for me, and it will remain special to me always, I think.;)


Maybe I'll still find time to share some of those thoughts better some time. I think there are about a dozen articles of KKW and Uee after the wrap up, which all pretty much say the same thing - Uee wants a life partner just like OJD, LoL, etc. Who can blame her. :phew:


Thank you for reaching out, chingoo.:innocent: I hope to share more with everyone again soon. :heart:


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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you @meechuttso for responding.


I am so happy to hear from you. This drama touched me in many ways. It reminded me of my late husband who was such a simple man just like JD who did not know how to express verbally his love to HSJ but express it in his actions. Yet was cheeky and such a teaser. The very same habit that my late husband had. He loved to tease me and made me laugh. 


So yes that is the reason why MHOJD is meaningful to me. And your insights and comments truly expressed all those sentiments that I feel but not good enough in expressing it, mostly because I do not have the deep understandingnof the nuances of the language I think. 


So hope to see somewhere else and maybe in this forum sometimes again because I keep on rewatching my favourite eps 10, 11, 20, 23 & 24. 


Take care. 

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 My Husband Oh Jak-doo team on the red carpet at MBC 2018 Drama awards




Jung Sang Hoon and Kim Kang Woo presenting the Best Supporting Actor in a Monday-Tuesday mini-series.






Excellence Award for Weekend Drama

Jung Sang Hoon from "My Husband, Mr. Oh!"



The Male High Excellence Award for Weekend Drama

Kim Kang Woo from "My Husband, Mr. Oh!"

Kim Kang Woo thanking viewers, says he will remember this character for a very long time. Thanks writer, directors, staff members, actors, and especially Uee.




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Thank you @larus for the follow up and nice summary to a memorable 2018 for our favorites. I didn't even know KKW had won the Top Excellence Prize!! So well-deserved - Jak-Doo 4ever!!!


Now while Uee was too busy hosting the KBS drama awards (becoz she's currently in the weekend 52-eps one there too, and I don't know if she had anything to say for KKW about the MBC awards), I also found out something that might help all the Jak-Doo-holics here squeeze one more drop of OJD-like aroma from KKW from 2018.


Turns out KKW was in another KBS 2hr special drama for Fall 추석 (Korean Thanksgiving) special back in September.




(I post it here since I couldn't find any other threads about this short drama which probably not many people even know about, but the actress, Lee Seol, won KBS year end special award for her work! She also got MBC year-end award for current work in 'Less than Evil' and voted the 2019 most anticipated actor/actress by industry insiders, FYI).


While KKW's role (name Bong-Gil here, at least about half as hicky a country-side name as Jak-Doo) may not be up to the immaculate, impeccable, super-hero masculinity level of the legend, Oh Jak-Doo, for us OJD fans here, you'll find plenty of moments reminiscent of the man, the legend to giggle over, and at any rate, it's short and sweet and not angsty.


Long live OJD and KKW!!  :love::innocent::love:  Recommended drama!


Shout out to @chardonnay @aloraloralora and @slatgaya and @maddymappo too!  

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