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[Drama 2018] Children of The Lesser God 작은 신의 아이들

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[Lily's Take] Kang Ji-hwan Lost 7kg for His New Character

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Actor Kang Ji-hwan is taking on a new role of the Korean Sherlock in the upcoming drama "Children of a Lesser God".

In the drama "Children of a Lesser God" starting on February 24th, Kang Ji-hwan will be playing a role of Cheon Jae-in, the elite detective with and IQ of 167 who only believes in facts, logic, and numbers. Kang Ji-hwan changed everything about himself for the character, including the tone of the voice, accent, and appearance. To portray sharp-witted, intuitive detective Cheon Jae-in, actor Kang Ji-hwan lost 7kg (about 15 lb) and gained some muscle.

His new character is nicknamed "The Korean Sherlock". Cheon Jae-in will be working with another detective Kim Dan, played by Kim Ok-bin, to solve mysterious cases involving a secretive crime organization.

By: Lily Lee



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This looks interesting, and I like Kim Ok Bin. She did a great job in "The Villainess". This will definitely go on my list of dramas to watch.


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2 hours ago, UnniSarah said:

Hello Everyone 

When does this drama air?? I thought it airs on February 10, 2018..... What is going on???? 


It will begin on fedruary 24, chingu

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