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Event Forum Rules

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1. All general forum rules apply. - Please read the rules carefully. You will be warned if you are found in violation of any of these rules.


2. Do not bypass the swear filter. - Using *, ! or other symbols in place of a letter is unacceptable. There are social rules to be respected in all human interactions and self-control is one of the best qualities that make living together possible. 


3. Do not quote pictures and long posts. - No one likes seeing repetitive content and go through an encyclopedia.


4. Do not engage in non-related conversations and share non-related content. - If you are not going to engage in a discussion with any event related topics, use the PM system or other means of communication


5. Do not upload or link more than 50 pictures in one post.  - Please put your pictures in spoiler tags if you have more than 5.


6. Read the first post of each thread. - Most of your questions can usually be answered by simply reading the first post of an event.


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