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OFFICIAL JiAn-Hyuk JoGak-Sculpture-Couple Thread (Shin HyeSun ❤ Lee TaeHwan)


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Kkkkkokoschka: "Let's end it."


Amen, Hallelujah!


But the preview less than gratifying. JA cries still, stupid girl.

My patience not without limits.


The dialogs so stilted and painful. Absolutely no energy to translate the unworthy screenplay. Sorry.




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One part I will translate loosely.


Kokoschka really back in full moon rabidness today.

Before the ending line lets end it , he asks, demands of her like 3x.


Parts of their exchange was replay of ep 26 when she epicly blew up. He insults her again belittling her for that (worthless) carpentry work. How dare you choose that over mee, his highness the Kok,kkk,kokoschka!


Are you sure?

Last chance!

If I, Kokoschka, make up my mind once, it's a done deal!

Are you absolutely sure?


(me rolls my eyes so bad)


As if he's some extremely tempting Adonis boytoy a girl can't live without becoz of her physical needs.


I wished she'd just spit out , my life with Hyuk is my happiness.


I have not lowered my estimation and expectation of this writer anymore today, becoz she'd already painted herself into a corner and can't recover without sillyness. There was a tv critic program that aired right after ep 26, wondering if this will go down in history as a well-made Makjang or fizzle in the 2nd half. It's fizzling big time so bad, so repetitiously.


Unless she allows the scales over JA's eyes to fall off and she sees clearly to cling to Hyuk as her true friend and one who loves her totally without condition.



Whatever. :huh:



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Saw the preview. Don't know what they talking but looks uninteresting to me. And yes, she's feeling the pain and ache when she looked at him sleeping and.... 


The feisty and independent Jian I liked  became a dumb girl thanks to the ingenious writer who made her become someonewho can only see what DK does for her (though imo he never did anything good for her) and become blind to what Hyuk did for her, how he saved her, how he helped her to stand up again and how he stood by her faithfully  without any questions asked. Well I guess the writer will say love is blind. 


The worst thing is again I have to repeat it's so forced watching Hyuk trying to realise that Jisoo is the one he loves... when I see no substance in their relationship. Whatever. I'm not at all convinced Hyuk is in love with Jisoo.


Getting bored and it's predictable. Just end soon. Episode 52 please just come and go soon.

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For a full celebratory sing along to koko's Let's End It, 그만하자 , check out the lyrics and see if you can go as high.




Another meechuttso special exclusive.







Everyone join in!

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On 1/13/2018 at 7:20 AM, meechuttso said:

Welcome here , @Daisy Str   longtime Chingoo!!


23 hours ago, titania1000 said:

Welcome @Daisy Str!


There isn't such thing as too many pretty pics!


@meechuttso & @titania1000, thanks chingu(s)! Glad to be here! :D


And I stand by what I said on the SHS forum (but was hidden by somebody): :wink:

On 1/4/2018 at 6:11 PM, Daisy Str said:
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Whatever, in MGL, I like Jian with Hyuk! C'est la vie! :wink:


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Okay Hyuk has now officially become Jisoo's boyfriend. :cold_sweat:


Suddenly he didn't like Jian anymore lol. Whatever. I still wish that silly Jian will stay true to her words and not be with DK whatsoever. I would be happiest that she carved a name of her own in her furniture design career and be happy on her own without DK and the Haesung family.


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1 hour ago, titania1000 said:

Ridiculous is what defines the drama at this point: imaginary cancer!!!

Can you believe it? 




It's getting crazier really. Is the writer running out of ideas or getting some kind of writers block?!:blink:


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Hi everyone!

Im so happy that this thread being created..tq so much@meechuttso and all of you here..


As you know, I love Shin hye sun since the drama Five and i shipped jianny and hyuk from the beginning..especially when i saw the poster that the one with all the family gathering up ( all the cast) to take picture.so sorry i dont know how to attach it here...i saw that every couple were standing each other except jisoo and hyuk...hyuk were standing beside jian and holding jian shoulder....seems like there is a chance for jia  to be with hyuk...Lol..its just my imagination..


I just want to say that i am so sooooo dissapointed for tonight ep..can i say that? We know that all the cast were awsome in acting..but i cant really feel or make sense that hyuk gonna have a sentimental feeling with JS all along...suddenly now they are officially a couple( seems like but still waiting for the sub)...why jiany why??? Why cant jiany love hyuk back ...hyuk  saved jianny 2 times if im not mistaken and hyuk have been helping her all along...why jianny doesnt feel anything in her heart beside treating hyuk as her friend ..


I normally like to lurking here and there but tonight episode make me so uneasy:( . Im so sorry guys, im not good at expressing my thought about this drama...but i love to read all the posting that you guys post in here and other thread....it feels that you guys write exactly how i felt...love you guys! And tq...( im not very good in english that why most of the time i do the lurking things:lol:

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Hey everyone! I finally had time to catch up on this show today. Episode 37 briefly raised my hopes but episode 38 dashed them. I am in full agreement with you @titania1000  on the childishness and immaturity of CDK and JiSoo. Jian’s absolutely correct rejection of CDK being undercut later by her nursing and kissing him while he lay sick due to his own silly actions was truly dispiriting to watch. 

Just utterly nauseating. 

LOL  @meechuttso at you renaming CDK as Kokoschka. To be fair to Kokoschka, he at least went on to paint the masterpiece ‘Bride of the wind’.  CDK hasn’t made any similar positive contributions to society. 


Thank you @meechuttso @titania1000 @Ni Wen for reading and enjoying my first post!

Without your earlier observations in the main thread I never would have written my original Kokoschka theory post. I’m normally a fairly passive consumer of entertainment. I usually just watch and move on. Thank you so much for provoking me into thinking seriously about storytelling and characterization. 

I hope to write more later but I’ll leave you with something interesting I noticed about the new JiSoo-Hyuk relationship. Not only was it anti-climactic and abrupt, it was just ‘too easy’. It wasn’t dramatically earned.
Hyuk’s attraction to Jisoo is partially grounded on him finding and reading her confession script. Except it’s not her script.


Jian actually wrote Jisoo’s confession script. 

See episode 1 (27:44-28:11)
Jian: You can’t confess your love to him. The script I wrote for you. Give it back. Give it to me.
Jisoo: I already memorized it all.
Jian: What?
Jisoo: I know all the lines. Do you still want it?
Jian: (laughing) Gosh, everything is just too easy for you. Okay I give up.

Hyuk growing attracted to Jisoo partly because of a script Jian wrote seems to be a deeply cruel and sick joke the writer is playing on poor Hyuk.

Or. Maybe, just maybe, it’s a subtle clue that Jisoo and Hyuk won’t last as their relationship is founded on a falsehood. I know which interpretation I like!


To the bitter end!

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On 1/15/2018 at 3:02 AM, mglthrw8 said:

Just utterly nauseating. 

My mother told me if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all. I will take her advice here rather than pile on on top of your sentiment, for the sake of my own mental and emotional health. I will not drink of this poisonous character.

On 1/15/2018 at 3:02 AM, mglthrw8 said:

Not only was it anti-climactic and abrupt, it was just ‘too easy’. It wasn’t dramatically earned.

The writer stumbles in so many places, and watching her set everyone up for what we were anticipating, only to repeatedly take the easy way out by glossing over very fine details she had carefully set up from episode 1 is just beyond contempt.

On 1/15/2018 at 3:02 AM, mglthrw8 said:

Except it’s not her script.

And yet you manage to come up with another one, @mglthrw8 , enough to get some of us to gasp for one more breath in this thread-bare thread. The way I interpret it, we've got a bit of Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac going on here? Will Roxane (shall we dub your version Hyuxane?) pick up on this hint in future episodes somehow? Will the tall but short-on-wits fellow suddenly become sensitive enough to notice? Was Cyrano (Jiannyrano?) unwittingly letting her long dormant high school eros towards Hyuxane dictate her pen that she had thought was helping her dumb doughy stupid inferiority-complex-ridden spoiled pippi-longstocking-haired cry-baby 'little' not-twin sister in her retarded infatuation for the very same Hyuxane?

Perhaps @titania1000 or someone more versed in French literature can help. It would sure help us take our mind off this third rate Korean writer trapped in a weekend winter-wear fashion showcase excuse for a life drama.:crazy:

On 1/15/2018 at 3:02 AM, mglthrw8 said:

Or. Maybe, just maybe, it’s a subtle clue that Jisoo and Hyuk won’t last as their relationship is founded on a falsehood. I know which interpretation I like!


To the bitter end!

Yes, what's left is for Hyuk to realize all the ways that Ji-Soo is as much poison to him as you know who is to Jianny. He will realize that:

1. His new g.f. is a fake who withheld vital information about herself from him. 2. Her sister is his real crush. 3. Her brother is a crybaby stalker like her. 4. Her brother is the poison to Jianny, who is still brain damaged from the suicide attempt and thinks she owes the stalker her 'love'. 5. He could be 'family' with the toxic Chois if he doesn't drop her like the plague right now. 6. He could also end up awkwardly in-laws with Jianny since he knows what Kokoschka was after. 7. The thought of settling for cry-baby when her sister is the desire of his heart and the blood in his veins will prove unbearable for Hyuk.


I don't know that I added anything substantive to this shipper thread at all, but I had to get something off my chest before I log off for a long time again.


To the bitter end! :ph34r:


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Wow @mglthrw8 ... good point noted.

Jian wrote the confession script.

I didn't even realise this could be some clue or link to how the story might develop. :D


And im so amazed at how you are so spot on with many of your points, I can't help but to agree hands and legs up with you on how downright nauseating that scene was to me and how abrupt it was when Hyuk and Jisoo became a couple . I can't write or analyse as well as you and @titania1000 so I can only say I really enjoy reading all your posts.


This has become a very distressing and unenjoyable drama for me. And I predict it's going the way I don't want it to be by the way the writer is going now. What a drama! :wacko:

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I just saw the preview and apparently Stalker has now moved on to work in the wood workshop and intruding into the only little personal space of Jian and Hyuk that they share. Why? Why? When he doesn't even see carpentry as a decent career and when he looks down on this job of Jian! Can't stand this writer anymore, giving up totally. :huh:

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For the shippers here only, ep 39 preview relevant dialog.



JA to JS "Heard from Hyuk, that you two decided to date?"

JA to JS "That you are HaeSung Group daughter, I think you should tell him yourself."


Koko to JA, (grabbing her wrist for the richard simmons umpteenth time)

"Am I, really, nothing to you like this?"


JA to Koko (wresting her arm away from the physically assaulting loser feller)

"Have we not already settled this matter?"


Koko dad (at a place Koko is working)

"Are you working at the carpentry shop also with Jianny?"

"Give up on Jianny and come back."

"You will never be able to make that girl happy."


(Koko rages with his very poor one-face-fits-all-anger-occasions-face) :wacko:




While I continue to curse at every scene of this makjang, technically the preview keeps this shipper thread alive. Let's start wagering on Hyuk's responses when Ji-Soo (or someone) tells her who she really is. The sh**'s gona hit the fan when the pictures of her walking into Choi house at night become public with all the appalling details of the makjang situation. Who will Hyuk be really attracted to then? Also, while I applaud Jian's curt response to the wrist grabbing controlling jerk who has gone back on his 'vow' already multiple times, still staying at that house he invaded and now looks like has invaded her workplace too, she too is guilty of making this pathological fellow keep doing just that by nursing him at night and kissing him and all that inexcusable sympathy for the worthless. Wake up, Jian, from your oxygen-deprived brain trauma and RUN, RUN AWAY from that share house and file a court injunction against the man who has crossed the line!







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12 minutes ago, Ni Wen said:

 Can't stand this writer anymore, giving up totally. :huh:

The writer is failing for real, 'm afraid. It's like listening to episode babble - repeat the same thing over and over. Even the dialog lines are used repeatedly.:(

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23 hours ago, meechuttso said:

The writer is failing for real, 'm afraid. It's like listening to episode babble - repeat the same thing over and over. Even the dialog lines are used repeatedly.:(


Yes it's getting repetitive, draggy and slow. It's getting tiresome to watch Stalker going after Jian every week and she rejecting his advances only to cave in again. Repetitive scenes. No progress. Slowing pace. Ridiculous storylines. The writer is losing it and obviously losing steam towards the last half of the drama. They should just keep it to 50 episodes and end it and not extend for the sake of ratings. High ratings don't mean everything. 

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15 hours ago, titania1000 said:

Like in all the abusive relationships, she has a hard time to let go

I think you spelled it out very clearly now. That's really why I refuse to be entertained by this 'story'. But you're a bit beside yourself now, @titania1000 - ignore the pathological situation and focus on the theme of this thread, even if we have to resort to all kinds of fan fiction, okay? :tongue: The world needs more loving, patient, happy people, less lunatics escaped from the asylum stalking innocent women, so let's focus on the loving, patient, cool people who don't yell and throw tantrums and grab and slap others, shall we?B)



I just noticed she points to her full mouth then shoves in one more bite into that little cavity. Sure sign that she is suffering some kind of post-suicidal traumatic stress disorder. :phew:



This doesn't get old for me. And I don't think there will be better ones of Hyuk now that he's dyed his hair - if Hyuk were a woman we'd surely interpret that as his trying to get over, move past his true love, surely in vain. Yes, that's it. Jianny will always be your love, Hyuk, both in your heart and in your veins, and in every nook and cranny places of your taut being also, soon, Hyuk. You just wait. :wub:


Just as Koko will never be able to make this child happy, You, Hyuk, can never be happy without this sweetly munchin' meechin' child, you see. :w00t:



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So I am at a loss as to where to begin, but I have to vent somewhere.


So yes, Ep 40 shows that Hyuk will find out first before JS tells her who she is. Hyuk will probably 'shrug it off' and have some random response which won't make sense so no point trying to guess what that will be. Technically, the 'pairing' for this thread is still alive. But honestly who am I kidding? I have no further comments on this, other than hope that Hyuk would somehow understand why JiAn couldn't tell him, and forgive her also for backstabbing him like this by knowingly setting him up with her sister, recognize his true genuine legitimate feelings for her and live as a bachelor for the rest of his life holding a torch for her. That would be the minimal acceptable outcome, but again, who am I kidding?


Unfortunately I have to comment on other unpleasantries in the Ep 39, because it's a comment about the writer and what she has done. Also, the ability to understand the language without translation was essential to the nuances of many scenes in today's episode, unfortunately.


1. Randomly, JiAn opens up to older bro JiTae about her suicide attempt. It was written somewhat acceptably, and reasonably, dialogue wise. It was an important step, so I approve of this scene overall, even with its limitations and timing.

2. JiTae and his response to Su-Ah was the best case one can hope for, and I approve of his having the ***** to stand up for his parental rights even without Su-Ah. He chose life over marriage, and I do believe it is the right decision, if for nothing else, than the fact that SK population is on a serious decline. It shows the kind of optimism we all need to have about the future no matter how bleak things may look today - otherwise poor people may as well stop procreating and just die.

3. The kids' response to their weirded-out father is OK. Somewhat corny, but it's more than an acceptable level of corniness, and it's of sufficient level of importance and complexity to warrant quite a few episodes of screen time, so that we won't be subject to the stupid 'OTP' pairings which are just insulting to my intelligence. The drama is supposed to be about family love and commitment, so yes, at least spend 10 episodes and exit quietly into March so our actress can move on without further trauma.



Sigh, now for the most unpleasant scene ever in the wood shop towards the end. Oh my. I seriously thought she would punch or slap him after that most violent arm grabbing and jerking by him. That was off the charts in terms of level of acceptable violence condoned or implied in family drama. There were comments about how the audio editing must have not been done due to lack of time for that scene, and that might be true. The net effect of the chilling sound of the man yelling for many minutes at that decibel in a room alone at night and the physical violence was truly creepy scary, and there could be no humor or shrugging it off as anything other than that - crime of assault. Her response to this continues to be just beyond ridiculous, ending the night while eating noodles together - are you ******* me? She should have screamed and run out and never come back, no matter what trinkets she had promised Ji-Ho she would have ready by morning.






The writer surely must be going insane from her own mental gymnastics. It's clear from his detailed tirade in the wood shop (including the piece about how her dad had visited the police station while searching for his daughter on dead people list) and all the ways he feels 'slighted' by her for the way she 'mistreated him', his most ****ing ridiculous jealous rage about Hyuk and why she shared all that info with Hyuk and not himself, just the nitty-gritty details he was spewing, just like her spewing of similar details in accusation of him in her end of Ep 26 explosion (it was you?), that the writer had written all this out and kept an incredibly careful catalog of every offense against everyone in every direction from the beginning and was going to use them in justifying the contorted plot unfolding.



But I think this is one of her main failings. These details were used too selectively to maximize impact by the end of each Sunday episode and ratings, to keep the untenable plot lines going for 20 episodes beyond the first 20 (which were bearable as the 'setup'), and the fact that most of the characters were doing everything important under misunderstandings and lack of simple knowledge about the most basic things - full name, family identity? Yes the premise is that there's been baby swapping and all that, so there's 'naturally' misunderstanding about names and identities, but it went far beyond what is acceptable for way too long - 40 episodes out of 50 planned for Hyuk to find out they're sisters?




However without question the biggest fundamental failing of this writer for me is her choice to make Koko the way he is. Did she feel that an actual good guy third generation chaebol grandson is being too nice to the 'evil rich family'? Kind of SK version of the haves and have-nots class struggle story? Different from Romeo and Juliet family feud going back generations. Why she felt a need to tell her story this way we'll never know I suppose. At this point it's as though her portrayal of him to be this crass a man and a childish human being while giving viewers the assumption that he would be one of the main OTP half is the irreconcilable conflict that proved too much to overcome in a halfway graceful or acceptable fashion. If it was her intent to make them impossible as a couple to begin with, there certainly were other ways to do that without making him this ridiculous a character. It's not as if she had to break the mold of previous rich heirs with perfect manners with this story (I can't think of any). His accumulated level of violent tempered outbursts at her from the first day she entered his household and all his failings towards her after her ouster, again coupled with his unbearably creepy, stalkerish jealous rage and deceitful actions and use of physical force against her, the writer seems to have been compiling some kind of case against him to rationalize her rejection of him on grounds beyond just his disqualification based on his parentage? But what for? If she was going to reject him it wasn't based on her 'feelings' we are told.


I am not waiting for any rational answer to any of these questions. This is just tv drama afterall. But it sure is a regrettable one.







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The woodshop scene was genuinely sickening to watch. I initially thought the decision not to include any sound was the first time the show actually treated the unacceptable nature of CDK’s actions with some gravity. Letting CDK’s ugly words hang in the dead air was the most effective way to show just how terrifying that scene was supposed to be. But of course that was probably just the unintentional result of not having enough time to do the sound mixing as you @meechuttso suggested as the show completely undermines it by having that awful noodle scene after.

From the episode 40 preview:
CDK: “I understand why we can’t be together now”
Seriously? That’s seriously his takeaway after learning of Jian’s suicide? Making the whole thing about him and their “relationship”? Could he be any more despicable?

Regarding your last paragraph I kind of wonder if the writer is becoming increasingly panicked that the public is not responding the way she thought they would. If the views of the posters on the show’s main thread are also representative of the Korean public, it seems that most still see CDK as a worthy romantic hero.  I honestly think the writer’s been almost too heavy handed in showing how horrible CDK has been behaving. But it’s possible she’s not being heavy handed enough. Maybe after seeing in disbelief the network award “best couple” to Jian and CDK, the writer has decided to escalate the awfulness of CDK. Hence the truly abhorrent woodshop scene.  Maybe the whole show is one strange social experiment by the writer to see how far she can push the boundaries before the public finally rebels. If people are firmly wedded to the stale tropes of weekend dramas it’s possible that the writer has calculated that she needs to forgo any sort of complexity and nuance in CDK’s character and just go for straight up villainy. If so, the writer’s achieving her “revolution” at far too high a price. A pyrrhic victory. 

But what I fear is even worse. If like @titania1000 fears, the writer is revisiting the incheon scenes to start a “redemption” arc for CDK, I……don’t even want to complete that thought. 

I think I’m done with clue hunting and making theories. I’ll stick around here though. You people keep me sane.

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That’s a very good observation on Jisoo’s disappointment over what Hyuk ordered for her on their first date. When Jian and Hyuk had their reunion lunch he accurately predicted that she wanted to eat aglio e olio and ordered it for her ahead of time to her astonishment and his delight. It’s pretty clear now that the writer doesn’t include any scene by accident. Everything is done with purposeful intention. An excellent piece of evidence for a JianxHyuk ending! And Hyuk bringing up his ‘first love’ unprompted made me laugh. He doth protest too much!


2 hours ago, titania1000 said:


  • Hyuk's delicateness and  attention to her well being: he didn't want to share his positive news before to be sure she was well too, to not put her in the difficult position to cheer for him when she wasn't feeling well.    


    This so completely revealing of his fundamental goodness. He’s obviously very excited to share his news but can still restrain himself and consider the needs of others. 

    I know I just said I wouldn’t do any more clue hunting but I feel that I have to return the favor after your post. 

In episode 32, Jian buys presents with her first paycheck for both her father and her woodworking master , Hyuk’s father. When she gives the present to Hyuk’s father, he protests and tells her that she should be giving it to her father. She of course assures him she’s also bought one for her father. Now it may just be product placement but it could also be a sly joke by the writer that she bought presents for her father and future father-in-law.

   I wonder if the carousel that Hyuk made for Jian is going to reappear once more before the end. In episode 7 (39:41) Jisoo picks up the carousel Jian left behind and asks why she didn’t take it with her. Jian takes everything else of personal value with her to the Choi’s but leaves Hyuk’s carousel behind. We get the answer indirectly in episode 8 when Jian tells Hyuk that she doesn’t want to tell him what’s going on with her. Hyuk asks why and tells her she has nothing to be ashamed about. But she is ashamed as her mind flashes back to their conversation about whether to go to her “hypothetical” rich bio parents. Hyuk acts as her conscience and since she doesn’t want to be reminded of her shame, she doesn’t take the carousel with her. In episode 34, Jisoo learns of the Hyuk-Jian connection when she sees the carousel in Hee’s coffee shop. There’s a flashback where Jisoo says to herself that she’s glad she kept the carousel that Jian left behind. But like her love confession note, the carousel’s not really hers to keep. 

    What troubles me about the writer is that I can’t simply dismiss her as an untalented hack. The writer is very talented. She puts a lot of thought into what she does and clearly has all of her details straight. Viewed coldly and in isolation from the rest of the show, episode 37 and even the woodshop scene in episode 39 can be said to be well written. They’re unpleasant to watch but very effective and chilling. The writer has real skill. But in my opinion she’s having so much trouble reconciling the demands of the commercial weekend drama format and her more serious thematic and artistic ambitions. So many scenes in the show exist in uneasy tension with each other or sometimes even flat out contradict or undermine each other. MGL is very very flawed and too much for the writer to handle but there’s real intelligence and skill involved. I’m hoping for the best.

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7 hours ago, mglthrw8 said:

This so completely revealing of his fundamental goodness. He’s obviously very excited to share his news but can still restrain himself and consider the needs of others. 

Which was trampled on by Jianny and shrugged off as a given.

3 hours ago, titania1000 said:

Ji An was insufferable this episode: 

Yes all your bullet points are kind of what makes it hard to tolerate these scenes. Not only her completely unexplainable inexusable attraction, gratitude for the psychopath but her continued disrespect for Saint Hyuk. She's not a good friend. She is manipulative and deceitful. She needs to have a fall down on her knees by the seashore type moment over her egregious sins against Saint Hyuk - who will graciously forgive and raise her back to her feet, if her penitence is real.


3 hours ago, titania1000 said:

You said it all and so well: there's nothing to add.

Let's hope that we are not wasting our time....   

Yes, @titania1000 , @mglthrw8  does seem to possess both the rare keen insights and the efficiency of words that keep me saying, "yea, that's exactly what I wanted to say but couldn't for some reason."


19 hours ago, mglthrw8 said:

You people keep me sane.

At this point, sanity preservation after this many hours of commitment to my favorite actress' work is all that is priority for me.

3 hours ago, titania1000 said:

10/12 episodes still left of this back and forth  before we got free from our jail....  


Thank you chingoos. :rolleyes:

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