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OFFICIAL JiAn-Hyuk JoGak-Sculpture-Couple Thread (Shin HyeSun ❤ Lee TaeHwan)

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I don't know if it's ok for you @meechuttso but i would like to post here my reviews for the next episodes of MGL.


It's mostly a way to vent my feelings while waiting for the end of the drama. 

Hopefully the tone will be positive since there's a lot to enjoy in their friendship but it's not entirely guaranteed because of Ji An's foolish character development. 


I haven't watched yet ep 34 (only clips) ,i'll come back with more thoughts during the week end. 


Meanwhile i'm reposting my favourite vids/pics of them! 


Oh boy, what this vid does to my heart! "i have you" :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Bonus: Ji An acting all cute to convince him to let her eat instant noodles. No way girl! He loves you too much for that and prepared a meal for you at 1:30AM! 


Happiness and golden colors: what more to ask?:wub:


I love when he challenges her! It's so sexy ^_^


So much more to come.....

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I ADORE this!


Now get a full dose of meechuttso's crazies in Korean also!




:love: This couple worthy of a devoted space for just the two of them, afterall. :love:

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Who is Hyuk? Among other things, he's the hand that feeds Jianny, who rescued her and fed her back to health, with food and love.


Here he is, taking her to feed her some more.






See how lovingly he takes her to feed her food she likes? A real gentleman. :kiss_wink: In any language you can tell from his eyes that his is real and selfless love.


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You thought they were done eating together? Silly, they're just getting started.




When she needed a true friend and was hungry, Jianny came to Hyuk. Just because she knew he would feed her, no strings attached. Anytime.












She was famished. Look at her.




Afterwards, this is normally how she thanks him. He doesn't mind. He has strong, broad shoulders.:yum:



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You caught up so fast, girls: i feel flooded in prettiness and happiness! :)

Don't stop please!


The cutest gifs with her adorable face from the "i have you" are back! It's the best way to introduce them to anyone who discover this ship: a dinner scene where she eat voraciously and intensely enjoy to let him care and worry for her! It makes her so happy to get all his attention that she becomes playful! She thrives and blossom in his presence like a flower receiving sunlight and water...


On 1/5/2018 at 8:09 AM, meechuttso said:

Emotionally the strongest moments of MGL. I cried and cried. :bawling:

Let me join you here:bawling:: it was so intense and real and pure and strong and perfect and everything i wanted to see!!!!

I could rewatch those scenes over and over despite the sadness!


On 1/5/2018 at 8:45 AM, Ni Wen said:



What a lovely choice of pic! 

I'm looking  since a long time for the vid of their holding hands in the cafe! It was sadly buried on insta under the new vids and it's shame because what a sexy scene!  The 1st time i watched it, i had shivers and i wasn't shipping them at the time! :wub:


Everything about him: his posture, his eyes, his words was revealing how much he  longed for her, and the fact that they made a promise to each other: for him to wait for her to be ready, for her to not forget him and come back to tell him the truth. It made me want to scream at Ji An: why are you so blind?


On 1/5/2018 at 10:39 AM, meechuttso said:

Who is Hyuk? Among other things, he's the hand that feeds Jianny, who rescued her and fed her back to health, with food and love.


I loved all their eating scenes together, my favourites being

  • the ones when she came back to him during her time as Eun Seok and he accepted all her conditions
  • and the time she wanted to pick up the wood for the event with him and they ate at the port, 
  • but the most moving  scene is strangely the one when they shared the chicken wings after a long day at work, just because it felt so natural and intimate!

It made want to swoon all time: like you said, the atmosphere was full, almost satured of the love, care and attention he was given her and how good it felt for her....       



Afterwards, this is normally how she thanks him. He doesn't mind. He has strong, broad shoulders.:yum:


How many times did she hit him? Three in my memory at least: each time she could have go for a hug but wasn't sure of herself. I'm living now for a real hug...    


I know the writer is taking another direction but it doesn't matter that much: those moments are forever fixed in their history together... 



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This is the alternate pairing shipper thread, so we can now do our own fanfic as 'recommended' by someone who doesn't want this type of stuff in the other room. I find it rather strange myself that I'm inspired to do this, but I am evolving and wouldn't be @meechuttso if I behaved too conventionally.




UPCOMING SunWoo Hee and Kng Nam-Goo wedding to happen in Ep 35 or 36 (based on leaked photos)


People from KNG side:
        Seo Ji-Soo


People from SW Hee side:
        Her father, Jian's boss at woodshop
        SW Hyuk, her brother
        Seo Ji-Soo, who helped bring the 2 people together
        Jianny, friend of Hee and Hyuk and employee of her father


People from neither side:
        KDC - fictional character who has nothing better to do and likes to play minder whenever Jian goes anywhere with or near Hyuk.

Possible scenarios and dialogs:

* Opening Scene.


Jianny:   Hey Hyuk, I didn't know my boss is Hee's dad and your dad!


Hyuk:   Sorry I didn't want you to feel burdened about it. (Thinks to self: I also didn't want to brag about how I am the guardian of Hee and my dad, not to mention your guardian angel, Jianny.)


Hyuk:   Hi Ji-Soo, great to see you here. I guess you're here for both sides of the wedding.


Ji-Soo: I guess I did help bring them together, sort of, didn't I.



* Scene 2: Ji-Soo sees KDC and wonders why he's here at this wedding.


Ji-Soo: (to KDC) Oppa, why are you here?


Hyuk:   Oppa?? Why are you calling him oppa, Ji-Soo? KDC, what brings you here to my sister Hee's wedding?


KDC:    Oh, you didn't know? Hmm, gee, this is awkward. You mean you know my sister Ji-Soo, too?


Ji-Soo: But why are you here, Oppa? Have you been in touch with Jianny all along since she got kicked out?


KDC:    Um, no not at all. I had no idea she knows all these people....


Ji-Soo: Then why are you here?


KDC:    ... I, um, I work as a janitor and happen to be here for my part time gig. You know, I need the money for um, my new business venture and all that.


Ji-Soo: Dressed like that with the clothes I smuggled out for you??


Hyuk:   Ji-Soo, you should ask your brother where he's living lately. You'll never guess. :wink:



* Scene 3: Jianny had promised Ji-Soo not to let Hyuk know that they're sibs, previously, so she pretends.


Jianny: (To Ji-Soo) Hello, I'm Jian, Hyuk's friend from high school.


Ji-Soo: I heard a lot about you from Hyuk. (Thinks to herself - wait a minute, is she the suicidal one?)


Hyuk:   Hey, you two look similar. In fact, your names are similar. Wait a minute....


KDC:    (Walks up not knowing what's going on): Why are you sisters pretending not to know each other, Jian and Ji-Soo?


Hyuk:   Wait a minute, Jian, is this your sister who called you to tell her she needed to make a confession to someone? How could I have been so dense for 34 episodes? You two are sisters? Wow, this is AWKward....


KDC:    Wait a minute, why are you two (Hyuk and Jian) standing so close.


Ji-Soo: Oppa, what are you saying? Are you here because of Jianny? Are you in love with Jianny, too? Like Hyuk is too? And are you also living at the share house to be close to her? Ugh, I can't believe you stole my brother and my man, Jianny, now I will really never forgive you!


Hyuk:   Your man?....


Jianny: Well, I am just attracted to the guy with the big wallet, I mean I know he doesn't have a big wallet anymore, but I think if he goes back to his grandpa and grovels like I did, hopefully he'll be forgiven and restored as the heir again, and I can live My Glamours Life once again. I never realized how much I'd miss the hair stylist and the skin care and the masseuse.


Hyuk:   Jian-na!


Jianny: Just kidding! :tongue: Now that I've had @meechuttso and @titania1000 and @mglthrw8  explain to me how absurd it is that I've been letting this guy approach me after I tried to kill myself because of his mom and dad and how you, Hyuk, rescued and restored me back to health and total happiness, I changed my mind. I love you, Hyuk, and only you! :wub: I want to marry you right now and have your children and do a marble nude sculpture of you. Can we do shotgun wedding right now with your sister and that hottuk guy she's marrying? You're all I need, Hyuk, because you're much younger, more virile, much taller, hotter, has 15x more instagram fans - even more than me, are much better in bed, oh and I can't go on pretending I'm in love with Kokoschka.:blink: There's a limit to my insanity even in role playing. Let's get married and live happily ever after, oh Hyuk! Let's run away together from all this madness right after our wedding, Hyuk!


Hee & Hyuk's dad:       I approve of this marriage!

The rest of the cast's whereabouts and epilogue is left to the reader's imagination as homework.


(Disclaimer - Remember, this thread and this story is strictly about Hyuk and Jianny, and any references to other individuals mentioned were strictly accidental and tangential to the main story, which is about how the Jo-Gak Couple comes together.) 





Disclaimer #2 - U.S. Surgeon General has declared that consumption of too much fan fiction can be hazardous to your mental health, resulting in craziness and anti-social behavior. Exhibit A through D.










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What a fun read! :lol:

Thanks for sharing this piece which tell the truth of your mind!

Poor Ji An, she wasn't a bad girl but the writer made her greedy and now stupid! :bawling:


Few spoilerish thought on  Ep 35 based on clips without subs:


I wonder more and more if this story has a moral after all? After all she went through, we're supposed to believe that Ji An's Golden Life, the heroine's happiness is to marry a rich guy? That's really the message sent to the young generation which fail to find a job despite its hard work and degrees?

 Now matter how hard he tries, Do Kyung will always be a priviledge guy who had everything all his life and  will win everything in the end (the girl, the money and his family). There's really nothing attractive or rewarding in watching a character fated to dominate fullfiling all the predictions the writer created for him.        


I feel like Ji An is  less and less an independent character :she's so removed of her bio family (no interactions this episode, not even a phone call apparently) and so intertwined in a  toxic way, even fascinated by the Choi brother and sister ( Do Kyung and Ji Soo) despite the abusive way they treated her! She's been reduced to a shadow, living only to fit their needs. More than anything else, more even the sacrifice of what her beautiful relationship with Hyuk could have been, i feel like it's the worst and saddest loss of the story.  


The writer wrote herself in a corner: Do Kyung and Ji An's romance is so overstretched, and the confession makes so little sense after what happened between them that she can't bring herself to give them, even a little bit of passion, in fear to lose what's left of credibility.

She's forced to take it slowly and will probbaly use a magical plot device like time jump, which will leave off screen all the development required, to make them on equal foot  and give a little bit of maturity to Do Kyung.      

Meanwhile, Ji An seemed sick at first for admitting her feelings and pissed off at herself and him afterward during a big part of the episode. Is it because she doesn't believe it will last or because she fears the consequences for her family when The Choi will discover the truth?

In all cases, the first  interactions between Do Kyung and her as a couple seemed awkward: no hug, no kiss, no passion, no giggling or stupid thoughts. Is this how usually lovers fell for each other in weekend drama? :unsure: It didn't seem like that for Yeon Tae and Sang Min. Even her brother Ji Tae and Soo A have more chemistry...     


I felt so sad for Hyuk when he brought the cake to discover she made her choice and it wasn't him:bawling: 

As always, he tried to show nothing of his real feelings and stayed gracious, and even offered a part of the cake to Do Kyung who refused to eat it with them, and prefered to act all condescending.

When he thought about his almost kiss with Ji Soo: was he really in need to move on or was he only resigned to accept the love of the only other girl in his life? Hard to tell without subs...


The truth is out for Hyuk's father and it seemed so silly  to have hold on it for so long, to reveal it in a such anticlimatic way. What was the point? :blink:

By the way Hyuk entering the workshop so well dress in black makes me wonder if Ji An is sane: how can she resist such a hot guy?-_-


A surprising revelation:  Ji An knew since few episodes that Hyuk is Ji Soo's love interest but said nothing.

However after Do Kyung entered the shared house, it seems she realized that she said too much to him about her true feelings and wouldn't  be able to avoid to assume them. So she tested the water with Hyuk to confirm his absence of romantic feelings for her (when she asked him if he wanted to date her) and set up a fake annivesary date at the theatre, then  cancelled it knowing he will ask Ji Soo to replace her.


It worked to a certain extend only: none of them seemed entirely happy with this outcome. 

I got the feeling that Ji An gave up on Hyuk that day she saw him being happy with Ji Soo, his sister and Mr Baker (after they came back from hospital) because she made a presumption on his feelings for Ji Soo but never asked him about it. It seemed to me she made a sacrifice for the sake of her  relationship with Ji Soo, once again and while she already gave up so much in the past for her. I really need the subs of the discussion between the sisters to clear things on this point.          

On the other side I felt that Hyuk, though aware of his attraction for Ji Soo, isn't ready to let go of Ji An. His instinct of protection is still strongly activated and when Do Kyung is around taking even a little advantage of her (borrowing money from her) he can sense it and wants to be at her side and support her. 

Maybe it's only because he distrusts Do Kyung  and will be entirely at peace, only when he will have the evidence  that Do Kyung is capable to take care of her....

I'm not justifying the reasoning of the writer, just searching a logic to the plot she picked.


I can't totally shake my hope (bceause sometimes logic fails me too)  despite all my reasoning for  a last minute twist where Ji An would change her feelings but the last past days i remembered  that she  has given at this point of the story clear clues: she  had made twice a promise to Hyuk that she didn't respect (to meet in uni and to tell the truth). He was the one looking for her and  who basically forced her to meet him in both cases.

She also was in a deeply problematic situation/state of mind twice when facing Do Kyung: when she met him for the 1st time and his senseless determination to get his money back while he didn't even need it lead her to abandon her family over money,  and when his obsession to talk to her and stalking her while she was at her lowest almost broke her again if it wasn't for Hyuk's friends and family's support, but in both cases she ended  loving him despite all the bad influence he had on her life...


Back on the thread: 


Another quiet and intimate scene that i love: Ji An working at Hyuk's ancient desk in his ancient room :wub:



 Ji An resting and sleeping in Hyuk's bed and being safe despite her worry :wub:


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i was looking to rewatch this scene and suddenly this popped up on twitter!:wub:






The hottest scene of the drama! It beats any kiss scene, especially without chemistry! 



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I need time to write my review for ep 35 but couldn't wait to post this! :lol:

What a lovely scene between my three favourite characters!:heart::heart::heart:






Especially the very end when she playfully threatened to hit him for lying to her! They are so adorable! :wub:



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Few reviews: 


Ep 34: i totally forgot that i watched this one!:o That says a lot about how bad it was!-_-

However our favourite couple got few happy scenes and rewatching them, after the depressing thoughts that kept popping up in my mind after the nightmarish confession, renewed completely my faith in my otp, so much that i don't care about being delusional! 

  •  Hyuk asking Ji An about what she wanted for the birthday, and Ji An teasing him about taking her on a date to watch a film in a theatre, which attracts mostly lovers because seats can be used as bed. ^_^:wub:
  • Hyuk working very hard to get those tickets: this boy is so helpful when it comes to please his girl! Did he want that bad to test the seats?:lol:    
  • Ji An the traitor (though we learnt that only in ep 35)  playing a trick to set him with Ji Soo and abandoning him at the last minute. Why girl? Why? You know how stupid your ex sister can be. How jealous and immature too.   You said it yourself! Why for God's sake why would you want to set up someone as precious as Hyuk with her? Even if you don't like him, don't you think he deserves better?
  •  The date, especially the ridiculous and forced almost kiss made me mad :angry: I can accept that Ji An confessed her feelings to Do Kyung better than i can watch Hyuk pretending to be in love with Ji Soo. :( Not after everything he did for Ji An. The guy who put on her shoulders  as a husband would have done for  his wife the coat given by the couple of  seaweed fishers who saved her life, the guy who was the only one to recognize her when she ran away, the guy who convinced her that life was worth the fight when she was dead inside can not be anything else but in love with her. As much i try to resist this thought i fail:  i can't believe the writer  set up this just to abandon us at the crossroad!          
  • His father encouraged her to take lessons to become a furniture designer! And she listened to him and started to study the next episode! Also she talked about it only with Hyuk! I love how father and son were so influential in her decision to take this new career path! Like a family should be. 


The special: 

In the version subbed on streaming sites, at one point the director said to LTW that Hyuk is starting to have feelings for Ji An and i'm like WTH:blink: When did he stop to have feelings for her? He has always been in love with her since high school. Did the director forgot that he got drunk when he learnt that she disappeared and asked Mr Baker how many times he has been in love, before getting  himself in such bad state that he had to come back home on the back of his futur in law?    


Ep 35 with subs: 

I'll take what i get: at least the effect the of confession was deflected quickly. She refused to do anything with Do Kyung and left him no choice. I liked Ji An's cold attitude: no smile, a mean look, and treating eveything that Do Kyung says as if it's absurd and he lost his mind.


And thank you writer for the stark contrast between the two meals! 

Hyuk is definitely not only a buddy eating @meechuttso: look at how comfortable and smiling Ji An was when she shared the cake with him. She was really grateful and moved that he brought one in the first place. And confession or not, she spent the last days observing carefully and taking notes about his subtle change of mind, notably how he started to talk a lot about the bakery girl....      

By contrast the distance with Do Kyung when they eat what he cooked for her is so vivid! She barely touched the food! 

And we know our girl is an enthusiastic eater when she's with Hyuk.... She prefered to watch over Do Kyung while he ate, like she would for a friend/child and not really participating. If eating at ease means trust and love, we have here a real evidence of her true feelings.  


I hate how the writer decided to go for the revelation of the link between Hyuk and Ji Soo: why is Ji An lying to him about knowing the bakery girl? Why is she convinced that she knows better than him and that she can take for him the decision to give up on her and move on with Ji Soo? I would have prefered a heart to heart discussion between them instead all of this manipulation. I have no doubt that she sacrificied her feelings for Hyuk for making up with Ji Soo, and more importantly for Hyuk's happiness because she thought he liked her ("You look happy" was what she said after she asked him how was the date). 

She was so wrong to believe so: she hurts herself by saying to him  "you don't have to worry for me now" as her quickly fading smile suggested it. And she hurts him too a lot: it's only after reflecting on her words in his room where Do Kyung was sleeping, and admitting that Do Kyung probably "won" her heart that he started to think of his almost kiss with Ji Soo...    


I have not enough words to express the disdain that i feel for Do Kyung for his line about how Ji An and Hyuk could eat the cake together "as best friends". He put so much arrogance in this delivery, as if Hyuk was beaten, and wasn't anymore a competitor, so Do Kyung could be generous and let them be alone now!:angry:

I hated it and at the same time it reflects what Do Kyung will never be for Ji An if she goes for him: a best friend because he looks down on this kind of relationship. 

At this stage, the actual  pairings have no sense if Hyuk is still playing this role  of the intimate confident for Ji An. That means they will always be apart of Do Kyung and Ji Soo, having their own private world where their "official" lovers will never have a place. Considering their history together, how they saved each other at the most decisive time of their lives, i can only see Do Kyung and Ji Soo spending the rest of their marital life being consciously or not compared to what Ji An and Hyuk could have been and having to justify why they separate them.


Another clue for us: the scene were Hyuk spied on Do Kyung borrowing money from Ji An! 

 Though they lied about their real feelings about Do Kyung: Hyuk acted like Do Kyung was funny while his true reaction was the opposite and Ji An was forced to agree while we know that she didn't appreciate at all to lend him money while they weren't even dating,  it underlined  this bond between Ji An  and Hyuk when suffering Do Kyung's lack of tact, and showed that no matter how much he tries to move on, Hyuk can't help but wants to protect her. 


And Ji An was so uncomfortable when Do Kyung followed her to work: part of her is creeped by him and his stalking and part of her feel sorry for him and can't help but support him (with the tie) for the efforts that he's doing to become independent. For me, it means that she cares, not that she loves him.

That's how i see too their scene where she helped him with the presentation in ep 36: she was so comfy working on Hyuk's desk (she clearly loves this spot), and left it briefly because she was worried indeed for Do Kyung. But she refused firmly to flirt while he couldn't take his his eyes off her, and only provided professional advices. If she was in love like she said, could she really stay focused on the work? Could she act like their closeness was nothing? Where is gone all  the sexual tension between them (the washing machine scene)? Basically for me, what the drama is telling us is that the confession equaled, for her, acting on her desire (like kissing him or sleeping with him) and now that she got it out her mind and body, she's free of him.      


The best scene of the episode was contrary of my 1st impression Hyuk revealing that the master is his father: it was so cute how the old wise man  slipped and revealed the truth with his line "my Hyuk", even more cute that he did it in a moment of panic for Ji An's safety. And the best thing was his line to reassure her that she never was rude: "my son's friend is a child of mine too". What more beautiful homage could he gave her? She's like a daughter to him and i wish she'll become his daughter in law, now that it feels that he lost his real daughter with her marriage to Mr Baker. He was obviously so sad and so lonely at the party. 

And God, how  good it felt when she playfully reacted to Hyuk's confession: their smile, her faked threat to hit him,  his faked fear and attempt to avoid her:wub: 

Perfect scene is perfect! 

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Well, ever the optimist you are, @titania1000. Good for you, keep fighting. Or ask they say in SK, Whiting! :) I am pretty fatigued and have felt no urge to comment after watching the live streams only. Don't expect that to change much until this thing is OVER.


But while I checked in, might as well say a few words. There are couple of large cracks in the hull of this ship we uncovered in Ep , 35, 36.


First, we heard that Jian was aware for some time that Hyuk's the one Ji-Soo's been holding the torch for. And the movie ticket thing was her effort to put Hyuk together with Ji-Soo. That's bit of a cold water thrown on these fledgling embers here, trying to not get blown out. :huh: As I said, Jian is a FLAWED character. She's quite shameless and blind in ways that I care not get into again in detail, but unfortunately the writer has written herself into a corner where without these major flaws, there is absolutely no way for her to look anywhere away from Hyuk, who is all-sufficient for her, really. Her biggest flaw is her completely selective gratitude which of course defies any logic, and she frankly doesn't deserve Hyuk, (ouch):crazy: who in turn doesn't deserve the punishment of a crybaby known as Jian's sister. :mellow:


Secondly, we also found out that Hyuk himself had read Ji-Soo's confession card after she'd dropped it near the Cafe quite some time ago. And yet he kept acting in a way that seems contrary to his feelings for Jian. This, again, is poor writing mostly. It's silly, really, because his behavior makes no sense. This is Hyuk's flaw, again completely irrational but without which there is no Hyuk-JiSoo pairing hopes.


And @mglthrw8 wherever you are, I am afraid that DK=Kokoschka theory is dead at this point. I still think it was a great conjecture on your part, and still logical. But now the author has no path to redemption at this point because for whatever reason she decided to turn Kokoschka into a milquetoast, and all is well as if nothing had happened.


Not sure there was anything special about Jian's suicide or the drama's emotionally most powerful moments when Hyuk found Jian at the seaside now, and I don't see a way for the writer to redeem these somehow.


I could say more, but will refrain since it won't help this thread get any happier. I am not expecting anything from this writer anymore. :expressionless:<-- not HSM, just me with no expressions.


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(*This post have been written since Sunday but was put on hold for the Submit button. Didn't want to post at first because it seems like I keep repeating myself like a broken record. Probably for the last time I'm going to say this. The writer killed the drama... in MY OWN PERSONAL opinion.)


From how Jian reacted to DK mum I really feel she wants nothing more to do with HS Group and their family. How is she ever going to be with DK whose family destroyed her sanity and pushed her to suicide? Which exactly is my question since many episodes ago that i cannot foresee them being together with the writing but which people in the other thread rebut me that "because I don't like DK" thats why i cant see them getting together, gosh!


Personally feel that the writer is writing a hole for herself unless she can convince how she's going to develop their story... why was it written that Hyuk was the one to find Jian only to stop dead their likely possible progress? And why do i feel that the writer is forcing Hyuk to fall in love with Jisoo? Poor Hyuk!


In all seriousness I have lost interest in this drama. Like what I said before, im only selectively watching for SHS. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the drama don't get extended so that SHS can confirm her next project earlier!

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Reposting this part in a separate post because the last one was too long!

@meechuttso @Ni Wen I understand your fatigue: it's been so long and we've been played so often (and i don't even count what happened in the other threads), so i won't force my feelings on you. I'll just keep collecting my arguments and expanding my thoughts on why our ship still make sense at this point of the story, and so i rewrote my posts to make you more comfortable.:)


Ep 36 .

Is it only me or is there a room for it to be a major turning point in term of character development for Ji An (she faced her strongest fear: Do Kyung's mother) and in term of romance?


I'm pratically certain that Ji Soo shot herself in the foot by refusing to listen to Ji An and not working on getting over her insecurities.

If there's any  logic in this drama, she should  have lost for good  the progress made in term of  their mutual attraction with Hyuk. Not only she rejected him, she also said that she didn't like him because he wasn't like she thought he was. She basically appeared like a superficial girl whom feelings are not to be trusted and who got tired easily. The reality is even darker: she can't get over her selfishness and immaturity even when the relationship is being hand over to her by her rival, and she is even blaming Hyuk for something he has no control over it and while he did nothing wrong by loving and helping Ji An. 

Since  he's not the kind usually to pursue her again while she used such clear and harsh words, things should end here.

But it's true too that it  hurt him sincerely to lose the  innocent girl who wrote her 1st love confession to him and  he doesn't know that she's Ji An's ex sister. Can this change his mind? Can he decide to wait for her to change her mind like she waited for him?

I hope not. She's still preparing her french lessons and i feel like she should first and firemost go oversea to pursue her dream and work on finding her place in her family. That's enough on her plate and a good character development to end the drama considering where she started.       


On the other hand, Ji An seemed to have make up her mind and give up on Do Kyung! But could this be just a strategy to protect her family and him ?  

If she was entirely honest in this scene, what she said to Do Kyung's mother should be the last nail in the coffin to kill any hope of a romance with Do Kyung. The fact that she was able to say that she doesn't want a romance with Do Kyung and will never have one, so quickly and easily after her confession enlights why she couldn't act like a lover with him. Do Kyung complained about her coldness, and asked how she was hiding so well her feelings, while he was bursting with his feelings, but she refused to reveal her secret and called him arrogant for being so confident that her feelings would take the same road as his. In the final scene, her secret is out: she's not hiding anything, she's just not in love. 

I loved especially the lines about how Myung Hee should indeed clear up with her son while he's acting  with so much obstination, and both just should let her live her life alone.


But it's clear she's not entirely honest: she's acting as if she knows nothing, while she knows very well that the powerful woman can't be in touch with her son since he's hiding from her, making some of her comments malicious....

And every word she picked was carefully chosen to not be a lie: there was nothing between Do Kyung and her when he left this home, there are still not in a relationship, at least not officially. Actually she couldn't say it but she had a plan to send him back home before his mother tried to interfere.    

The worst outcome would be that this exterior opposition to her plans would transforme Ji An's intention from sending him back to wanting to be with him and push her to come up  with a new strategy to win time before her reunion with Do Kyung. 

it would be a big disappointement (once more): The only reason she should have had to gather enough strength to confront No Myung Hee should be to protect her family. Her father was threatened again and she learnt how her mother was humiliated when she went to ask for forgiveness (kneeling for days). After all this it should be impossible for her to join his family.

Which leaves only one option for them if their romance prevails: to not  marry but just live together and independently, with the condition that he will renounce to his family and their money.  Clearly it would be a  cop out compared to the bold move that could have been for her to push everything away (including Do Kyung) and move on with Hyuk.


Not making bet seems the only safe bet, so let's just wait to see what next episodes will bring us: a toned down version of Ji An's strong declaration of rejecting Do Kyung and Haesung or a real shift to change her path and move her away form the classic poor girl falling for a chaebol story/trope.....  



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