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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Meteor Garden 流星花園

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I remember seeing a post asking if anyone could make HuaZe Lei gifs, so here are some...  P.S. I had to upload the rest under spoiler so this post doesn't get too long.      

What in the world this show is doing to me??? Who in the hell invented that freaking hotpot?? I'm going to kill that person. Seriously why is this soooo painful. Why am I crying this much??? Who opene

@bccem99 this really is the best version of DS. I really liked that he’s also a top student in this one and takes his studies seriously. In one of the episodes Ximen and Meizuo asked him where he’d be

On 11/25/2018 at 4:37 AM, rosierosie said:

Just found out the Taiwanese Meteor Garden is on Netflix with Barbie Hsu, Jerry Yan and Vic Zhao :)!!! I literally screamed!! lol.


I did the same, ok no XD, but I'm feel happy to watch Asian Drama on netflix. Meteor Garden can be the mainstream on the Chinese series around the world.

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Starting to watch... i thought i was gonna fwd so much of it, but i couldnt. Coz the drama is different from the other remake.


At ep 6-7, the way  DMX wad trying to apprach SC, he look so scary enough for any girl to be put off. Maybe because he is childish and immature and hopefully he will grow more mature towards the end of the drama.....Im sure it will take some time to get use to DMX looks and hair, coz the other F2 are quite good looking and  cooler:lol:

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Interesting news!  The Thailand version of Meteror Garden/Boys Over Flowers is scheduled to air in 2021! GMM dropped a trailer this week. I'll be interested to check it out and see this Thai version of the story.



EDIT: Soompi Forum Link: https://forums.soompi.com/topic/459000-thai-drama-2021-f4-thailand-boys-over-flowers/


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