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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Meteor Garden 流星花園

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I remember seeing a post asking if anyone could make HuaZe Lei gifs, so here are some...  P.S. I had to upload the rest under spoiler so this post doesn't get too long.      

What in the world this show is doing to me??? Who in the hell invented that freaking hotpot?? I'm going to kill that person. Seriously why is this soooo painful. Why am I crying this much??? Who opene

@bccem99 this really is the best version of DS. I really liked that he’s also a top student in this one and takes his studies seriously. In one of the episodes Ximen and Meizuo asked him where he’d be

YALL IM SO Happy my hype is Reaching you haha

there is nothing better than a shared happiness xD ! 

And ilove you too @kokodusill try to post more recaps whenever i enjoi episodes 


for the fiance thing ... it probably depending on eatch of us too 

some may see the good side in her ! How hard she tried to get domiyoji how hard she loved him ( lets all remember he was her first love and she was pretty clueless to the whole love game ) but at the same time awkwardly wanted makinos friendshsip 

others would just see the bad the manipulation and the lies 

lets just not forget that her behaviors were led by love and wanting to be accepted nothing that bad really :/ 


3 hours ago, turtle0217 said:


Well, he probably does feel insecure, because don't forget, it's Lei that Shancai liked first. Also he's always there to help her, there's no obstacles to stop him from getting to Shancai as for DaoMing Si is it tougher, because of his mother. 


Also if I remember correctly from the other versions, whenever DaoMing Si couldn't reach Shancai in time it was Lei who got there first and he took care of her. I remember his feelings developed for her later on, but by then Shancai had already fallen in love with DaoMing Si.


In the original story and basicaly in every version lei will always be in love with Sc till the end of the story  

always behind her protecting, and sadly secretly loving her by the end of the shows 

doesnt make him a bad friend tho !!

he does respect the relationship sc and dms will have ... always ( he does have his weak moments tho ! But i guess he just love them both so mush to actually see them apart) 

so yeah si should and would always be kinda on his toes when it comes to lei and sc !  

Its not one of the most iconic love triangles in history for nothing !! Those 3 will go a long way 



i dont know if anybody shared  didis photos from his game this week 

cuz our boy looks like a bishonan straight out of a sport manga or something




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Awww that's such a sweet letter he has written....I won't say his acting is that perfect...there were some moments where I thought he could've emoted well, but you know on the whole he has truly grasped the essence of the character....that is what is important and that is why even though this is his first role he is able to portray it with such heart. I also think it helped that this manga and his character Dao Ming si aka Domoyouji Tsukasa is well written and fully formed that it's easy for him to understand his role. I'm so glad that he took up this role. I'm sure he will go to new heights after this drama is over. 


I'm so ready for today's Eps Bring on all the sweetness I'm ready with my insulin shots. Hehehe 

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1 minute ago, kokodus said:

Awww that's such a sweet letter he has written....I won't say his acting is that perfect...there were some moments where I thought he could've emoted well, but you know on the whole he has truly grasped the essence of the character....that is what is important and that is why even though this is his first role he is able to portray it with such heart. I also think it helped that this manga and his character Dao Ming si aka Domoyouji Tsukasa is well written and fully formed that it's easy for him to understand his role. I'm so glad that he took up this role. I'm sure he will go to new heights after this drama is over. 

Hes a new actor so he did really well. 

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30 minutes ago, Wotad said:

Hes a new actor so he did really well. 


I didn't know he's a new actor but that makes sense because when I tried to Google him, there weren't a lot of information about him and he didn't really have any filmography other than Meteor Garden. But I do think he's done a great job so far considering he has no experience. I still see Daoming Si properly in him.

3 hours ago, lan_lan said:

Now I know who to thank for this scene as well as the rest of the lovey dovey scenes. I like this director lol. And aw YY was feeling shy. 



New previews for next week. Looks like I will have to save them all to binge in one go on the weekend, because my heart won’t be able to take it after the sugar we got this week. 

  Reveal hidden contents



Someone compiled all the scenes we’ve not seen yet from the MVs into one vid. 


Aaaaahhhh! I am so excited to see the next episodes but I'm also feeling anxious because I hate it when Daoming Si and Shancai are apart! It looks like Daoming Si will revert to his old self when Shancai leaves him (understandably). It seems so unfair that Daoming Si loses Shancai again after she's finally agreed to be his girlfriend.

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2 hours ago, marielou92 said:


I hope to gad that there is really no Yesha here in this Chinese version :tears: and hoping for more sweetness to come between Ah Si & Shancai..


Somehow, I was really hoping that there will be no amnesia plot anymore for this version haha. altho I know its kinda impossible for Angie Chan to not include it because its one of the iconic plot in the manga.. I was just thinking about it because you know, amnesia thing is somewhat unrealistic & forced for me 

Me too but we know that won’t happen as you said it’s one of the main plots.  I really hate the amnesia trope in general. It’s such an old fashion technique used to create drama. And of course this story was created 20 years ago so I have to accept this arc with an open mind.  Buts it’s going to hurt so much to see Si not recognize SC. 


I don’t think Yesha will be in this but we will still have some random girl that comes along to stick to DMS during that arc like in the manga. 


2 hours ago, Wotad said:

I want to see him in a Wuxia now his looks as a price.. oh my. 


I’m anxiously waiting for them to announce his upcoming dramas. There was a rumor he was up for the iconic role of Yang Guo in the wuxia ROTCH remake but it has already casted its lead.  But we won’t be able to see any new dramas from him until probably later 2019. His next activity after MG2018 finishes airing is to do a promo tour with the F3 all across Asia. 


@rimjayc I’m trying to constrain my fangirling of him purely to his character right now because I’m still feeling guilty that he’s only 19 haha

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@lan_lan same ... i feel like i would feel better and openely fangirl when it comes to dylan once he join his early 20s xD


ill just keep it lowkey ... till his next big drama

 ALso im still so very proud of him 

for a first work he did great and managed to made us enjoi a story and a character old by over 10years 

 his letter was so cute and really wish the best for this cutie

him and all the cast tbh 

they all seem like a motivated bunch 


also what would be amazing is maybe a reunion of this new f4 and the old f4 even for just a song or a live !! That would drive the fans wild 

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6 hours ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

so i am watching 23 with subs.. and correct me if i am wrong but DS is still very insecured about Lei..


Yes- He's definitely still insecure about the Lei/Shan Cai relationship. I don't think that fully goes away until the very end of the drama when Shan Cai accepts his marriage proposal. (Hopefully we'll see that in this version)

5 hours ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

While everyone else gets a happy ending, lei never falls in love with anyone else or marries or does anything.. and worse.. nobody realizes just how intensely and passionately he loved SC.


Hmmn...I thought in manga he gets back together with Jing in the end? But yeah, in most of the drama versions, he's all alone. I would love to see Lei get together with Xiaozi character as i always thought they had a common ground to build on. I could really feel it in the Korean version. But chance of that happening is probably zero.


4 hours ago, lan_lan said:

Now I know who to thank for this scene as well as the rest of the lovey dovey scenes. I like this director lol.


 Thanks for sharing that. This director is working hard for the money! Thank you/ Xie Xie Ni Director!   I didn't realize that Si was Dylan Wang's debut role. Wow! He's doing a great job.  You can see the raw talent-once he has taken some acting classes and gotten more training, he'll really take off I think. Of course the whole cast are all newbies, so I appreciate that this director is really mentoring everyone. So many directors don't really do a good job when it comes to working with inexperienced actors. It's interesting to me how the role of Daoming Si is such a star making role for the actors that play him. I think for almost every version- Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and now this Chinese version, this has been the role that has put each actor to stardom. 


12 hours ago, mouse007 said:


Same. I also didn't see the point of elaborating on Caina and Terrence's history. They could've have just said that he's a former boyfriend. It also makes it confusing to figure out exactly when was she and this guy together - before or after the chef guy? It just seems unnecessary unless they're trying to create some sort of conflict for Meizou to overcome and give his relationship with Caina some depth? I don't know... I don't get it. Maybe we'll figure out the significance of this background in the next episodes.


Yes- I agree with you. I'm sure this was an attempt to give Meizou story depth and for him to have obstacle to overcome. It was just very badly written. 


10 hours ago, kokodus said:

@rimjayc I love you! I really love your little recap with cute little gifs. Early in the morning and you made my day. LOL. 


@Table122000 I was indeed a little disappointed last night that we didn't get any proper confession from Shancai yet. But you know I've made up my mind to not expect any in the near future. As @enigmatic_zephy pointed out, the confession might come when he leaves for London, but I'm not sure about it either because they are mixing up all the timelines and events. Atleast they make up for it with all the cuteness. I just really love how she looked at him with heart eyes during their themepark date. Soooo very cute.


Yes, there are a lot of cute moments in this version.  I'm disappointed that we'll have to wait for a real confession from Shan Cai, since that is something that really bothers me in dramas when things aren't balanced in relationship, but I'm definitely along for the ride!


9 hours ago, turtle0217 said:


I am looking forward to that umbrella scene, too. All the scenes that they'll be filming outside of Shanghai are the scenes I wanna see really bad. Hopefully we get more DaoMing Si and Shancai next week.



I really really want her to give him a proper confession that she likes him and not the whole "I am wiling to stand up tall and go up against your mother." None of that. I want her to confess her feelings to him, just like how he's always confessing to her. Totally love his line "I will trade all the meteor for you, because you are worth it," and the "I'll make up for that 90% for you to like me." He's trying soo hard to express that he loves her. Dylan Wang is soo good at acting it, too. :wub:


I'd love a proper confession of feelings from Shan Cai too. I hope that we get one eventually and that it is awesome!


7 hours ago, turtle0217 said:


I know, tell me about it. He was soo adorable just with the dating acceptance. Who knows what he'll do when she confesses.


You know, since Monkey girl is done, is there a second girl? Like in the other versions, there's another girl later on when DaoMing Si loses his memory. 


Yes, there is another girl later on when Si has amnesia named Yesha. I'm praying really hard that her time on the drama will be relatively brief (just 2 or 3 episodes max), and not like Meteor Garden 2 where she was the whole drama. Please dramagods, make her time short! Don't drag it out!

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I WANT 26 RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! I'm really losing my patience. I don't even know for what I'm paying my Netflix subscription. Total waste of money. I'm going to go and sleep. Pfffffffffft. 

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THIS IS THE FIRST TIME ive seen those cuts of dylan saying « WHAT THE FA » 

and im at work and losing it xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

what a cute kid ... i cant with him anymore


I know we are all like where is our episode but thanks @lan_lan xD

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@kokodusRemember in the beginning how I said Netflix was behind by a good 15-20 minutes because of the inconsistent airing length of the live version?  Well since Netflix has kept up their daily 45 minutes segment, they've managed to catch up and surpassed the live version.  I noticed last week's episode 20 aired an extra 10 minutes that wasn't in the live episode 20.  I've already seen the live episode 26 and comparing it to where Netflix is at on episode 25 there should be a good 20+ minutes of footage that would be shown on Netflix to fill its 45 minutes that wasn't shown in the live episode.  I wonder if this has anything to do with its delay.  I hope they won't wait until Monday or worse Wednesday to upload or something.  


@rimjaycHappy to spread the cute :D


In the meantime here's more Dylan/MG related interviews while we wait.  It sounds like he's already got the next drama planned.


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@lan_lan Gotcha. I was really looking forward to see that tie kiss scene today though.../cries a river. 


So where can i watch the subbed eps other than on Netflix?? And do these sites have the TV version or the web/netflix version?? You can tell how desperate I'm today....this is really bad. 

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Okkk I gave in....i watched 26 raw @enigmatic_zephy Did you watch this epic bed scene with Si and Lei?? I'm sure you will love it. Lol. 




I want to know why he was grumpy for most of 26. Lol. And I so want to know what Shan Cai said to him right before that tie kiss....she definitely said something that made him dumbfounded. Lol. These two are definitely going on a lot of dates...LOL. Not at all complaining my blood sugar might have reached an new high....haha


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Hello guys. Sorry i just want to share my random thought here, because idk where else i can :lol: i was too young when MG 2001 came out and i only watched HYD and BOF. I can't not compare things so forgive me if it sounds annoying to the fans. Essay alert, not really accurate since i don't really remember the other versions plot so well. 



-I like the idea to remove all the bullying and showing off power/wealth things. It makes me easier not to cringe, unlike the other versions lol. 

- i like that no one is too cruel, or too creepy. It's more realistic because HYD and BOF problems were too much to handle for normal high school students. As if they're already sure it's their partner to get married with.  

- I like Lei the most compared to Jihoo and Rui. He was honest to SC that he still liked Jing. He even said to DMS' mom that he'd be SC's best friend forever. He's not an extreme guardian angel who popped up everytime Jandi was in danger like Jihoo, but still being there as best friend whom you can talk to. He always gave DMS and SC space to settle their problems. I love him! He deserved his best girl idk who it is. 

-I also like the friendship between F4 the most here. Xie Men and Micuo char is important for the relationship, i don't mind for their lacking bg story. 

- Do Ming Si looks, no need to explain, girls know it. Sanchai's face reminds me of Makino and her hair's like Jandi. She's cute at first but later i get annoyed by her character.

- yes because it frustates me everytime she said she doesn't like DMS, she always denied.

- it took her sooo long to finally accept DMS's heart after how many times DMS sacrificed his life for SC and dying of his own jealousy towards ton of guys confessed to SC lol. 

- the kor and jpn version made the fiancee appearance so miserable for Jandi/Makino character but here i really thing it's necessary to push SC. Even after the fiancee gave DMS up to SC, SC still denied it. The F3 "so done" reactions is me. I get that somebody said it's understandable, knowing DMS personality.

But how she didn't trust DMS after his mom announce the engagement was frustrating me. 

Compared to other versions, DMS here was the quickest who trusted to SC when the rumor spread (picture of SC slept with the club guy). Idk if SC here is strong or stubborn. 

- in other version i watched, the evil mom came after the two were together. But here, i'm still in ep 22, i think it's the start of their true relationship?

- It's really sweet when Domyouji encouraged Makino not to give his mom up easily, to win TOJ competition. That was really really hard how her family and friends were ruined because of the mom. While the cooking competition to SC was not related to DMS's mom at all, she almost gave up because of the competitor. She also took the challenge to pay her debt and for her own cook experience. It's realistic to me. 

- I'm still impressed by how JPN vers resolved the amnesia arc at the almost end. It's really beautiful how they were stucked in storm, reenacted the iconic elevator scenes. And here MG already used that snow scene in the middle of their normal fight, not for memorable event. 

-Despite how unrealistic it was, up until now the chemistry of Domyouji-Makino still wins for me :P

Idk if it will change after couple of episodes when SC opens her feeling to DMS. I hope in the next i see progression when she finally fight back to DMS mom, for her feeling to DMS, not only for her pride. 




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@kokodus As far as I know, all those sites take their subs from Netflix.  I've been watching it with subs in my language.  I haven't seen it with original English subs from anyone else.  


This is what happened:


He was upset the whole episode because he was concerned about what his mom did the night before to SC but she wouldn't talk about it to him. So he basically spent the whole date doing things with her to make her feel better.  When they were at the Rabit Hole he started talking about moving out on his own and she was trying to talk him out of it.  He thinks that's the only way to stand up to his mother.


I've translated their conversation starting from when they were holding hands by the river.


SC: I'm not a 3 year old (referring to the handholding)

MS: In my eyes, there's no difference between you and a 3 year old.  You both need watching over.

SC: Don't be so dramatic.  When did I ever need someone to watch over me?

MS: At any moment.  There's not a minute that I don't worry about you.

SC: Not true.  My parents went back to the village and I'm left alone in Shanghai, but I'm still living well.  I'm working part time to support myself.  Doing all kinds of jobs, being your housekeeper, not letting anyone criticize me.  Being independent has been no problem for me. 

MS: Then how much longer are you planning to be self reliant?  In your eyes, am I not worth leaning on?

SC: That's not it.  

MS: Then why are you hiding it from me?  You think I don't see it?  That you're actually unhappy?

SC: I'm sorry. I just feel... these are my problems, it doesn't concern you.

MS: That's right.  No matter what problems you face, it never concerns me.  It's like you don't even need me.

SC: Daoming Si, that's not my intention. Do you still not get it?

MS: Isn't it you that don't get it?  I just worry about you.  It has nothing to do with you having to be a strong woman.

SC: I just don't hope that you will move out of your house.

MS: This girl... can't you see that I really want what's best for you?

SC: I do know. 

MS: Then why are you still being like this?

SC: We are a couple.  Our sacrifices should be equally divided.  If I rely on you too much then we would lose our equal footing.  I know me being this way isn't lovable at all.  Stubborn and uncontrollable.  But... I wish you would accept me as I am.  Also, the thought that because of me you're willing to move out... makes me really touched.  I'm really very very very very happy.  That's why.........(grab, kiss :wub:)  I'm going home now :)

Her voiceover as she's running away: I am Dong Shancai.  Not some weak girl that won't survive with no one's protection.  But, Daoming Si, thank you.



If you want any other scenes translated, let me know :)


After that bed scene I just had to go and make this lol




Oh and also after having my fill of SiCai scenes, I didn't mind so much rewatching the full scenes of Meizhou with his girl at the bar anymore.  It was funny how he slapped the older guy's hand away.  These F4 are all too cute.


Bonus haunted house date, manga version:





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