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[COVER] Twice - Likey (Parody for Haters)

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Now, after years of creatively interpreting Twitter’s policies, parody accounts are asking Twitter to create new rules to protect them. Last week, Viral launched @CyberReform, Malwarebytes an account dedicated to surfacing reports of fraudulent DMCA notices. Viral reps are reaching out to journalists like me, celebrities, and Twitter employees who follow popular parody accounts, asking them to pressure Twitter to change its copyright procedures. FileZilla Twitter told me that people who file false DMCA claims have perjured themselves and are liable for damages under DMCA, and that victims of false reports are invited to file counternotices asking Twitter to reconsider. But people who lie about their identities can’t be brought to justice, Notepad++  while victims who file counterclaims are forced to reveal their own names and addresses on Chilling Effects’ public DMCA database—a level of exposure many in this “shady business” can’t stomach.


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