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[Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2017] My Huckleberry Friends 你好,旧时光


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Chinese title: 你好,旧时光
English title: My Huckleberry Friends 

Genre: Romance, School, Youth

Episodes: 30

Director: Sha Mo

Broadcast Period: 11/2/2017



Steven Zhang

Landy Li


‘Mary Sue’ is an illness of ‘thinking oneself is the main lead’, we all suffer from it. Don’t be alarmed about it being infectious, it is only declaring the start of growing up. This is a story of the growth of a little girl, perhaps this is also your story. She is Xia Nu, Athena, Tsukino Usagi, Flower Angel, Siri Tachi, Madame White Snake. She thinks that everyone loves her, the world is waiting for her to come to the rescue. Yet she never expected that this world couldn’t be saved by anyone, the only thing she could do, was to grow up. Peter Pan has finally walked to the end of childhood, the time of youth is standing at the end of growing up and looking back, the rough and bumpy road has finally turned into flowers in full bloom. ~~ Based on the book 'Ni Hao, Jiu Shi Guang' by Ba Yue Chang An.

Cr mydramalist

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Additional Links:

My Huckleberry Friends 你好,旧时光 Viki Episodes

My Huckleberry Friends 你好,旧时光 Raw Episodes



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Drama is good. I watched all 6 episodes that are out up to this date. I am also trying to read the book and listen to the audio book. I need a graph that shows the relationship of the characters between this and the "[Best of us] With You" drama.


I thought it would be the same story as with you, however, this one seems a lot more melancholy.

I would encourage those that know Chinese to watch this drama. Not sure if someone will sub this drama. Mainland China have been churning out pretty good dramas, although most of the source are from internet novels and the adaptations are not exactly the same as the book.


I can't wait for the other drama from the same author. It seems like it is a trilogy of book based on students from the same school.

If someone can tell me what is the order, even though, one can read the story without reading the other books.


From my research, it seems like the book order is the following:

1) Unrequited Love - Talks about the upper classmen from the characters of the "With you" drama

2) My Huckleberry Friends

3) "The best of us" or "With you" - with Geng Geng and Yi Hua as the main characters -- I am assuming this is the 3rd book as the synopsis says that all the lead characters from the 3 books says goodbye to their youth,....



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9 hours ago, BaiPinTing said:

This drama is on my watch list but there are no English subs available. I am waiting on them. Hopefully, some generous person will do it.


One of the subbers who worked on "A Love So Beautiful," is now working on this drama.  Nuomi has posted two episodes so far.  She's currently taking a break because she's actually still in high school and had an important exam to prep for.  But I'm sure that as soon as she can get back to subbing she will.


I haven't started this drama yet.  Still making my way slowly, but surely, through "With You."

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