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[Drama 2018] Grand Prince 대군


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31 minutes ago, Jillia said:

Is there any official confirmation in regards of the episodes?

16 episodes

"TV조선은 이어 내년 1월께 16부작 사극 드라마 '대군'을 방송할 계획이다. 이를 위해 KBS 출신 김정민 PD를 영입해 제작을 준비해왔으며, 현재 막바지 캐스팅 작업 중이다".


release date: 18/1

"Dae Gun - Yoon Shi Yoon, Jin Se Yeon, Joo Sang Wook, Ryu Hyo Young, Jo Yoon Seo, Kim Mi Kyung (18/1/2018)"

Source: http://cjh93.tistory.com/357




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20 episode would make more sense. I always find sageuks with less than 20 weird - how can they tell the story properly? Exception would be a drama like MDBC but that had a proper novel as reference. :) 

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16 or 20 eps only?? Omg that so little considering they also have their younger counterpart scene too :( hmm maybe bc im used to watch a historical drama with 50 eps so 16 or 20 eps sounds so little to me TT. But it’s okay, for now i’ll just trust the writer to deliver each points (historical, love, fight, political) perfectly. anyhow im happy that we finally know the airing date of this drama (18/1) !! I hope we can get more updates soon as im already thirsty for one (esp their script reading pic fgs !! ) . 

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Actor Ju Sang-wook confirmed the appearance of TV drama "Daejun - Draw Love" (directed by Kim Jung-min, drama Cho Hyun-kyung).


According to his agency Will Entertainment, Joo Sang-wook was cast in the "Yonggang Dynasty" of Jin Yang Dynasty, the challenger who dreams of being the second son of the king and the second son of the king. With this role, Joo Sang-wook will transform into the best ambassador of Korea.

It is the first time Ju Sang-wook has appeared in the drama since JTBC "Fantastic" last October. In May, Joo Sang-wook, who married actor Cha Ye-ryun, returned to the anbang theater through 'Dae-gun - Draw Love'.

It is a drama about the desires of the two princes surrounding the woman who is a 'great military - drawing love' and the record of the genuine. Director KIM Jung-min who directed KBS 2TV 'Princess Man' and 'Chosun gunman' caught megaphone and Cho Hyun-kyeong of JTBC 'Maids' took the writing.

As a son of the king, Lee Kang, who had a birthplace of envy, was obscured by his brother, a prince, and his genius brother. He has been known as a character who makes a thorough image making and constant effort to overcome this and to take a role.

Ju-Sang-wook is the back door to express the dignified status of the Jin-yang Tae-gun. He is concentrating on the completion of the character from the constant exercise to the intonation, speech and equestrian practice.


cr. http://www.sportalkorea.com/butterfly/view.php?gisa_uniq=2017121308380873388&key=&field=&section_code=C1000&search_key=y




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several articles released today about JSW’s confirmation to appear in Grand Prince drama. In the article, further details about the characters were stated:


극 중 주상욱은 왕의 차남이자 제 2의 이방원을 꿈꾸는 도전자인 진양대군 '이강' 역을 맡았다. 이강은 왕의 아들로서 부러울 만한 태생을 가졌으나 왕세자인 형과 팔방미인 천재 동생에게 가려진 인물. 이를 극복하고 보위를 차지하기 위해 그는 철저한 이미지 메이킹과 부단한 노력을 꾸려간다. 특히 동생을 이기고 사랑하는 여인을 차지하기 위해 절대 권력을 손에 넣으려는 이강과 동생 은성대군이 펼칠 잔인하고도 지독한 삼각로맨스에 관심이 쏠리고 있다.


In the drama, JSW as king’s son, Prince Jin Yang (Jin Yang Daegun), Lee Kang, who dreams of being the second Lee Bang Won. Lee Kang is a character who is the King’s son, the elder brother of the crown prince, but grows envious of his perfect (all-rounder perfect, because they used the idiom 팔방미인 to describe) and genius younger brother. To win, he uses image-making and puts in constant efforts to take over. In particular, to obtain the woman he loves, he must win against his younger brother, Eun Seong DaeGun, creating a cruel and devastating triangle romance.

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Joo Sang Wook Confirmed To Star In Upcoming Historical Drama


Actor Joo Sang Wook has been confirmed as one of the leads of upcoming TV Chosun drama “Grand Prince” (working title).

The historical drama is a passionate romance about two princes who fall in love with the same girl, where one would do anything to keep her, including killing his own brother. It will be directed by Kim Jung Min, who also directed KBS’s “The Princess’s Man” and “Gunman in Joseon,” and written by Jo Hyun Kyung of JTBC’s “Maids.”

Joo Sang Wook will play second-in-line to the throne, Prince Lee Kang. Although he is the son of a king and a prince, he is overshadowed by his elder brother, the Crown Prince, and his genius younger brother. In order to protect his right to the throne, he constantly keeps up outer appearances. In particular, he works to gain more power in order to win the woman he loves from his brother.

It was previously revealed that Yoon Shi Yoon is in talks to play the younger prince and Jin Se Yeon the female lead role, while Ryu Hwa Young has confirmed her appearance in the drama.

Source (1)

cr: soompi


ps: i think this drama have  2 male lead : Yoon Shi Yoon and Joo Sang Wook; female lead is Jin Se Yeon

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Check in for this new drama guys!!  ... a fan of Saeguk Drama obviously  ... n i can't wait for JSW appearance in this kind of drama since the Queen Sweon-deok drama .. :) and can't wait to see all the actors script reading pics/videos and posters ..

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