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Cedric Ong

[Current Mainland Chinese Mini-Drama 2017]小戏骨 - 红楼梦 Dream of the Red Chamber (by child actors)

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Based on the 1987 tv version, this 9 episodes miniseries used an all-children cast from 7-13yo. Which is actually a closer age for some of the chars eg Lin Daiyu when she 1st arrived as a child. 


And despite being children, the acting is really good, better than some new adult actors. Such all-children cast has acted in previous series eg Legend of the White Snake. But this one is really high quality production.


Plus most of the girls are so pretty. Potential actresses in the future.


Debut in early october, now all 9 episodes are available in youtube. I will post the 1st 2 episodes below. The rest u can find in youtube.


Sorry, no eng sub so far.


A teaser/song clip showcasing the chars :


Ep 1


Eg 2



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