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Two of Us song.. Saru Oennie said inspired by pretty noona who buys me food drama ??? Hmmm ...and why Mr Kanggun not Mr Haein ....hehehehe ...and the keywords = NOONA HAJIWON ...Delulu i don't care wkwkwk

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Ok guys remember the fan account on ig which shared the lyrics of moontalk(she said she will write about the mh fm so i was waiting for her blog,she even wrote for ji won fm)

There are lots of moments she shared you can check on her ig(where the link of her blog is given)

I am posting(basically Google translated as always so i am fully not sure)the part about talks of making of lyrics of "moontalk"  in bold are MC talks

 So here it is 

          i want to talk about Moon Talk more. "

Behind the Moon Talk
"It's moon talk, I will talk with the moon, where is this idea?"
"First, when making lyrics, every moment just happening is cute.
My eyes are not open properly, my hair is damaged and I am already cute
At the moment that just happened, I wrote the lyrics by contacting someone, feeling that way, before I woke up, it seems to be in the moon world in my dreams. "
"From the world of the dream, the image of when you woke up is connected ,,,,"
I just contacted you to get in touch ...".
Somehow, there is a message to talk to a person who is far away. "
"The shape of the moon is like a phone ... it is romantic." 
P.s i also remember him talking about how he made his "electric Fan" poem like when he went to his grandfather house then he saw two electric fan...... n i don't rem much, he talked about his poems in his vlive .
Day -595 i miss him eventhough it just one day lol Hope he is able to adjust in the environment ther fighting minhyukaah!
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14 hours ago, cslove said:

When they starting to film the drama? Any other news? 

As of now no news about filming however there was news regarding some open auditions in mid August so may be they will start by last week of august or sept. they haven't even announced about second lead hope they fasten up a bit.


I am loving happy edits ♥need to re watch HS 


Cr happy


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1 hour ago, 17ncbm said:

@icyphoenix lol mh n his washroom problem :D there was a another video of noona(nun -eyes) jokes where in last moment jonghyun hit shini like what are you doing then shini was like "what" shrugging his shoulders :D.Ahh miss our maknaes!

Lol this one right? 

My oppa is soo freaking adorable n funny!! 


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@icyphoenixyeah that one :Dlol shini remain unbothered :D.

Not related to our couple but this tweet really made me happy

Lol these oppa is mine(eonnies too) fansites who close down their site just cause their idols/artists are revealed to be dating need to learn from this :ph34r::P

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@17ncbm I have to agree with this.. The male idol fans mostly not all but they stop following the idol when he gets in relationship or gets married.. I think many have Cinderella syndrome.. When it broke their love is gone, soo shallow lolz:crazy:.. Hope the fans be mature!!

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