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i think this is her new terrace house. the wall color is grey same as Mr kanggun's room, hahaha

there is also telescope that she posted on her ig.


why our kanggun brought back his precious hat from bali to seoul. :D

or he can use it while gardening like his yeoja and Mon in law.;):D:D




happy sunday ..


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So she did started shifting stuffs or adding new ones in jan or in Dec to her new house(may be she shifted later)as per her ig when she posted the pic of room with painting on jan 13.May be mh helped her finding decors for her new house when he was spotted in the exhibition in Dec a day before he departed for fnc kingdom :D:D.


Have seen some clips of Galileo like the one where ji won consoling sejeong like big sis but waiting for subs :D

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2 hours ago, rose1111 said:

where can i watch awakened universe eng sub?


I tried to find on the usual k drama sites but they didn't upload.Guys if anyone find a link plzz do post here .


P.s one more thing i wanna talk about the drama that is going on ig and its being stretched way too much by some fandoms and one who are enjoying n making mountain out of mole are shippers of minhyuk and ji won with krystal n hyun bin lol:DAll of them are acting like a saint here just ask urself what you did in past and still doing it ( for ex just see some of the past comments under ji won sisters posts and some of few things done to Minhyuk that too face to face by krymin shippers too but at that moment they didn't opened their mouth?why coz they shipped them? Atleast this time the one who they are all are accusing n ganging up i.e; US have apologized .)their favs dated other people beside the one they ship with yet they are still persistently  shipping them(i know the accounts too from both side but i am not gonna reveal them )well no one is stopping you from doing it but when you say don't judge n plzz do the same for god sake.A mistake was done they apologized soo plzz move on and don't try to act like you own n know them personally n as if some death threat was send or someone maligned their name publicly etc there are worst thing that had been done by some shippers i really tried to ignore it but what made me write this is the people who are acting like HYPOCRITES no one is forcing minwon we don't even know what will happen so just going with the flow.I know some ji won fans too good that i unfollowed them (claiming to be individual fans)but they don't think twice before or leave a moment to make fun of her related to her love life if you really care for her then don't do that plz .Now about mh fans the one who made fun of ji won (L********* what a biggest hypocrite she/he is good lord) don't act innocent here.


So plzz don't drag it further other shippers just sit down and do ur own thing and mind ur own business (as you say) individual fans don't always claim that you are the only real one others are fake (shippers) you support them good but plz you don't own them too if something really serious happens then plzz do fight for them n protect them but sometimes you need to let it go don't turn it into a big drama.THIS ISSUE COULD HAVE BEEN SOLVED PERSONALLY THROUGH DM's RATHER THAN CREATING MESS ON SNS(and then they talk about fandom wars smh!) but yeah some people wanted to turn it into bigger one soo it is now n the one who triggered you should feel happy now.You know who are WORST one -The one who hate/dislike the other artist just coz their fans don't like their artist n this thing fans represent artist is richard simmons you gotta have ur own mind and this happens coz you all are judgemental be open n broad minded(ask ur inner self before asking anyone)SPREAD LOVE ♥

So fed of this richard simmons as if their own fandom problems n wars(1023 n specially boice with all akgaes who are in actual causing harms ) are not enough :rolleyes:creating one more.

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Men see the beauty of HJW.
Our MH is spending time with his friends before going to the military.
It would be nice to see MinWon together. :rolleyes:

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