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I do like JG as an actor but was hoping she can work with another single man so we can compare and confirm her with MH and another man. Lol. 

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3 hours ago, tiwul97 said:

Hmm i think (just my assumption) Jiwon does not want with a single guy ..hahahahaha.   

I agree with you Chinggu, Jiwon doesn't want any conflict with MH considering he will be away for awhile...

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18 hours ago, icyphoenix said:

Finally I m relieved an amazing actor will join jiwon!! Jin Goo I loved his character in Dots n now his cameo in Mr. Sunshine as a rebel was amazing.. Will love to see him acting with Jiwon!!

So happy that Jin Goo will be the male lead. He is amazing and the chemistry he had with kjw in dots - unforgettable! Best part of the drama. Excited to see him act with our queen of chemistry. Hope they will have a great time shooting prometheus. 



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