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[drama 1998] Steal My Heart 내 마음을 뺏어봐


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(Fascinate My Heart)
Steal My Heart / Fascinate My Heart



Park Shin Yang | Kim Nam Ju | Han Jae Suk | Lee Tae Ran | Jeon Ji Hyun | Jae Hee


Official Website

Music Video (credit: cairoysabel)

Drama Review (credit: sukting)

This fascinating SBS TV series tells the story of extraordinary medical scholar Suk Chan who gets entangled in a passionate love affair with Yae Lin, the daughter of his faculty head who regards parentless Suk Chan like his own son. However, shortly afterwards Yae Lin feels undecided about her love to Suk Chan because of her feelings for the handsome pianist Ki Jo that has just entered her life. What will Yae Lin's ultimate decision be?

Featuring Park Shin Yang from Romance in Paris, I Love You's Kim Nam Ju, Han Jae Suk from All About Eve as well as My Sassy Girl's Jeon Ji Hyun, Steal My Heart promises to keep you enthralled from the first moment to the last.

(credit: yesasia)

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Haha... finally there's a thread for this 1998 drama... *grins*

I'm currently watching it... but it's been going pretty slow since I have to be in the mood to see an 'almost-10-yrs-old' drama...hehehe...

Park Shin Yang looks so.... young in this drama.

But Han Jae Suk... omg. That hair! the horror! :P kekeke...

I guess 'mushroom' style was pretty hip back then.

And oh..the girls... Kim Nam Ju and Jeon Ji Hyun are both still cute and... so young too..haha..

The storyline...hmm quite boring at some points, and I'm on disc 3 already. So we'll see... XD

But so far I can tell that Jeon Ji Hyun's character likes PSY's character.

PSY --> KNJ ... grew up together? they live together in the same house.

KNJ's dad calls PSY as his son...

HJS....is a model,....for an art class that KNJ is taking...

hahaa.. so yes, he's like.. modelling...naked. :ph34r::lol:

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thanks for the rundown, ay_link. yeah, i heard this one's a pretty sloww drama and the reviews were not that great, but that doesn't bother me though... as long as i get to see HJS and (of course) JJH in one drama. will try to watch it within the week.

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oh yay! finally a thread for this. i watched this quite a few months ago. things are a little slow and the climax occured at the end >.<" things should have happened faster so they could focus more on the accident. aside from that, i did enjoy the show. PSY plays such a different character than he did in Lovers in Paris. Awesome job!

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Guest agie1430292211

Hi, so glad i found my way to this thread. I haven't start watching this, but i'm very very excited to. Does anyone know where i could download it?

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